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½ August 21, 2017
6.5/10 It's Guillermo del Toro, so enjoy the visuals and the heart of the premise of the story, ignore the surrounding noise.
½ August 19, 2017
Mama is well acted and scary, but there are huge plot holes that keep it from truly delivering.
½ August 13, 2017
Subtle in its scares and supported by a rock solid storyline, Mama is the horror film cliche definition, but it makes good use of its premise and adds little twists and turns in between. Jessica Chastain was good as always, but Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones (I don't feel like trying to spell his real name) really surprised me as the character I was drawn to the most, despite his absence for a large portion of the film. The effects for the ghost were really well done, and I enjoyed the good amount of scares in the last act. The film crawls out the starting gate though, and that is its biggest flaw, but it picks up more and more speed, until the ending, which admittedly still isn't super fast, but it does the job for me. Mama is a solid film, although it does sometimes feel a little too much like the corny horror film from the 80's
½ August 13, 2017
Mama is your typical, play it safe, PG-13 horror movie hat never really evolves into something memorable. Though it carries an undeniably unique style, this is one scary movie that is best left on the shelf due to its blatant plot holes and poor character development
July 19, 2017
so scary i love this movie
½ July 15, 2017
I thought it was scary. Scary kids, scary, weird NSFL visuals, evil intentions. My only issue was the "wait, what?" at the end.
June 18, 2017
Mama é um conto de fadas sombrio, embora o filme tenha seus momentos assustadores, é marcada pela evolução de uma trama implausível e o mais importante para um filme de horror, não provoca medo ou sustos, o filme é incapaz de gerar qualquer forte ligação emocional com os personagens. O melhor ator no filme é a irmã mais nova Lilly (Isabelle Nelisse) com sua beleza perturbadora.
June 18, 2017
It was greatly suspensful through and through. I enjoyed every minute of this movie.
June 5, 2017
First a disclaimer: PG-13 horror movies are the bane of the genre in my opinion. They must be tamer than I like them in order to meet the rating. Most of them are a waste of film to me. You could feel that aspect hampering the action here. These girls were nearly feral, yet we really didn't get to see any of that. What we get is jump scares (that don't scare me), spirits who move freakishly, and some smoke effects. Be still my heart. This supernatural tale of an anguished mother is none too original, and aside from a powerful performance by Jessica Chastain, I really would have trashed the whole thing. Her Annabel surprised me in truly caring for these children who are not kin to her, and fighting their "spirit" mama tooth and nail. I didn't much care for the ending either, but I'll give it a passing rating solely for Chastain.
May 26, 2017
All I can I was very disappointed. It's like the ending was a last minute thought and didnt come together correctly. Not impressed one bit.
April 28, 2017
It was good. It had a more of a plot and depth then I was expecting. It had the usual jump scares and horror tropes. The ghost was very creepy and had more screen time and a presence then I was assuming. The ending was solid and had a good climax. Worth a watch.
½ April 21, 2017
While this film wasn't original this was a decent movie. This film wasn't as boring as most newer horror films out today. This film was put together in a weird way but it keeps your attention. This film however isn't so much as a horror film. Honestly I would say this film was more along the lines of a drama with some good twists. I would recommend this film to others but not as a horror film.
½ April 7, 2017
Holy crap, this was awful!
March 31, 2017
The eerily creepy (and yet oddly poignant) "Mama" is yet another prime example of how classic suspense wins over needless gore, with brilliant acting and those timeless jump scares that keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.
½ March 29, 2017
I really enjoyed this film. Best horror i've saw in a while. it was entertaining, scary in parts (very Grudge like) but then like most horrors it got rather comical..I was really impressed with the acting, especially the two children, they were clever,cute but sinister when necessary and never annoying (huge bonus) my only grumble was the CGI as with most things these days it looked pretty awful, but this didn't spoil the film for me. Really impressed :-)
February 24, 2017
Better in concept than in execution.
February 7, 2017
Acting coulee been better...
½ February 6, 2017
I loved this super creepy movie! The monster design was SUPERB.
Super Reviewer
February 6, 2017
Some wicked creature design and good child actors make up for Mama's "unfinished" feeling. Jessica Chastain delivers as usual.
November 3, 2016
This movie is creepy.
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