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January 23, 2019
The comic possibilities of Mambo Italiano are mind-boggling. The reality is less so.
April 1, 2006
June 15, 2004
October 17, 2003
There are laughs in the movie, and a lot of good feeling, but it seems more interested in its Italian stereotypes than its gay insights, and it must be said there is absolutely no feeling that Angelo and Nino are really lovers.
October 16, 2003
It's like watching a spaghetti-sauce commercial stretched out to feature-film length.
October 14, 2003
October 12, 2003
The film quickly devolves into tired clichs and jokes.
October 3, 2003
Lacks that outrageous effrontery that might have socked it to its intended audience.
October 3, 2003
Mambo Italiano is likely to provoke the same urges in the movie house that poor Nino experiences after a dinner at the noisy Barberini compound -- an overwhelming desire to flee.
October 3, 2003
Mambo Italiano is no sophisticated dance, but it moves about with an open heart. And hey, it's at least as funny as that Greek thing.
October 3, 2003
It may make you smile, but not enough to forget how much of this you've seen before.
October 3, 2003
The movie seems more interested in splashing stereotypes all over the screen than in uncovering any kind of truth, comic or otherwise.
October 2, 2003
Over-acted, over-directed but dully directed.
October 2, 2003
The characters are blatantly stereotypical, but Galluccio is able to get away with it because he's poking fun at the people he loves.
September 25, 2003
Unfortunately, although we're meant to root for Angelo, he often comes off as whiny and arrogant, and his attempts at screenwriting are so bad it's impossible to take his dreams of being an artist seriously.
September 24, 2003
Mambo Italiano has its share of very funny moments, but they are trapped in a production whose drama is unsubtle, obvious, and at times downright insipid.
September 22, 2003
The material lacks both credibility and emotional resonance.
September 20, 2003
Like Greek Wedding, Mambo has enough funny moments to save it.
September 20, 2003
It's quite possible that [Mambo] may have closed the territory for raucous comedies about gay Italians coming of age in North America. For those of us whose ears keep ringing from the din of such movies, it's an errant wish.
September 20, 2003
Parts of Emile Gaudreault's broadly appealing movie are so, well, broad that they make Greek Wedding look like a model of restraint by comparison.
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