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½ September 22, 2017
The Man with Two Brains is a prime example of what's wrong with comedy films today. Back when both comedy and Steve Martin were still funny, he would pump out one satisfying comedy film after another. Sure they weren't always perfect, but they were a hell of a lot more satisfying than the ADD-riddled gross-out comedies being made today. There are things like jokes, with setups and payoffs. Remember those? Anyways, the story concerns a successful brain surgeon who marries an evil woman who won't have sex with him. It seems like there is no hope until he meets a fellow brain doctor who has been doing some experiments on several different brains. One of the brains begins to talk to Martin and he falls in love with it, and the comedy ensues. This is a fun movie that holds up really well and was finally released to Blu-ray recently.
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September 17, 2017
Easily the best collaboration between Martin and Reiner in their long movie errm...collaborations. Its Martin's second zany wacky off the wall movie after 'The Jerk' which wasn't as madcap as this. In this work of genius Martin is set free to basically come up with as much lunacy as he possibly can and boy does he.

The plot is somewhat sensible I guess, a brain surgeon falls for the sexy Kathleen Turner only to eventually discover she is a gold digger and doesn't give a shit about anyone really. In the mean time Martin falls in love with a disembodied brain (in a jar) and decides to try and rescue it with a new fresh sexy body.

The whole idea is basically a B-movie homage to various ridiculous horror concepts and at the same time an influence for many future raunchy trashy 80's teen comedies, it serves dual purpose. Its not exactly a full spoof but it comes close at times, its just an insane comedy with surreal touches of outlandish humour that borders on spoof.

Most of the funny moments tend to be sexual innuendo or sight gags, some childish some clever and witty, whilst others are clearly in there just for the hell of it, probably created on the spot. Take Martin's character name for instance...Dr Hfuhruhurr, we here Martin say his name properly right at the start but from then on almost everybody pronounces it differently as they struggle to say it, most just give up. This is such a stupid gag ,its infantile, but it works so brilliantly every time yet you don't really know why. You know its stupid but seeing all the various characters pronounce it so randomly is just so fudging funny. The joke is even extended to a few other characters also, you'd think it would get old but it still manages to make you smile.

What hit me was how old the film looked, it was released in 83 but it looks like a 70's flick to me. Everything really looks so dated nowadays but I think some of it is deliberate, made to look cheap like an old fashioned mad scientist movie. Naturally the fake castle laboratory within the apartment (nice switch) is the cheesy stereotypical mad scientist vibe for this kind of thing. I like how they include that simply for that reason and actually say that in the film hehe could almost be a Leslie Nielsen vehicle.

Its also easy to forget how hot Turner was back in the day, she smoulders here as the evil temptress or black widow. I also like the various bits of ass on display too (yeah sue me). I do recall watching this as a kid and thinking it was a dirty film, to a kid the material shown is quite kinky and revealing for sure, the dialog is also pretty smutty and only now as an adult do I appreciate it, much like all the humour.

This has to be Martin's best film or close to, its such a shame he never really did anymore off the wall flicks like this. There is so much that works here, so many little gags and visual nuggets that are admittedly so daft (the very quick human pinball scene) you just can't help but like it (unless you dislike Steve Martin's style of course). Its rude crazy and predictable (with a brief bit of in your face racism!) but for me its probably one of the best comedies made.

'The only time we doctors should accept death is when it's caused by our own incompetence'
½ January 29, 2017
Ridiculously funny with black comedy intertwined with satirical sketches reminiscent of Airplane!.
½ November 5, 2016
11/1/2016: A good cast, but not a good movie. I didn't laugh at all. Very disappointing.
April 4, 2016
Sci-fi comedy from Carl Reiner and Steve Martin (in their third team-up), about a brilliant brain surgeon who marries a psychopath, and falls in love with a brain in a jar while on their honeymoon. It is a weird movie, but a funny one, with Martin at his manic best, some funny bits from Kathleen Turner, and an all around kooky plot. Not for everyone, but for those that it is for? They will enjoy the hell out of it.
½ February 18, 2016
Hardly kept my attention. The jokes are hardly amusing, but still clever.
November 10, 2015
Yet another homage to B movies except this one works.
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November 9, 2015
Steve Martin and Carl Reiner concocted this near miss together about a doctor who has telepathy with a brain kept alive in a jar of miracle colored water. Some bits work, some don't, and one remembers the work of Mel Brooks throughout as there are similar styles working. Kathleen Turner has quite a lot to do and she nearly steals the film, but its Martin's baby all the way home. There's a few chuckles in here.
½ May 26, 2015
Silly, profane, twisted and a whole lot of fun.
April 11, 2015
Screwball comedy that proves when you have two brains you really don't have one.
March 21, 2015
If anyone but Steve Martin was captaining this ship, it would have sucked huge. Steve Martin is magic.
December 15, 2014
This film is beyond stupid! But for some reason I do like it.
½ April 12, 2014
The worse Steve martin movie ever--absolutely abominable. The movie is unpleasant and disgusting with only a few mere bits of humor. It has no redeeming value whatsoever--even Steve Martin can't save this one. Avoid like the plague!
½ March 19, 2014
not as funny as i thought it would be
March 15, 2014
My first Steve Martin experience, and boy was it wild and crazy.
March 5, 2014
Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr (Steve Martin) is a famed originator of zip-lock, screw-top brain surgery. The good doctor pines for his late wife - but slinky siren Dolores Benedict sashays into his life and changes all that. They're soon married but the truth quickly emerges: Dolores' beauty hides a calculating heart of stone. The situation is hopeless - until another brain specialist's oddball research offers a bizarre ray of hope.

also stars Kathleen Turner, David Warner, Paul Benedict, Richard Brestoff, James Cromwell, George Furth, Peter Hobbs and Bernard Behrens.

directed by Carl Reiner.
½ October 28, 2013
Weird and silly but pretty funny - Steve Martin is on top form and for once David Warner is not a villain!
October 16, 2013
Wild, wacky and offbeat to the max, Martin & Reiner concoct a real comedy treat in this 1983 offering. Part classic horror spoof, part Looney Tunes visual and verbal gags that poke fun at the many absurdities of the genre, and part touching love story of mind vs body mix for a true gem. Also helped by a wonderfully B-movie-esque synth score by Joel, son of Jerry, Goldsmith.
August 11, 2013
The Man With Two Brains a du etre franchement tres bien recu a sa sortie en 1983. Aujourd'hui, la comedie a considerablement evolue et le film manque clairement de rythme et d'idees pour reellement convaincre son spectateur. Le score de Joel Goldsmith est en plus tres date. Heureusement, le duo Steve Martin - Kathleen Turner est au top et est particulierement hilarant.
July 31, 2013
It gets a lot better everytime I watch it, but it still doesn't compare to the raw brilliance of The Jerk, nor does it match the effort put in to Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid. Still, I enjoyed a lot more the second time I watched it and there are some stand out moments of Steve Martin/Carl Reiner brilliance. Still, you'd want to look elsewhere for your fix of early Martin excellence.
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