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½ May 11, 2017
The two parts of this film that elevate above what would of struggled to even be average are Jean-Claude Van Damme and the action scenes. Van Damme is likable and more than competent at tackling the numerous stunts. The action scenes have everything you would expect from a film like this with explosions, car chases, hand to hand combat and shootouts in abundance and they all work while being equally thrilling and tense. They also executed really well with everything in camera and plenty of detail peppered throughout them all. The plot and the script are serviceable and are at least not boring despite being somewhat cliched and obvious.
February 8, 2017
Cliche and boring from beginning to end. You might get some chuckles from the awful ADR or the occasional awkward line-delivery. But it's hardly worth the time unless you're all out of Ambien, in which case this should put you right to sleep. For Van Damme completists only.
February 21, 2016
This wasn't one of his best movies, it was a little confusing to me at times and not a great storyline.
½ January 13, 2016
Fun movie exactly what I expected from JCVD
July 2, 2015
Formulaic 90's action vehicle for Jean-Claude Van Damme that is so bad you actually wish Natasha Henstridge could break into her Species character to make it interesting.
January 1, 2015
One of Van Damme's best action movies, Natasha Hendstridge, Hong Kong director Ringo Lam, loads of car chases, gunplay and explosions. What's not to like....
½ December 9, 2014
JCVC is killed in the opening scene of this film, but then his twin brother investigates his death and gets caught up with the Russian mob and with ex-KGB. For whatever reason Jean-Claude Van Damme was the go-to guy for Hong Kong action film directors for making their American directorial debuts. John Woo with "Hard Target," Tsui Hark with "Double Team" and Ringo Lam here with "Maximum Risk." Maybe JCVD was famous enough to be a major production for their debuts, but he wasn't so big that studios were risking wrecking an Arnold or Stallone flick. These three of JCVD's films are what I believe to be his best three films (excluding the very meta "JCVD") . I'm partial to saying Tsui Hark's film is my favorite, though it's admittedly a ridiculous story, with a ridiculous co-star (Dennis Rodman), with ridiculous product placements (saved from the Colleseum exploding by a Coke machine), but the action sequences are just phenomenal (and it has a hilariously beefed up Mickey Rourke). This film, directed by Ringo Lam, has easily the best action script Jean-Claude ever had and next to "Timecop," which is probably his most Hollywood of action film. There's a decent supporting cast, which includes Natasha Henstridge, who I've long felt should have gotten better parts, but never seemed to escape appearing in mostly genre films. Overall, this is essential viewing for JCVD fans and for non-JCVD fans it's simply a decent action flick with good action sequences and a better than average script.
March 29, 2014
The American debut of Hong Kong director Ringo Lam (City on Fire (1987), Twin Dragons (1992) and Victim (1999)), this is a brainless action film taken from a screenplay by Larry Ferguson (Beverly Hills Cop II (1987), The Hunt for Red October (1990) and Alien 3 (1992)), although Lam had trouble with the studio while making this film, it does have some good action sequences. Alain Moreau (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is an honest cop in Nice, France who is visited by his old partner Sebastien (Jean-Hugues Anglade), who takes him to a crime scene where Sebastien shows Alain a dead man who looks identical to Alain. The dead man is Mikhail Suverov (also Van Damme), who was born on the same day as Alain, and is in fact the twin brother Alain never knew he had. The trail leads Alain to New York, where he finds out that Mikhail was a member of the Russian Mafia, and the Mafia and the FBI wanted him dead. When Alain is mistaken for Mikhail, he ends up on the run with Mikhail's fiancÚ Alex Bartlett (Natasha Henstridge). This is an extremely silly film, which gives Van Damme the excuse to kick some butt again, but at least he looks the part as a French policeman. This is the kind of action film that seldom gets made anymore, but it came as the action genre was in serious decline, when most of them and their actors went straight to video.
½ March 3, 2014
Van Damme plays it straight, perhaps too straight, in this dull action flick. Devoid of any real thrills or any camp value. Just lots of bad Russian accents, a few broken wrists, and one homoerotic fight in a bath house.
½ February 10, 2014
Alain (same name as the character from Legionnaire) is a cop who discovers he has a twin brother, but finds his corpse. He investigates and gets pulled into a plot involving Mikhail's girlfriend, the Russian mafia, and some corrupt FBI agents.

The plot and story start off really good, but it quickly loses steam. There are a few cool fight scenes with a hulking Russian foe, but other than that its mostly gunplay and car chases in this thriller.

The climax isn't very exciting or memorable, and neither is this film.
January 15, 2014
I enjoy the Van Damme and Ringo Lam team ups... they have brought some of the better VD movies alongside his early wok and those of Tsui Hark. Maximum Risk is dark, smart and action packed with a great performance from JCVD and makes for grat viewing!
January 5, 2014
One of the better JCVD movies ....Great times
January 1, 2014
Maximum Risk is deemed by critics to be one of Jean-Claude Van Damme's best films, and teaming him up with Natasha Henstridge sounds like a good plan.

But like the title of Jean-Claude Van Damme's earlier action piece, that was a Wrong Bet.
Maximum Risk is a generic effort on behalf of director Ringo Lam. Considering he is a critically acclaimed filmmaker for such pieces as the Reservoir Dogs-inspiring City of Fire, he really doesn't consider what he can offer Maximum Risk apart from some great action, and so what's left of it is a generic action thriller with a basic story and series of dynamics that really could have been directed by anyone.
Maximum Risk barely does anything to set itself apart from the standard Jean-Claude Van Damme action piece, since it has a basic plot and several simple errors.
The story doesn't supply anything new to the table, except that it uses a notable female lead this time instead of just another attractive woman taking her one shot at a slight chance of fame without having much of a chance to succeed.
Natasha Henstridge's role in Maximum Risk makes it slightly better because she's a decent actress and is notable for her work in Species. And like in Species, she takes her top off to the satisfaction of many male viewers to reveal her exquisite breasts. So she is a genial presence and has a convincing performance to her.
But like I said, all Maximum Risk can supply is minor visual appeal. Jean-Claude Van Damme does a decent job, but his talent moreso comes from what he can do to show off his body, the same way it comes from Natasha Henstridge does. Except that Jean-Claude Van Damme uses his martial arts skills to fight for some great action. Although the action scenes are largely overcome by the rest of the dull plotting in Maximum Risk, he manages to kick some major ass in some awesomely choreographed action sequences. They're filmed and edited well, using camera techniques like the Dutch angle to perfect the visual please. And surprisingly it works. The action in Maximum Risk isn't conventional, it's quite entertaining, and that's the key thing that separates the film from other Jean-Claude Van Damme efforts of less success, such as Death Warrant or the aforementioned Wrong Bet. Some of the action moments are memorable, such as the film's climax in a meat locker, so Maximum Risk does maintain its own sense of strength in one way.
Much of the supporting cast don't supply anything though, in particular Jean-Hugues Anglade who really is an inexperienced actor because his basic line delivery is overthrown by his slightly over-the-top physical movements which are out of tune with his dialogue. All he supplies is that he looks vaguely like Dustin Hoffman.

So despite the presence of talented leads and some fight scene, Maximum Risk falters under a boring story with a monotonous pace and a lack of directional effort from Ringo Lam.
December 31, 2013
How many movies is Van Damme going to make where he plays twins?
Natasha Henstridge is damn fine in this movie.
It's disappointing that Van Damme does use a lot of martial arts and there aren't any memorable scenes other than Henstridge nudity.
October 25, 2013
Normally Jean is in second rate B movies that are just awful however, this one is very watchable. Reasonable script and action that is believable makes this one a rare treat. Even the acting qualities as well as the fights give this story a realistic feel ensuring a smooth flow. Nibbles: Hot Chocolate, pain aux raisins.
October 16, 2013
So tonight i finished watching an oldie but a goodie. JCVD in one of his better early flick 1996's Maximum Risk. Plays a cop that find out that he is a twin after his twin gets killed by the mob overseas and JCVD goes on his revenge mission as usual to get the guys that did this to his brother and at the same time hook up with his brothers girl figure that one out :P lol
For its time this was a great Van Damme flick
If your a fan go back and re-live the excitement.
Take the Risk you won't be disappointed.
September 30, 2013
It's a visceral delight that refuses to be deterred by niceties of plot or character consistency and prefers sweat to emotion.
September 27, 2013
One of the best JCVD movies out there
½ September 19, 2013
Hmmmm I think Jean-Claude Van Damme has done another movie with a twin brother storyline. HA! This is your typical kick butt Van Damme movie, which in this movie he plays Alan Moreau. When everyone thinks Alan is dead, he's actually not, just his twin brother. Alan goes on the hunt and tries to discover more about this twin brother. This was a so-so film.
February 9, 2013
Maximum Risk of course does not offer too much of an original story or premise, but thats not usually why you go to see Van Damme movies. The movie does offer some solid action, and a sexy girl in Natasha Henstridge. The movie is interesting enough, but you will find better action films and better Van Damme films.
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