Jul 17, 2019
Meet the Parents isn't as funny as There's Something About Mary, nor as outrageous. But it confirms that Ben Stiller is the best of today's young practitioners of frustration comedy.
May 30, 2019
Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller seem evenly matched, making effective foils.
Apr 9, 2012
Scenes that should have been uproarious are weaker than many of the movie's smaller moments, whose everyday humor isn't specific to the plot or characters.
Dec 26, 2010
Star-driven comedy at times offensive and funny.
Dec 20, 2010
...large swaths of the proceedings feel as though they'd be more at home within a garden-variety sitcom.
Jan 14, 2010
What gives the film its special kick is the match of Stiller and De Niro.
Oct 18, 2008
Nobody plays put-upon quite like Ben Stiller.
Aug 15, 2008
Alas, poor Focker. He can't help himself. And we can't help ourselves from falling about, equally helpless, at this superbly antic movie.
Aug 15, 2008
Packed with cringe-worthy moments from beginning to end, Jay Roach's comedy is for anyone who has ever endured a weekend in the company of potential in-laws.
Mar 11, 2008
Owes about 55 percent of its charm to De Niro, who can be hilarious just sitting there.
Jul 14, 2007
Director Jay Roach of the Austin Powers films keeps the pace brisk, and the script by Jim Herzfeld and John Hamburg ably piles the pratfalls ludicrously high.
Sep 27, 2006
Stiller portrays a human accident better than anyone and he definitely knows how to extort laughs and sympathy from his audience
Sep 1, 2006
Director Roach ... uses awkward pauses and bizarre situations to create a near-perfect blend of verbal and physical humor.
Jul 24, 2006
Contains enough belly-laughs and sly jokes to become one of the bigger crowd-pleasers of the fall.
Feb 9, 2006
Astutely observed, subtly played and consistently hilarious...
Dec 6, 2005
Never before have two such skilled actors been so monstrously squandered in a movie so replete with failed gags and pathetic gaffes.
Jul 5, 2005
A definite must-see that's perfect for a guys' night out or a relaxing date.
Apr 9, 2005
An entertaining little outing, but not something that will stay with me.
Jan 3, 2005
The best American comedy of 2000. It has wit, slapstick and romance -- as well as an improbable comedy team in Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller
Oct 24, 2003
Does the usual Hollywood bit of setting up the gags way in advance so that even a coma patient can spot them.