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May 8, 2018
An epic masterpiece comedy-drama. T. Collette couldn't have been better.
March 31, 2018
A hilarious and touching romp. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Toni Colette wows!
½ September 20, 2017
The best part is when Toni Collette lights a fart. A little slow in places, but all in all, very quirky and funny movie. It's available on Netflix for streaming. I give it 3.5 stars.
July 28, 2017
A lighthearted movie with great actors and characters. I loved it, and watch it repeatedly.
½ June 3, 2016
Imagine an Aussie gone mental and made his own version of The Sound of Music...this is what you get! Hilarious and heartbreaking at times...and definitely one of the best movie from down under...
January 7, 2016
Despite the likable children, Mental is a disappointing family affair with an uneven script and a misplaced Australian heart.
½ October 4, 2015
The plot is a bit hard to follow but in tune with the "crazy" nature of this bittersweet flick. Liev shines in his role, but wish he had a larger part.
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½ June 23, 2015
In "Mental," Nancy(Kerry Fox) may enjoy singing show tunes in her backyard, but that does not mean her neighbors share her love for "The Sound of Music." Even though Nancy's husband Barry(Anthony LaPaglia), the local mayor, is not really at home that often due to having sex with his secretarial staff, he can still sense something is wrong there and that Nancy needs help taking care of their five kids, just as long as it's not him. So, he picks up Shaz(Toni Collette) by the side of the road, taking her home with him.

"Mental" gets off to a great start and then makes a very valid point about Nancy not being the crazy one in the neighborhood. And after those very promising five minutes, the movie decides it has nowhere to go from there, becoming a mess of conflicting thoughts for the rest of its ample running time, albeit a very colorful one with a neat primary cast that is really helpless to fight the tide.(And, hey that is Liev Schreiber!) So, after it explores Nancy's problems ad nauseam, there is Shaz who aside from being a driving force in the narrative has her own wacky story to tell, resulting in perhaps the low point of Toni Collette's career to date.
June 7, 2015
I Don't Like P. J. Hogan.
May 14, 2015
pretty funny gets a star for Liev Schreiber's Aussie accent well done
½ April 11, 2015
When I saw that this movie was made by the makers of Muriel's Wedding, I kind of knew what to expect. Its very much like Muriel's Wedding and some of the storyline was the same but it's still funny with a deep undertone. Its about a family who all think that there going mad, hence the title, and the mum of the children ends up going mad because her husband doesn't come home. There mum finally ends up spending loads of her husbands money on useless items so she gets put in a mental institution which means that there dad has to take care of them. He soon realises that he can't handle his children's behaviour so he hires a live in nanny who takes care of the children while he's battling to become the town mayor. The new found nanny uses her warped abilities to try and sort out the kids and bring them closer to there dad. I quite enjoyed this original movie, which had some amusing moments and the storyline does take some unpredictable turns which did surprise me. It doesn't slow down from beginning to end and the acting from the whole cast, especially Toni Collette, was spot on. You do have to be in the right frame of mind to watch it because of it Australian warped sense of humour but it's a fun, crazy film which has its ups and downs. Enjoyable!

Whilst watching this film I was wondering were they were going with the storyline, but the director done well to bring in different elements to the project. Toni Collette has become a big star since Muriel's Wedding with movies like the Sixth Sense, Shaft and Little Miss Sunshine but in this movie she fitted in well as the crazy nanny who tries to make the 5 girls gain confidence. Liev Schreiber &  Anthony LaPaglia were great additions to the cast and I liked the relationship between Collette & Schreiber which was a good twist to the strange storyline. In all its a very Australian comedy which is very much like Muriel's Wedding but it does have some different elements which makes it interesting. 

Budget: N/A
Worldwide Gross: $3.6million

I recommend this movie to people who are into their comedies/dramas about 5 girls who get brought up by there crazy live in nanny after there mum goes mad. 5/10
April 5, 2015
½ March 31, 2015
There are some great laughs, and Toni Collete's performance carries the film, but at some points I just wanted the "jabbering" to take it down a notch
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January 25, 2015
I hadn't noticed that my last review on here was my 2112th review. If you know me, then you know I'm a BIG Rush fan and 2112 is the title is one of their most known album, if not their most known. Admittedly, I've appreciated subsequent Rush albums more than 2112, but I should've still been aware and marked the occasion with a review of a better movie than Finders Keepers. Of course, this marks my 2113th review and that's the title of a song of another band I like, this one being Coheed and Cambria, who named the song in jest due to the comparisons they've received to Rush. This is mostly due to the vocals being very similar, stylistically, they're two very different bands. But I digress, this has all the makings of a great movie, yet it never manages to become a great movie in part to its incredibly jarring tonal shifts that literally come out of nowhere. The film also has some deliciously dark comedy that, if the movie stuck to, would've made this into a pretty incredible movie. The acting is really damn good. You will never hear me complain, ever, about Toni Collette or Liev Schreiber, who has a pretty convincing Australian accent actually, for that matter. Those two always do a good job, no matter what they are in. The problem is the fact that this movie struggles tremendously at handling its sillier comedic moments with its melodramatic ones. Like they'd have this one scene where Shaz, Sandra, and the girls would be menstruating all over their neighbor's white furniture. Then the next thing would be an ultra-serious scene about why Barry has struggled to emotionally connect with his daughters, and how his father beat him. It doesn't happen in that order in the film. It's just an example of how the film can be. That's how jarring it is. And it's not like Slaughterhouse Five, where it's actually part of the concept. So that was definitely the biggest negative. And the fact that the film is just so serious for something that can be so ridiculously silly at times. There's also one hilariously bad scene, where the girls and their mother break out into song at the mental institution to use it as a distraction to break out Shaz, like the Von Trapps. That's not what's bad about, what's bad about it is the fact that people from all over the institution come out and join them in the fucking song. Even worse is the fact that they all have angelic voices. It's not the inspirational moment it aspires to be, it's just laughably bad. They also break out into song at Barry's campaign, it's just not as bad as the scene at the mental institution. But I hate to shit on this movie, because I genuinely did kind of like it, it's just that it was structured much too poorly, it didn't know how to manage its drama and its comedy so where one didn't counteract the other. In here, though, it's like you're watching two completely different films. It's still a pretty solid movie with a good cast of likable characters and a decent enough story. I wouldn't exactly go out of my way to watch this film, but it's a pretty entertaining black comedy with some very obvious identity issues, which is really ironic when the film deals about all the neuroses the film explores.
January 23, 2015
I am not sure why the bad ratings. Watched this blind but found its quirky humor to be charming.
½ January 23, 2015
This was a good movie that was both funny and made me think about those with mental illnesses or just those who are labelled as 'different' in another way or otherwise just feel that they are not good enough. I'm sure most people have fallen into one of those categories at one point or another in their lives so it was relatable in that way. I loved the way this movie looked, both in scenery and the entire style, look and feel overall. There were some musical moments which I thought were so fun ... just think of Anthony LaPaglia singing... hilarious!
½ January 16, 2015
an interesting, offbeat, and entertaining indie about depression
January 7, 2015
P.J. Hogan and Toni Collete reunite 20 years after Muriel's Wedding for another slice of madness in Aussie land. This new film is very different from Muriel's Wedding but somehow the characters are nicely penned and Toni Collette is once again a riot. This time she portrays an uncanny and very strange modern version of a Marry Poppins who lands in a zany family with 5 girls..... deal with that right....Mental. Part fairy god mother part ass kicker, her arrival and influence will soon transform the whole family and shake things up on a serious scale. It's a feel good movie that will make you laugh a lot while remind you of your own insanity at home from time to time. Thumbs up guys!
½ October 17, 2014
I thought this was one of the funniest and most compassionate takes on mental illness. I loved the scenes in the psych ward - not many films have scenes IN those wards. A well rounded, hilarious take on 'normality'!.
September 10, 2014
The movie itself looked good. colors were vivid and had I not known better, I would almost say it was an early We Anderson movie...but the writing didn't fit his style. There seemed to fit into this movie too many characters with them all thinking they are somewhat on the crazy side. With the too many characters they couldn't get good time to feel for them and the only one that had any worth was Collettes.
not great, had its funny moments but in my opinion not worth the time.
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