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October 11, 2017
Premier film de Whit Stillman, Metropolitan ne fait aucun doute quant à son géniteur. On y retrouve sa manière bien à lui d'agencer ses films, suite de scènes extrêmement écrites, dans un langage rendant le film aussi beau aux yeux qu'à l'oreille, qui n'ont en commun que les personnages, entrecoupées de cartons, avec l'arrivée d'un outsider comme point d'ouverture. Les acteurs, dont la plupart n'a pas fait carrière ensuite, sont pourtant excellents, tout spécialement Chris Eigeman dans le rôle du cynique de service. Les choix de bande-son de Stillman renforcent le côté comique du film, qui ne se base pas sur des punchlines en fin de séquences mais sur une accumulation de dialogues entre cette bande de fils d'aristocrates new-yorkais dans les 80s. Dès son premier film, Stillman imposait son style si réjouissant.
March 2, 2017
Everything Stillman has done has been worth watching!
½ October 4, 2016
bourgeoisie teens coming of age story in the late 80s NYC. End of era.
½ August 11, 2016
Whit Stillman's debut has all the wit and charm we've come to expect from him.
January 13, 2016
I'm glad I found this little gem--I'm a sucker for films with sharp, witty dialogue, and Metropolitan has plenty of it. This exchange in particular had me chortling:

Charlie: Fourierism was tried in the late nineteenth century... and it failed. Wasn't Brookfarm Fourierist? It failed.
Tom: That's debatable.
Charlie: Whether Brookfarm failed?
Tom: That it ceased to exist, I'll grant you, but whether or not it failed cannot be definitively said.
Charlie: Well, for me, ceasing to exist is - is failure. I mean, that's pretty definitive.
Tom: Well, everyone ceases to exist. Doesn't mean everyone's a failure.

September 5, 2015
One of the best films of it's type and if you can see it with the commentary then that's all the better.
August 17, 2015
Admittedly, Metropolitan is filled with relatively loathsome characters, but their overly-beleagered affectations eventually become endearing after the audience is made painfully aware of the fact that they exist as aimless slaves to tradition, sitting around having pretentious conversations about nonsense out of a vague sense of societal duty. What makes it more substantive than its spiritual-sibling Kicking and Screaming is this underlying sense of fragility; this way of life isn't sustainable and the characters know it. While it mostly operates as a slightly satirical look at an insulated bit of a culture so elitist as to be almost-foreign, Metropolitan also offers commentary on the empty nature of class distinction and unearned societal clout with a consistent stream of witty jokes that both ridicule and celebrate this bizarre part of wealthy American life and make it a successful piece of filmmaking.
½ August 10, 2015
If you crossed Wes Anderson's quirky hipster humor with Woody Allen's intellectual, upper crust malaise, you would land somewhere near this cute comedy about a group of NYC teenage debutantes and their all style, no substance way of thinking. It's a dryly funny satire of privileged youth and all its misconceptions but also an adoring tribute to the misadventures of adolescence. Perfectly true to life and brimming with irony.
½ June 17, 2015
Even though it's easy to just write a total id character who says exactly what's on their mind with no care for the consequences, Nick Smith was still fascinating and compelling to watch, especially when interacting with Tom Townsend, so I kinda lost interest when he and most of the others disappeared at the end of the second act and Tom and the stuttering guy went on a fairly insipid escapade to rescue the boring Audrey. I liked the movie, it was funny, but I think Stillman failed to develop what was supposed to be its heart.
June 1, 2015
This is an extremely charming film about some extremely upper class New Yorkers. Clothing, manners, and literature are discussed while a somewhat tense and climactic plot sneaks up on the characters who actually spend most of the film going to parties and discussing culture and ideas with one another while falling in and out of love. Whit Stillman's films are not for everyone but this one is such a fully realized portrait of a certain time and place-1980s Upper East Side Manhattan's Urban Haute Bourgeoisie-it should secure at least a sociological interest from those who find his characters too snooty or removed from ordinary daily life. For those of us who enjoy a Noel Coward play or an Evelyn Waugh novel, however, this is like the second coming-a perfectly plotted comedy of manners about some very well-spoken and very well-dressed young people.
April 17, 2015
At first I thought that this film was going to bore me,
thank god I was so wrong. I'm no rich kid but I like how sometimes
directors portray this type of people in a very human way. Whit
Stillman did this at it's very best (Wes Anderson also did a great
job with portraying rich kids in the amazing 2001 film The Royal
Tennenbaums which is an awesome film). Set during the 1990
debutante season in New York this one gives you an inside look
at a world that not many of us can't enter or even have a glance
at it. Although not much happens in the film the excellent dialogue
written by Stillman himself does justice to the lack of action on
the film. Many people will think that these people are snobs but
hey, I thought that they are cool snobs and very normal kids.
½ December 7, 2014
'Metropolitan' is a very well done independent film by one of the best directors of our time. Whit Stillman has brought us some amazing films and Metropolitan is up there with the top.
½ October 11, 2014
It's as hermetically sealed off from a wider world as an Allen picture, but Metropolitan is a witty, surprisingly heartfelt comedy.
September 28, 2014
awesome debut from director stillman
September 3, 2014
If you hate greatness, then stay away from this great gem.
April 11, 2014
I think this movie is meant for people who have experience what it portrays firsthand. All I saw was a bunch of spoiled rich brats and over-all uninteresting people sitting around and talking. Which, admittedly, I think was the point.
½ March 16, 2014
Metropolitan's exclusive vibe gets pretty fucking tiresome, but it is almost justified by its humorous pretentiousness. For a movie about people nobody cares about, it sure does a good job of putting one into the shoes of them. This movie doesn't have to relate to anyone directly, all it means to do it relate it to human nature in general, either rich or poor.... The underlying message is what should prevail.
½ March 14, 2014
Smart, smart, smart dialogue driven indie.
½ February 7, 2014
If you like Comedies of Manner then Metropolitan will be right up your alley. If not, then you'll probably have a hard time understanding the quick wit and talkative nature. I enjoyed it.
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