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March 16, 2018
One of my all-time favorites. Definitely in the Top 3.
½ March 2, 2018
2018-3-3 Looked at those placed and missed the days in Paris. That is a place where once you've been there, you wanted to move there.
February 19, 2018
I think that this movie really tells a message that our present-day world is in need of. It aims to make us understand that we should escape more often the rules that govern our daily life, our society, our entourage, everything that surrounds us and makes us act like some robotized creatures, dominated by mercantilism and falsity. It tells the story of the intellectual who confronts himself with so-called social problems because of his different way of seeing and experiencing life. Paris is a portal for the protagonist through which he accesses the past eras that he thinks he belongs to, but also the change of the living ambient that reveals the differences between his and his wife's ways of seeing things and living. Great script, the movie is catchy from start to end.
February 18, 2018
This was a witty film. The character of Hemingway had me laughing out loud every time he talked, and Kathy Bates as Gertrude Stein was casting genius.
February 13, 2018
Allen handles rom-com conventions in the best way possible. "Midnight in Paris" never drags or cloys thanks to relatable main character.
February 12, 2018
Wonderful film! I really enjoyed this one. And I'm not an Owen Wilson fan. So, that says something.
February 1, 2018
This movie is welcome. It is also welcoming which is just as important. The mood is perfect and it is the Twenties music, the Golden Age of American literature references and the beautiful background of Paris that makes this watchable. Besides that, the plot, whatever small amount that is here, is fairly predictable but watchable. Although overstated, the movie's opinion on nostalgia and accepting the past, but living in the present for the future, is a good theme. Vicky Cristina Barcelona is better and although they are similar, Midnight In Paris is unique enough.
½ January 30, 2018
This Woody Allen fantasy comedy contains a very unusual plot which travels through time. Superb settings and costumes but I sometimes found the acting a little staged. Wilson plays a typical Woody Allen character. AAN GGN AFI
½ January 28, 2018
A shallow, pretentious movie about whiny rich people. The only characters with any real depth were the supporting characters.
½ January 27, 2018
I actually really loved this movie. The wife did too. However, the conspiracy tangled in this website and this movie leave me no choice but to leave it with a one star. W00dy @ll3n I will see u in hell, but not because I'm there, when I'm passing over.
December 24, 2017


[Woody Allen]
½ December 19, 2017
Puntaje Original: 7.0

Woody Allen nos ofrece una magnífica obra de arte, que aprovecha perfectamente para criticar la insatisfacción creativa actual de la sociedad.
October 18, 2017
A good message and some charming shots of Paris, but Owen Wilson is such an awfully awkward character that it is hard to appreciate. The plot also falls a bit flat and is both predictable and uninspiring. Thankfully the depictions of some of the period characters were done quite well.
October 17, 2017
Esse filme é simplesmente sensacional consegue por alívio cômico na medida certa além de ter personagens bastante carismáticos
½ September 21, 2017
A daydream for creatives.
½ August 24, 2017
This was a cute movie with a creative twist to it. It's not my favorite movie of all time, but well worth the watch.
½ August 12, 2017
A very good film in thats it is a unique and imaginative one. As much as I think woody allen is a creep, he seriously has got talent. He always manages to throw in something about a very young love interest tho (girl at end who was notedly younger) blech. However the film itself reminded me of an actual book in the way that its told with a strong plot and I really enjoyed the message. I think ppl like to romanticize things when they arent happy with the present about how great an old time was or if they just did this different with their life or if somehow theyd been born somewhere else....etc. In reality tho reality could probably be better esp if you are in a crappy relationship or bad job...but its never going to be perfect bc its life. I also liked with this movie how you never knew where it was going and I enjoyed the dark humor. One thing i didnt care for was so much name dropping of people from long ago-eventually it got old and took away from the film. Interesting to see the usual sweet typecast Rachel adams play one of the most abhorrent criticizing heroines in this one.
July 30, 2017
(B-) Insightful film that mostly lies with the theme of the Golden Age Syndrome, where the character thinks a certain time in the past was the best era compared to the his/her present life. As a writer, Gil (Owen Wilson) sees Paris in the 1920s as the best era for him. Somehow, he travels back in that time and encounters famous poets, artist and writers that he admires and ponders about his existence with them. The best part of the movie was how he keeps traveling back and forth into the past and present and create some conflicts that occur between his present life and his past life. Woody Allen likes to create romantic bonds between characters that don't seem to fit each other externally. But usually, he points out some romantic connection with characters internally. It is the same in this movie. But instead of looking at it from an age difference or culture difference, it is seen through time difference. I like how the pace in dialogue changes when Gil is in the present time versus how he is in the past. Even in color the president puts out more of a bland light touch compared to a soft yellow in the past. The third act got bland and most of the themes become cliché and it wasn't insightful as to the first and second act. Overall good film to watch if your a fan of the surrealist era.
July 28, 2017
As an English major in college this movie spoke volumes to me. Decades of our favorite writers come together in one magical existence to give Gil his happy ever after--for a short time anyway. Wrought with amazing visual language of the 1920's, this film portrays what every dreamer loves to fantasize about; what life would be like in a different era. Owen is our stupefied, dumbstruck, hero who we get to live vicariously through. The wonderment and astounding discoveries he makes give this film a classic classy feel. Where do dreamers go when they get lost in Paris at midnight? Turns out it's even better than anyone could have imagined, and dammit I wish I could go there myself. I find myself often going there with re-watches of the film and how truly magical it is.
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