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A retread of Ten Little Indians that lacks the source material's wit.



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Finnish-born Hollywood filmmaker Renny Harlin directs the suspense thriller Mindhunters with a screenplay by writer/director Wayne Kramer. Val Kilmer stars as Harris, an FBI official teaching a group of trainees the art of profiling serial killers. He takes them on a weekend retreat to a deserted island for some supplemental simulation exercises in which they catch a fake killer. When some FBI trainees get killed for real, the rest figure the murderer must be one of them. Class leader Sara (Kathryn Morris) must try to stay alive long enough to figure out if one of her colleagues is the murderer. Is it Gabe (LL Cool J), J.D. Reston (Christian Slater), Bobby (Eion Bailey), Rafe (Will Kemp), Lucas (Jonny Lee Miller), Vince (Clifton Collins Jr.), or Nicole (Patricia Velazquez)?

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Val Kilmer
as Jake Harris
Christian Slater
as J.D. Reston
Jonny Lee Miller
as Lucas Harper
Eion Bailey
as Bobby Whitman
Will Kemp
as Rafe Perry
Kathryn Morris
as Sara Moore
LL Cool J
as Gabe Jensen
Clifton Collins Jr.
as Vince Sherman
Patricia Velasquez
as Nicole Willis
Daniel Boissevain
as Second Man in the Bar
Antonie Kamerling
as Man in the Bar
Jasmine Sendar
as Friend of Jen
Trevor White
as Attacker
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  • May 14, 2017
    "Someone in this room is a murderer", goes the typical Agatha Christie potboiling thriller, which herein gets a modern update of a twist: "someone in this room of highly trained FBI serial killer profilers is a serial killer profiling us!" Yeah. So, some little fun.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Mar 15, 2016
    It's not really smart despite trying, but I guess it will do okay as an entertaining thriller.
    Maymay A Super Reviewer
  • Aug 17, 2015
    Directed by Renny Harlin, Mindhunters is a psychological horror-thriller that's full of suspense. The story follows a group of FBI profilers-in-training who are sent to a remote island for a training exercise, but things take a turn when it's discovered that there's a killer among them. Starring Christian Slater, Kathryn Morris, Jonny Lee Miller, LL Cool J, and Patricia Velasquez, the film has a solid cast. And, Harlin's directing brings a lot of intensity to the film. Also, the writing is pretty good at setting up intrigue and engages the audience; as the intricate death traps used by the killer intensifies the action and heightens the suspense. However, as with a lot of horror films, the characters aren't fully fleshed out and there are some weaknesses with the plot. Yet overall, Mindhunters is an entertaining and chilling film.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Oct 31, 2011
    Though it does boarder as an effective B thriller, it's ultimately far too asinine to work. The plot and overall setup is so ridiculous that it distracts from the atmosphere and sense of tension the film sets out to create. Even LL Cool J's one liners aren't enough to overcome the glaring scripting issues.
    Jeffrey M Super Reviewer

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