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      Moana Reviews

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      May 28, 2023

      When you watch a movie about finding yourself, I think this one is absolutely perfect. The struggle and problem might be related to us and this is maybe inspiration for each of us

      May 26, 2023

      Simple, straightforward story executed beautifully. Each of the songs had a clear narrative to communicate and did so with extraordinary panache. Something the maestro Lin-Manuel Miranda mastered long ago. Though the overall musical quality was already impressive, Dwayne Johnson's staggering performance blew my expectations out of the water - as if the man weren't amazing enough. His in-character work lent a particularly unique cultural facet to the hero Maui as well though of course the entire production shined a light on a deep, fantastic culture usually overlooked by media. Moana herself is a bright, curious girl with the can-do attitude very typical of Disney's more modern princesses, reaching the Mulan and Anna end of the spectrum with her willingness to brave the unknown. Her story is particularly unique in her rediscovery of her people's past as explorers - and how this clashes with her current village. Overall, a fun time with developed characters and great music.

      May 26, 2023

      Everything so beautiful

      May 26, 2023

      Such an amazing cast all around. Stunning visuals, entertaining plot. Voice actors really bringing out the emotions. Fun to watch no matter how many times. Good to see Disney can still bring out some movie that are not 1 and done in terms of times watched.

      May 13, 2023

      Entretenida, no es tremenda pero si disfrutable, linda animacion y canciones pegadizas. Una historia de descubrimiento y aprendizaje en una aventura con personajes carismaticos

      May 9, 2023

      Love it! No romance, poc characters, awesome songs, and amazing visuals. One of the underrated Disney princess movies. Although the comedy was a bit too much sometimes, as if they were desperately trying to include more people in their audience, win hearts over with diverse comedy (for adults and children). There were good comedy parts though, but here and there a bit unnecessary.

      May 2, 2023

      An All Time Classic. The animation is some of the most gorgeously CG animation I've ever seen. Lush with mythos brough to life, imagination, creativity, pops in every frame. The voice acting is spot on as well with tons of charm and never does this drag even for a second. This is a film everyone should give a try once! One of the best animated films of this era.

      May 2, 2023

      Moana is a lot better than the Way of Water. The of the best breathtaking ocean movie yet.🐚 🌊 🪝

      May 1, 2023

      Moana was born in a small village on a small Island with her father being the Chief of the village. And at a young age she was chosen by the ocean and before her grandmother died, she was told she had to find Maui and restore the heart of Tafiti because Maui knew where it was and how to get there. They started boating to get Maui's hook when little coconut creatures attacked them. The coconuts want to steal the heart of Tafiti. When Moana's chicken ate the heart of Tafiti and then the coconut creatures hook the chicken. Moana fought them and got the chicken back with the heart of Tafiti inside. The two of them then continued on to get Maui's hook from an old and cranky but spunky crab. Maui's hook helps him shape shift. They got the hook from the crab. Then they started boating to Tafiti. But when they were going to Tafiti there was a storm. Once they survived, they did some training to be battle ready to fight Tafiti. When they met Tafiti, they lost the fight really fast. They soon tried again and were able to restore the heart of Tafiti in the best and respectful way. I thought the movie was really well made and loved it as a kid. I feel like the story was well made and interesting to watch. It is humorous and adventurous with beautiful colours with amazing graphics. The voice actors matched the characters really well and it brought the characters to life. However my favorite character is the chicken because he is funny even if he can't talk. The music has a big part in the show, it is strong at emotions and has a purpose. They used traditional south pacific music to make the movie feel like it is in Hawaii. I recommend this movie to anyone of any age that loves music and adventure.

      Apr 29, 2023

      it was a good movie but some not good parts

      Apr 25, 2023

      A arte do filme foi o principal fator de eu ter ido assistir a esse filme, porém as músicas dentro dele são muito legais, não é atoa que as músicas são marcantes. Realmente um filme bem divertido de se assistir, porém se voce não gosta de musical, pode ser que voce não goste muito do filme.

      Apr 24, 2023

      i hate water i like coke

      Apr 22, 2023

      Simplemente hermosa, una de las mejores peliculas

      Apr 14, 2023

      love it. likable characters with good character development, great songs

      Apr 10, 2023

      LOL, the funniest 01 hour: and 53 minutes ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Apr 7, 2023

      An Absolute masterpice of Disney animation. The movie impressed us with a great story line, super cute and relatable hero's brought to live buy super talented voice actors and most of all, a unbelievably great soundtrack. The work of Lin Manuel Miranda was marvellous as always!

      Mar 29, 2023

      A great example of Disney's revival era. Moana is a very fun and well done movie.

      Mar 26, 2023

      This is one of my favourite Disney movies now, the music is top notch. I cant decide between this and Encanto as what is my favourite Disney soundtrack. I just love this movie.

      Mar 19, 2023

      This movie is my favorite Disney movie, (and second favorite animated movie) and there is absolutely nothing that even comes close. This movie has amazing humor, music, story, and animation. There is no part of the movie that annoyed me like some other movies (*cough*cough* The Good Dinosaur *cough*). It is just an hour and forty seven minutes of greatness.

      Mar 14, 2023

      I like this movie but it fells a little bit girly and I am a boy but I have loved every Disney movie but the one thing I do not like about Disney is the music they have some good music 🎶 it just maders on what kind of movie it is but I love mowee in this movie so if you love Disney and music 🎶 I would see it .

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