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March 17, 2021
While there's suspense aplenty as she pits her computer skills and some old-fashioned ingenuity against the villains, Irwin Winkler's thriller is at best perfunctory in its treatment of character.
November 18, 2020
The acting was terrible, but for 115 minutes I was entertained.
November 18, 2020
Sandra Bullock is lucky to have a career after this...
September 16, 2020
Bullock makes for a sympathetic, spunky protagonist, who is fun to watch even if the plot takes a turn toward the realm of overly predictable thrillers.
August 20, 2019
'90s mystery-thriller is still relevant; violence, language.
January 14, 2011
Director Irwin Winkler is as graceless as ever, although the gritty look and refreshingly low-tech action sequences are welcome.
January 14, 2011
Technophiles will find certain aspects of the plot less than plausible but a big budget, Bullock and a tense finale ensure Winkler dials up a daft but enjoyable diversion.
January 14, 2011
A thriller without thrills.
March 26, 2009
Riddled with more coincidences and implausibilities than Hitchcock permitted himself in his entire career, The Net still gets by as a reasonably suspenseful, very au courant thriller.
May 26, 2006
Someday the next generation of film buffs will rent some of today's mega-buck blockbuster summer movies and watch them as B-movie camp.
February 18, 2006
...The Net has aged just as poorly as one might've expected...
January 26, 2006
Pretty soon she's fleeing from her gun-wielding seducer, trying to recover an identity that's being systematically erased through alteration of her personal computer records, and dodging bullets on spinning carousels.
June 11, 2005
April 3, 2005
Silly techno-espionage chase-thriller copycat. Bullock's miscast, but does what she can.
March 23, 2005
One of Bullock's best - has as much byte as it does bang
February 8, 2005
October 11, 2004
August 30, 2004
The Net is never quite as sleek and chilling as it might have been, but it gives the old story of a wrongly accused innocent a nerve-wracking 90's twist.
August 18, 2004
June 8, 2004
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