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Three points for that title alone! But Night of the Creeps has a lot more going for it; this maiden directorial effort by Fred Dekker is a dextrous amalgam of sci-fi, horror, and laughter. Nerdish college freshmen Jason Lively and Steve Marshall pledge to a fraternity, hoping to scope out the best chicks. As part of their initiation, the boys must sneak into the college's medical center. Here they find the frozen remains of a boy who swallowed an alien slug (that's right, operator) back in 1959. The corpse thaws, the space slugs are unleashed on campus, and.....AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! You gotta love a low-budget scarefest that names all of its characters after horror-film directors: Romero, Cronenberg, Cameron, Landis, Hooper, Raimi, and on into the night. And what would a "retro" terror flick from the 1980s be without the supporting-cast presence of the ubiquitous Dick Miller?

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Jason Lively
as Chris Romero
Steve Marshall
as J.C. Hooper
Jill Whitlow
as Cynthia Cronenberg
Tom Atkins
as Ray Cameron
Wally Taylor
as Detective Landis
Bruce Solomon
as Sgt. Raimi
Vic Polizos
as Coroner
Ken Heron
as Johnny
David Paymer
as Young Scientist
Evelyne Smith
as House Mother
Ivan E. Roth
as Psycho Zombie
Dan Frishman
as Alien Zombie
Kevin Thompson (II)
as Alien Pursuer
David Alan Johnson
as Young Roy Cameron
Joseph S. Griffo
as Alien Pursuer
Katherine Britton
as Sorority Girl on Phone
Leslie Ryan
as Sorority Girl with Hairbrush
Russel Moss
as Biff, Beta
Dave Alan Johnson
as Young Roy Cameron
Suzanne Snyder
as Lisa, Kappa Delta
Jay Wakemann
as Judy, Kappa Delta
Elizabeth Cox
as Kathy, Kappa Delta
Emily Fiola
as Jennifer, Kappa Delta
Russell Moss
as Biff, Beta
Richard DeHaven
as Dick, Beta
John J. York
as Todd, Beta
Jim Townsend
as Chett, Beta
Tex Donaldson
as Cop Outside Sorority
Jay Arlen Jones
as Cop at Police Station
Craig Schaefer
as Irksome Cop at Cryogenics Lab
Richard Sassin
as Irksome Cop at Murder Scene
Robert Kerman
as Policeman with Searchlight
Jack Lightsy
as Patrol Car Driver
Elizabeth Alda
as Cop in Alley
David B. Miller
as Beta Zombie
Arick Stillwagon
as Beta Zombie
Robert Kurtzman
as Beta Zombie
Ted Rae
as Beta Zombie
Alexander Folk
as Cop in Morgue
Keith Werle
as Beta Zombie
Earl C. Ellis Jr.
as Beta Zombie
Howard Berger
as Beta Zombie
Beal Carrotes
as Beta Zombie
Robert Kino
as Mr. Miner
Todd Bryant
as Informative Student
Dawn Schroder
as Sorority Girl at Squad Car
Dick Miller
as Police Armorer
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  • Dec 09, 2017
    Thrill me. A cult '80 horror-comedy, Night of the Creeps is a cheesy B-movie that mishmashes several different types of sci-fi and horror. The story follows two college friends who unwittingly release an alien bug that turns people into zombies when a fraternity prank goes wrong. The script is all over the place with aliens, ax wielding maniacs, and zombies. And, most of the cast is stuck playing one-dimensional character stereotypes; though Tom Atkins has kind of a fun role as a cop on the edge and brings a certain charisma to the film. Also, the make-up effects and prosthetics for the zombies are pretty good and look quite ghoulish. Plus, the comedy and satire is well-done, delivering some entertaining laughs. But Night of the Creeps takes on more than it can handle, and ends up being a crazy mess.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Jun 03, 2016
    Opens with an absolutely golden throwback to the cinema of the 60's, and continues to be entertaining throughout.
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • Jun 03, 2014
    This is a fun, and affectionate, tribute to a wide variety of genres. 50s alien invasion films is probably the most prominent genre that is paid tribute. There's also a tribute to famous horror film directors of the era as several of the characters' names are inspired by horror filmmakers. George Romero, Sam Raimi, David Cronenberg, John Landis, James Cameron, Steve Miner, Tobe Hooper, John Carpenter, among others. So this was clearly made by someone who knew, and loved, the horror and sci-fi genre and I think it definitely shows in the final product. I don't think it was a perfect film, but it's definitely a movie that I had a lot of fun watching. It's got every B-movie cliche you can possibly think of. I think Fred Dekker must have been clairvoyant, because this film might have the douchiest 80s douchebag I've ever seen in a film. The time since this film's release has redefined the word douchebag and, I don't know why, this character comes across as even more of one in this day and age than he probably would've back in the day. This douchebaggery has definitely aged like a fine wine, it's better ow than it was originally. Jason Lively leaves a lot to be desired as an actor, but this is a horror movie so who really gives a shit about acting? With that said, that doesn't mean there aren't a pair memorable performances. Tom Atkins gives a fabulously entertaining performance as this cop haunted by his high school sweetheart's brutal murder. It's goofy and tongue-in-cheek and, by my estimation, Tom Atkins seemed to have a blast doing this role. Steve Marshall as JC, Chris' best friend, is also entertaining here. His quick-witted delivery somewhat reminded me a bit of Robert Downey Jr. Of course, he's not as good as Downey, but he is still entertaining. So yes, this film probably hasn't aged as well as other horror classics, but I definitely think it's something that horror nerds will greatly enjoy thanks to its many references to classics, and even some non-classics like Plan 9 from Outer Space. This is a good movie. It's not as grotesque as some of the 80s best horror films, but I had a lot of fun watching this movie, even with the rating I gave it. Horror nerds will be in heaven here.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • Jul 04, 2012
    "Night of the Creeps" is an exceptional film that starts with promises of horror/comedy B-movie camp and follows it the whole way through. It just works on so many levels, which include being a homage to more significant films of the horror genre (ex: Night of the Living Dead,) cranking out the camp for well placed laughs, and even being scary or exciting when it needs to be. From the start, when we see men in bulbous alien suits running around in a futuristic spaceship, which then jumps to a black and white origin story that takes place in the 1950's as an obvious allusion to Cold War B-movies, we know this film is something special. It lampoons many cliches of the 80's, which includes character archetypes (this takes place on a college campus,) subplots which include the hardened alcoholic cop with a checkered past or the nerd getting the sorority girl, and even the feel of 80's films (soundtrack and whatnot.) For its steadfast, deadpan silliness and innovation, this film can't possibly produce anything but pure fun. So, if you're going to watch this 80's body horror film about college kids being zombified by alien slugs that incubate in the brain and you're expecting anything above silly, glorious camp, then you're in the wrong movie.
    Edward S Super Reviewer

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