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June 18, 2017
A deeply insane interpretation. This movie had so much in it but i have to say that the second half was a bit too boring. Great performances from the entire cast!
½ June 12, 2017
la peor pelicula que e visto
June 12, 2017
I love this tale, I have seen a lot of films and read a lot of books inspired by it, and this one is by far the worst one. I have no problem with the fantasy elements the film has, my problem is that this movie is boring as hell, I couldnīt believe I felt asleep like 2 times while watching it. there has elements that I did like, but for most of the film I couldnīt do anything but beg for it to end.
May 14, 2017
Absolutely insulting. Only a few accuracies. if you haven't seen this my fellow Christians don't. if you want to, bear in mind it's not bibically accurate.
May 13, 2017
Noah follows the sweeping trail of historical tales made for modern viewers. Whether it's just a fad, time will tell. The writing fills in the blanks in dramatized fashion. It doesn't particularly stand out, however.
May 12, 2017
Painful, pretentious, predictable, ridiculous and boring.
½ May 6, 2017
Imaginative on many levels but not imaginative enough to not be utterly undermined by being a total whitewash.
April 27, 2017
This movie made prophet Noah look like a crazy person... Just terrible.
April 15, 2017
Holy crap, what a train wreck. None of the characters are likable and the necessary incest needed to carry on the human race is needlessly ratcheted up. I think Hollywood just needs to take a break from bible stories, there's a reason that The Prince Of Egypt is the only good film adapted from the bible since the Ten Commandments.
March 23, 2017
Overlong but its sincerity keeps it intense and interesting.
½ March 19, 2017
When we must see to it that we carry our ancestors legacy. When we see that we that we must carry what our creator instructs us to see and carry out his vision. When we see that we started alone when we are born from mankind's image. When we see that there are another kind that sees to it that we carryout the creators words. When we see that we were sent other things when we least expect it to find with plenty of death that we are not alone. When we see when we are alone we are given light to see another way of seeing when it's the creators message. When we see a future that is worth saving and start this world anew. When what we see is we are chosen to restore peace to the lands & gardens of spicies fourishing without wickedness. When the creator sees to it that the land protects, and calls on all those who fit for survival to guide them to an ark. When we see we must carefully take care of the small to large animals for we are responsible for their care. When we see we must undertake a large task to see to it our family is safe to carry on and safely live on. When we see that there is two of every kind that is chosen to carry on their species life. When we see that not all gets to live out the gifts that were given. When we must live and coexist in this world but others see of our extinction. When we see that the creators message reaches all over the world. When we see that we must rid evil away with what the creator gives us. When we see that we have little to live on to only give to those whom fight. When we have to live on little to give away what we must to carry on living. When we see what costs man must see to live to cause such suffering and live with evils. When we already live with a little to know that we can't carry on without sons, dsughters, heirs. When we see that we must keep our foundations strong, that we don't associate with such evils our ancestors died for. When we must go and see to it that we find what we are looking for ourselves. When we are powerful we see that we appreciate things that power can't give to us when it's as pure and organic as the fruits we are bared with that we freshly pick ourselves. When we see that we must give to those whom require things to live on when we are helpless and in need of what organically can't be provided to us again. When we see that we don't find to much help and kindness that provides to us. When we see that their is goodness in those that we give our blessings. When we see that we don't have much time to heed the calling of nature and the creators power to complete the work. When we see that we others are not chosen when they are powerful and son's of heirs to wonder why. When we see we are trapped and we're not chosen to carry life forward. When we see that we must fulfill our obligations & duties that carry out acts of goodness when we have a greater purpose. When we see to it that we get in. When we see that we are to follow the creators intentions. When we will no longer see the same walks if life existing when it's all destroyed. When the vary walls we create we see are he only true existence of life left. When we see that others made its way. When we see what we have to do and what only we can do when we see no future when the creators power is only left to create a new. When we see we never wanted death but valued life. When we see that we don't value life when we consider ourselves powerful and everything else must serve us. When we see we are given gifts and that there is another way. When we see it doesn't change anything when our sole purpose of existence was to serve and die for our creator. When we see that we must try and give life another chance. When we question the creators decision to question those whom we put our trust in to see our lives fit. When we see we need to put an end to one side of life growing to begin a new side. When we see that the creator gives us everything when time is on ourside, and our own blood. When we see life as beautiful and previous to not let them die. When we see that we can't do it and disobey instructions when we come so far to take the life of our own blood. When we see that our life continues when we find land to harvest our fruits. When we don't see what comes next when we no longer see any of the creators guidance to wait. When seeing is hard when we don't know if we would ever see again once we disobey the creator or await to see later in life or in the afterlife. When we see we only can begin a new life with what power gives to us to know some are given and others not to search for our own purpose in life, to grow the seeds we are given, and thank the creator for radiating his power onto us and the world so life can grow.

When we don't see where power originates when it comes from our past, from above, from below, to know what intentions this world sees fit for us. When we know it was not given to those but others whom are banished. When we see what power does to the world that kills it. When we see that dominion and servitude is not necessary when we can live in union and harmony with one another with all kind of spicies to flourish and grow. When we see that there lived a time that was so evil, hunger for power and dominance that died off and life grew again, but another dominance grew after with the same hunger and dominance. When we see that our answers to start a new on powers so greater then us to rein dominion and righteous on those only means we threaten our livlihoods. When we don't see the time a new species grows dominant, but see how long it takes for it to happen before we all know life was never intended to be this way. When we see we are given the gift to see and think and breathe this world when past creations couldn't to know we are in need of change to continue life longer.
½ March 12, 2017
There's something admirable in this bonkers epic about Noah. It skirts perilously close to being ludicrous (did you know there were sentient rock creatures guarding Noah and his ark? Me neither) but what saves it is Aronovsky's reckless single-mindedness and a couple of very good performances by Russell Crowe and - as his nemesis - Ray Winstone. It's as if Cecil B. DeMille had directed Mad Max.
March 5, 2017
Fantasy film. Only thing close to being reference in the bible is they built an ark and there was a flood. and they had three sons. The rest is all some sort of twisted horror film. Very dark. Not related to the story of the real Noah from the bible! Just a really dark sinister look at the world. Sad and dark film.
½ February 16, 2017
Warning: Do not watch this movie before a Bible quiz.
You will fail it. lol
It's a twisted, condensed Noah Story,
but its obviously visually influenced by Lord Of The Rings.
The writer-director pushed hard in the opening scenes to set the story up as a biblical epic, and then runs in a totally different direction, telling an absolutely divergent story.
Theres epic scenery, yes,
but no spiritual depth, only bickering and selfish, immature complaining played seriously.
Not very entertaining.
And no elves, dwarves or hobbits either.
Just cranky relatives moaning about
Why won't God answer me?!!
Its a shot at authenticity, but it rings hollow and despite the strong emotional investment by the actors, its too soapy.
I laughed at some of the overripe scenes, and was disappointed overall that they completely changed the story drama by cramming in contemporary statements, and making Noah a religious nut out to kill family members for unfounded religious reasons.
On the upside, its creative - I loved the Stone people, and their later explanation, and seeing a fast fwd of Creation, and the sprawling, epic scenery. And the ark landing.
It veers dramatically over-the-top emotionally in the family relationships tho w infighting on the ark, a stowaway, betrayal, mutiny, birth, death, and only a few issues of today did NOT get some treatment here.
Its all too much.
Theres plenty of room to fill in the original story w creative details - for instance, the way they handle the animals on the ark for their 40-plus days is BRILLIANT -
I grew up w this story told every which way, but having the animals asleep was a well thot out complete reinvention, to give credit where its due.
So I enjoyed several creative flourishes - the ark design, the Stone ppl, the battles, the chase, the escape, all great adventure elements.
But I was burdened to distraction by the over-wrought emotions and embellishments trying to make statements under the guise of a bible story.
I was afraid that they would get into the creepy parts of the Noah saga like incest, but they do not, thankfully.

They had other agendas.
Ratings -
The script, overblown - 2 of 5 stars
The scenery stuns - 5 of 5
The acting was
earnest but off - 2 of 5
The creativity - 4 of 5

Overall - 2.5 of 5
February 7, 2017
Movie not that excited to watch!
½ January 28, 2017
The movie "Noah" is dramatic, intense, and well-made cinematically, but it is not the true story of Noah as it actually happened several thousand years ago.
½ January 18, 2017
Despite the ratings, I thought this was a good story overall even if it did stray some from the Bible. Good cast and worth watching.
January 5, 2017
It will most likely prove difficult for those seeking a strictly biblical account of the story of "Noah," but Darren Aronofsky's modern epic is ultimately as brilliant as it is visually capturing and narratively puzzling.
December 30, 2016
Does not follow the Bible
December 29, 2016
religious mythology? oh hell no.
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