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Tom is a twentysomething loser with no life. Mrs. Abernathy asks Tom to be the pallbearer and deliver the eulogy for her son, a person whom Tom cannot remember. Tom and Mrs. Abernathy become lovers, but when Tom gets reacquainted with his beautiful high-school dream-girl Julie, Mrs. Abernathy becomes enraged.

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David Schwimmer
as Tom Thompson
Gwyneth Paltrow
as Julie Demarco
Barbara Hershey
as Ruth Abernathy
Michael Rapaport
as Brad Schorr
Carol Kane
as Tom's Mom
Edoardo Ballerini
as The Job Interviewer
Robert Katims
as Minister
Greg Grunberg
as Abernathy Cousin
David Vadim
as Abernathy Cousin
Zak Orth
as Abernathy Cousin
Kevin Corrigan
as Pallbearer
Joseph D'Onofrio
as Pallbearer
John A. Mudd
as Pallbearer
Eric Morace
as Pallbearer
Elizabeth Franz
as Aunt Lucille
Marnie Pomerantz
as Roller Coaster Rider
Mark Margolis
as Philip DeMarco
Jean De Baer
as Suzanne DeMarco
Todd Schrenk
as The Other Tom
Sal Maneri
as Wedding Guest
Gwen Goldsmith
as Wedding Guest
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Critic Reviews for The Pallbearer

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  • At its best, it sports a forgiving humanism - none of these people are all that bad, they're just wounded and needy and uncertain.

    Aug 5, 2017 | Full Review…
  • Oh God! Who told David Schwimmer he could act???

    Aug 12, 2005 | Rating: 1/5
  • Nice little rip-off of 'The Graduate.' Actually holds up on its own.

    Mar 5, 2003 | Rating: 3/5
  • Not as bad as the title might suggest, maybe a bit too dark a comedy for most audiences. However, it still has some comedic blank spots.

    Sep 13, 2002 | Rating: 2/5

Audience Reviews for The Pallbearer

  • Sep 29, 2009
    ok the movie is very tedious to watch and I like funny things this wasn't funny interesting or anything it was a dare I say a disater of a movie!! and another thing I can't believe how Toni Collette could look sexy now and then she couldn't when she was younger.. do things really get better with age!! I starting to think so!! David Schwimmer plays a drifting twentysomething who receives a telephone call out of the blue to be a pallbearer at the funeral of someone he supposedly knew in school. Trouble is, the caller has mistaken Schwimmer's character for someone else, but our hapless hero--who still lives with his mother at home--doesn't know how to say no. An encounter with the dead man's mother (Barbara Hershey) leads to a sexual relationship, while an old flame (Gwyneth Paltrow) from high school is suddenly on the horizon if only Schwimmer's loser character can quickly get his act together. This umpteenth variation on the Oedipal conflicts in Mike Nichols's The Graduate doesn't have the imagination, vitality, or authority to take classic themes about growing up all the way to the finish line. But in its brooding, comic way, it is honest about the difficulties of crossing the line into adulthood when one doesn't know how. Chaos unfolds as Tom is roped into being a pallbearer (and delivering the eulogy!) by the mother of a recently deceased "friend" from high school that he just can't remember. In the meantime, an unrequited love from high school (NOT the dead guy's girlfriend) reappears in his life.
    Sergio E Super Reviewer
  • Aug 18, 2009
    Cast: David Schwimmer, Gwyneth Paltrow, Carol Kane, Toni Collette, Michael Rapaport, Barbara Hershey, Bitty Schram Director: Matt Reeves Summary: When Ruth Abernathy (Barbara Hershey) mistakes Tom Thompson (David Schwimmer) for someone else, Thompson ends up becoming a pallbearer at the funeral of her son -- a former high school classmate he doesn't even remember. Despite the fact that he's unemployed and living with his parents, Thompson convinces his old crush (Gwyneth Paltrow) to go out with him. Meanwhile, a sexual relationship develops between Thompson and Mrs. Abernathy. My Thoughts: "It's a mix of a comedy and a drama. David Schwimmer plays Tom Thompson, who is a push over. He feels obligated to do anything for anyone when he doesn't want to. But to spare their feelings, he does it anyway. His love interest Julie, is the same way. The story is interesting and you get involved with the characters, especially David's. You watch him kinda grow up in the film. He is 25, jobless, and living at home with his mother and sleeping in bunk beds. By the end of the film you feel like he has grown and matured into an adult. Great job by Matt Reeves. It's a movie worth seeing at least once."
  • Oct 25, 2008
    The story is pretty limited and doesn't really go anywhere.
    Sunil J Super Reviewer
  • Jun 15, 2008
    I hate <a href="">David Schwimmer</a>, and this movie doesn't help his case any.
    Ed K Super Reviewer

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