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February 10, 2018
A brilliant film. Full of charm, humour, drama and parents. A film about the roller coaster ride parents take, and even their parents take, bringing up kids. Steve Martin and Dianne wiest steal the show
½ January 14, 2018
Watched this for the first time in a while last night and introduced Maggi to it. A truly ensemble work that switches effortlessly between comedy, drama and poignancy; however, Ron Howard's directorial hand is skillful enough to rarely make this feel disorienting to the viewer. It goes off the rails into schmaltz a bit towards the end with the everyone having a baby scene, but it's not nearly enough to ruin a very fine work. Grandma's line about rollercoasters and roundabouts, which Howard lets play naturally, free from over-sentimental reaction, is a highlight. The film's sharpest observation though is given over to a young Keanu Reeves: 'You know, Mrs. Buckman, you need a license to buy a dog, to drive a car - hell, you even need a license to catch a fish. But they'll let any butt-reaming asshole be a father.'
December 26, 2017
One of Ron Howard's best. He manages to balance the drama and laughs.
September 29, 2017
great film about family
September 20, 2017
I always enjoy watching this movie. I think it is very well put together and I love most of the cast. The story is sweet, funny, and occasionally frustrating. If you enjoy this type of film then you should have fun watching this one. It has more heart in it than you may expect.
August 8, 2017
Ron Howard demonstrates his ability to direct dram-edy with heart. Nearly every family should be able to relate in some way to this film. Don't be fooled though, it's not a kid-friendly movie. It literally shows the best and worst of all parental situations. Funny, cute, and a little inappropriate- it's a good flick. Rating: 8/10
June 17, 2017
Parenthood, heartfelt and howlingly comic, also comes spiced with risk and mischief.
June 12, 2017
Truly reflect family life and eveyone has a different interpretation on how life should be lived.
½ March 14, 2017
When we have always kept an eye on the ball game. When others rather pay someone to keep an eye on us. When it's our turn to keep an eye on somethings and wonder why what was so bad? When we turn out good others turn out bad when we don't keep an eye on. When somethings shut the door and lock us out to keep an eye on. When it's always nice to eye one another when we set out time to unite in traditional unions. When some eyes are not on others when we spent our whole life eyeing them. When our eyes are on other things that are different and surprise when they enter the door. When what we eye on we enjoy when they are a beauty, make us happy, keep us entertained, and have to nurture. When other things we don't eye we don't like other people eyeing when it's embarrassing. When our eyes are on the future and need to gain income to raise a family. When our past reveals where our eyes have been on this whole time. When our eyes rather see everyone together, perfect, loving and happy but it doesn't turn out that way and we blame others and ourselves. When we need to keep more than eye on some people when it's more time. When we don't keep an eye on some things we allow them to continue shutting us out when we don't understand them. When it's hard to keep an eye on everything but we manage to do when we have work, family, team sports, bonding time, and appointments to keep an eye on and schedule. When somethings we keep an eye on but others are not we make sure we get what we want. When we eye a future where we made a difference. When we have only eyes for someone that we see our whole lives with. When what we don't eye we don't want others to see when it's illegal and we could get in trouble. When everyone keeps an eye on their own kids and some on other kids when winning is everything, when it comes to bets, nurturing confidence, building skills and just winning. When all eyes are on us when it counts to let them down. When we eye the disappointed when they had faith in our judgement that everything would be okay. When what we don't keep an eye leads to mischief or want to leave. When other doors shut on us that we naturally don't want any eyes on anyone whom dont want eyes on us when we are not wanted. When what we eye we don't understand or relate. When what we eye we think looks and acts weird that are different then us. When we rather eye somethings and give it a positive perspective and spin to their actions. When what we eye we never expected in what see when it's revealed to us. When we only eye pleasing our friends after letting them down. When what we eye is the next best thing when we save the day. When what we eye is a great dad that don't let's us down and do anything for us. When we like that our children eye us this way when that's all we want their acceptance. When we don't want others to eye us when we are hiding somethings, when we caught breaking in and causing damage. When what we don't see or eye we assume when we put two and two together. When what we don't keep an eye on we allow others to do alone. When what we see or keep an eye we relate when we were once that age.
When what we don't eye it comes a surprise to us on somethings that we need a deeper look and closer eye on. When others suffer the same tendencies like us but different when we handled it at a young age and know how to take care of some issues. When we don't realize it only when someone eyes us. When our eyes are not on the road when it's rolled to the back of head when we don't pay attention to what's in front of us. When other things we don't want others to keep an eye on when we got issues. When our eyes is on our life and self when we need help. When we only eye quick money and payouts to lose. When somethings we don't keep an eye on but they turn out alright until their life depends on it.
When some people areveyeing what we used to eye. When we only want to keep an eye on is our child's development to care what others are eyeing. When we can no longer eye those we used to eye to leave. When we  like what we eye to stay a little longer or share with those we see eye to eye with. When those whom we don't see eye to eye with we leave. When we establish the truth and dominance to know we aren't eyeing somethings. When we trust other people's eye when they steer us to a good thing or bad thing. When our eyes see a pattern when all eyes point to the same result. When we can judge based on our eyes to know some people we eye whom wouldn't seem to enjoy those things to close our eyes on somethings and open our eyes on other things. When eye is only on those whom can be able, reliable when we count on them. When we don't want to keep an eye on some things we can't take right now when our eye is on something else. When our eye didn't see somethings coming to somethings being an eye opener to our reality. When new news means we have to refocus our eyes on something new to expect. When we dread eyeing somethings when we have to eye people we put down. When all we need to do is practice keeping an eye on things to be good. When we need another eye on some topics we are not good at to know how to deal with those whom are bad? When we never think that we have eyes on somethings to bail us out when our eyes is wired to sure bets that win. When our eyes are fixed on when we are young growing up to know that we can't abandon those when they are down. When it counts the most our eyes were on the ball and we pull through. When our eyes are on recovery but other eyes are not. When our eyes don't reveal how we feel when we are let down. When ours see we have a second chance at being somethings we never were. When some people we wish not to eye when we are working. When all eyes are on us when we don't care and have an eye on one thing. When we care more of the eyes we are responsible for to adding another one when they show their eyes are sweet and sensitive from the first moment we met. When we have an eye for danger to risk it all when it's our dream that we can't give up. When anything can go wrong when our eyes work but everything else fails to come out it alive. When we only have eye on what is loaned to us to suffer another consequence rather then a severe one. When what others eye and love, we do too when we only want everyone's happiness. When what we eye we know through experience when we were once young, in love and know what is expected. When we wish we could see some eyes in person when they offer us a lot for being a dedicated hard worker. When some eyes whom are meant to be wise are outdated to help, but sometimes they do when they are simple eyes that appreciates the small things. When we can have all other things resolved for us to have nothing else to eye and focus on when we don't when we are hard headed in some issues. When some things we eye are cute and enjoy seeing when but don't see that way to put a stop to it. When somethings we eye we never expect the worse to happen but it's not all bad when they are kids and we only have eyes for someone's happiness when they want this "Rollercoaster of madness". When we have all eyes on the new member of the family whom awakens in this world to eye whom they are a part with. Bunch of eyes of all ages, sizes, and personalities ready to keep an eye on you and wait for you to add more eyes in the mix. When what we don't eye is all our family are alike and have the same tendencies as others but don't share and are far apart. When we eye the next best thing whom are closer to us and can relate to somethings.
January 8, 2017
One of my favorite comedies as a child and (now) adult.
½ January 7, 2017
Parenthood is a warm and light family dramedy, that even though stumbles upon clichés along the way, it boasts a great ensemble cast to keep it solid.
December 23, 2016
This is one of Steve Martin's best films, and I could watch this movie again and again. The most poignant scenes, for me, are with Helen and her children. It is easy to see their attributes and, also, their flaws. I like movies where I can learn about situations outside of my own, and this movie does just that. It also made me laugh but, more often, it just made me smile.
½ July 26, 2016
As the title suggests, "Parenthood" is an insightful comedy about bringing up children that's heartwarmingly funny.
July 14, 2016
Solid comedy with great story telling and strong characters
June 23, 2016
This movie still really stands the test of time, an also, being a lover of the TV show that was based on it, I now see a lot more similarities between the TV and movie families. The only mis-step is that there's a comedic mass-shooter scene where a father envisions he's messed up his child who becomes a gunman, but how was 1989 Hollywood to know that was to become our reality?
Super Reviewer
June 15, 2016
An old film I have not seen. Great performance from Steve Martin with some genuine laughs and one of the first ever roles for Keanu Reeves too. What I liked most about this was that is was more relatable and believable than other films about dysfunctional families and the characters actually had depth.
May 24, 2016
5/23/2016: More drama than comedy which was disappointing. A great cast and story, but I was hoping for more laughs.
½ February 1, 2016
one roller coaster sound effect away from perfect.
January 2, 2016
Bitter sweet comedy, dysfunctional family and relatives try and cope with what life throws at them. Only film ever to make me feel broody!
½ January 1, 2016
Life is like a roller coaster.
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