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November 26, 2017
Love it:) It really shows the torture that our savior jesus christ went through to save us. Very heartfelt. I never cry in movies and in this one i got very teary eyed.
November 4, 2017
(6.0 out of 6)
When we see what we must do, when we see what we were meant to do on earth. When we see God's message but others don't see, we deliver his word to his people. When others don't see they can't believe, while our trusted disciples who have been by our side see who we are. When not all what we see and believe we understand when we don't see why great sacrifice is needed when we always thought we would see our fellowship eternal. What we don't see eternal and must die we betray when we no longer believe. When we see what challenges our beliefs we must see to stop, when we see away and reason to arrest us. When what we come to see and take we don't go without a fight. When others don't see what is to happen, we correct what they take away from others when we see somethings were not meant to be fought. When we see others for what we have been instructed to see, to see a miracle when we are a witness to his vary power.

When what we see is the disturbance, to give a chance to repent to see others forgiveness. When what we believe and not see in one faith we have no reason to repent when what we say others see as blasphemy. When we see we have no authority to judge, to see others on high to do so. When what we see doesn't recognize us on high we struck down to see others on high put to death. When we see that we are surrounded by those who refuse to see and believe we can't judge but hold strong what we see to be true when our faith is not match for higher faiths that are stronger.

When we see today is not like any other day, when we see the city is disturbed by the lone actions of a man. When we see what we must report on high, others see in their sleep when what we see is no bad man but a man of good. When we must see for our vary eyes what others see when we govern such parts. When we see others have already governed their way before we see, when we see a man beaten with scars. When we see we must follow the law to see that we must keep peace we cant judge this man. When we see what others see in a man not seeing us high, but himself higher we don't believe why such a man would see himself this way. When stories and word of our actions spreads to not see how they are done, we only see this man's actions were only for good not bad, but to be seen as a higher man doing good in disguise of faith when others see magic & trickery we must judge by own law not his.

When we see a time where we never could see our time end when we lived happily with those by our side. When what others could see special but couldn't see how special he could become, we know it's hard to see our loved one go through such pain when we see them go. When what we don't see in a person through closed doors, we see in open doors when we need to make others see we are ruling. When what others see can be unseen when belief is blind in what we restore and can't restore in those who refuse to believe. When others see explanations can be seen simply as crazy to judge.

When what we see we take seriously then others when the truth is what we only see to believe and govern. When what we see, we need to see right when others see to us to keep such places ruled with a tight fist. When what we see to be not ours to judge we release. When what others see not to believe or judge we ridicule as being not ruling. When we see there are more unjust men then the man we see to make others decide what they see is good & bad. When we see faith is more important then man to see murderers of faith go punished then those murderers of men. When we see others are meant to die to be an example of such disloyalty to faith we seek punishment of death. When what we see we enjoy, when we are soldiers to a ruthless empire to enjoy seeing pain & punishment. When what we see is our will when it's God's will we follow. When other things we see follow us ready to give us their hand as long as we take it, we refuse temptations from the Devil. when we see our faith and God's will is stronger to take any punishment they see true. When others see how much they stay true to their faith to bare such pain & punishment and relentlessly not giving up, we can't see no more such cruelty. When we see what others need to see but not our own will we see our faith in God is not as strong as others to bare witness to devotion but helpless to what surrounds us, when it is evil, blindness, unholy, and wrong with the world. When we see a time where death & punishment is a lust when people seek power to govern people towards peace. When others don't see the pains and brutality they inflict, we bare witness what faith & government can do towards ruling the world. When we see we bare witness to many unjust judgments in what others see fit for punishment, but others stood up and placed no judgment on us when they see what others couldn't see their own imperfections in life. When we see where not many stood, a man stood by us in what he could see right to save us. When we see that others wish they could see us the way we wished to be seen, to be seen as a joke and something less nothing on high to worship.

When what we see others don't see, when people wish to see it their way. When seeing it their way is the only means to judgment, when it restores powers on high to those below them, when the higharchy is disturbed by this one man which only one act can make it right, death. When we see we have the power to make those live and die to see that others have no say in God's intention for us to be front & centre between 2 powers to judge. When we see what we must do when we cant make others see we failed in ruling someplaces we were sent to by those on high. When what we see what everyone wants we give power to it whether we see it's truth or dishonesty in its purpose & righteous. When we see the crosses we must bare, and those baring witness to what they see as righteous when some actions willed by God we follow even if we don't see what it's true purpose after we are long and gone would do.

When we see some crosses we bare is too heavy for our strength to carry when our mind & soul believes and must see it through to the end. When what we follow and see we as humans must choose what we want to be close to, when we want to see the human live to protect them in moments of harm so the human lives longer. When we see the human in those we love must die so the omnipresence of God in them can live long within us. When we see some crosses others bare to see we bare them too, to let go in what others wish to see, the power of God, everlasting life. When we see the human cant bare no more what it can't do, we see others must bare our crosses to see our will is done.

When others see what needs to be done, that it b done righteously to defend the seriousness in what others mock and see and empower this man's will to his journey. When what we see we can't help when we asked just to see and bare witness to it. When we see what awaits us to see a time where people came far and wide to see us and hear our words of love for one another neighbour & enemy to see we become the enemy they hate.

When we see our moment has come to follow. When somethings we need to see happen we know we are going to a better place where our God wants to see us. When seeing such places takes sacrifice that we must bare this cross of suffering, pain, judgment and devotion to the vary end. When we see we taught all what is there to see and live to pass onto one another and live how God sees fit. When we see faith differently then others when faith is seen as power overcoming power to make others see power rules when we see that love rules over any power when faith is the bond between the human & God within us. When others wish to see what powers we hold in what we say we hold, others don't see that they hold no power over us to spectacle our faith. When what we see in the human is its imperfections to know that we acknowledge what we see in our wrongs when we become less human and unworthy of God. When we make others see God doesn't value worth in the human but what we see the worth of being human. When others wish to see the worth in power to get us from the clutches of other powers others don't always see the wrong in their ways when they never could see the importance of being human means. When we see that what we leave and leave behind, they are in good hands, when the human bond between family & friends strengthen love of God's word. When others see God's will is done, the Devil sees it's failure when hate is alone to dwell in its own evil. When what we see complete, we bow our head and ask God to see how we see the imperfections of not seeing in humanity to not judge but forgive that allows love in humanity to reign ever lasting.

When we don't see God in a human, but wish to see the human in a God we always wish to see proof to make us believe. When not many are blessed to have such a profound connection with God as this man did, but to not know what God's power really is in the flesh. When we only see this man was blessed by God to see not in the flesh but by the holy Spirit to know we shouldn't always believe in what we see and don't see but trust our heart & soul what righteous God's intentions are for humanity to follow so they don't need to bare the same crosses as this man did. When this man's vary actions disturbed the hierachy in what people could see as unjust, and taught us that no hierarchy exist when there is only one God on high to follow to know where we stand all as equals below God only.
September 16, 2017
One of the great Christian movies of all time
September 5, 2017
½ August 20, 2017
The Passion of the Christ is a film about faith but also about atheism. Presented before the public with an austere montage, sometimes naive (the parallel montage like the fall of Jesus the infant and later with the cross almost insult us), which tries to show us the death and the life of Jesus in a manner so intimate that we feel unconfortable to witness a torture which appears overlong in an absurd manner. We don't know if everything that appears before our eyes is the truth but we belive it.
½ July 23, 2017
A brutal and graphic depiction of the last few hours of Jesus. It's refreshing for how blunt and realistically things are portrayed. It also really hits home the idea of the suffering this man went through, yet still "sacrifices himself for mankind".
½ July 19, 2017
To quote the great late Roger Ebert in his review for North, my feelings on this particular "film":

"I hated this movie. Hated hated hated hated hated this movie. Hated it. Hated every simpering stupid vacant audience-insulting moment of it. Hated the sensibility that thought anyone would like it. Hated the implied insult to the audience by its belief that anyone would be entertained by it."

I am a huge believer in Christ, but this film was pretentious and very hard to sit through. Rather than focusing on Jesus' message in life, Mel Gibson thought it would be better to focus on an insanely exaggerated look at the condemnation and death of our lord and savior. As a result, the movie is nothing but 2 hours of Jesus being brutally whipped, mocked and crucified.

I wouldn't even recommend this to my own worst enemies.
½ July 7, 2017
I wouldn't classify this as a movie
June 26, 2017
I think the critics are biased, but I suppose so am I. Mel Gibson's The Passion is the story of Jesus' life. Whether or not you buy who He claimed to be, anyone who would endure the punishment He did bares hearing their case. As a Christian, this film brought the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus to life in such a vivid way, I doubt it will be matched by anyone any time soon. Mel Gibson never sugar-coats the realities of torture and war, as we all know. I would highly recommend this for any teens on up and encourage you to watch the film.
June 25, 2017
Excelent movie. The very details are very truthful to what the real story of the death of Christ is. The one detail that the the movie has which is not supported by the historians and by the Bible is the cross, Jesus did not died on a cross but on a vertical pole of wood. The rest is very accurate in aspects of history, human feelings and spiritual endeavors. Of course is not a movie for children, but it can help the adults to appreciate more the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
May 14, 2017
Although I think it's actually a great movie in technical form, "The Passion" is not a movie you enjoy watching it, nor reflections on the death of Jesus Christ as Mel Gibson says it was his goal, but in moments, Makes you look away and wonder why you are not seeing anything else instead of two hours of how a guy is tortured by the worst ways for apparently not having committed such a serious crime
Gibson had the elements to give us an excellent movie of the passion of Jesus but gave us a gore show that does not make us think about the sacrifice of Jesus, but to have pity for Jesus.
May 3, 2017
To me this is the greatest movie ever made, but because of it's religious consepts a lot of people are very critical of this film. But the reason I love this film is not because I am a christian, it is extremely well made, and the acting from the whole cast is amazing. I would give it ten stars if I could.
April 29, 2017
It is just one long piece of torture porn. I would love to see a spin off film about what Barabbas got up to on his release. Gibson shows how good of a director he is but this is for religious nuts only. In summary you know the ending going in, the devil is a snakey cunt, the Roman's were nasty, sadistic fuckers and that climax does draw up visions of Monty Phyton.
½ April 25, 2017
I now understand christs suffering as i too have been unjustly punished for my beliefs the belief that this could possibly be a good film mel should get 40 lashes for this orginal sin of a film
April 24, 2017
The Passion of the Christ is a revelatory masterpiece, with an inspired performance from Jim Cavizel, and extremely powerful themes. It is a very special film to me.
April 22, 2017
Another masterpiece by one of best film makers of our time this will survive long after we are all gone
April 22, 2017
Very moving, emotional. A must see.
April 15, 2017
Incredible, it captures the essence of the passion, great to watch on holy Friday.
½ April 15, 2017
This film is a must for any Christian. My immediate takeaway is realizing how much Christ suffered for our sins. This is the penultimate statement of this work. Filmed entirely in 3 ancient languages (Aramaic, Latin and Hebrew) and presented in subtitles, it aims to be as authentic as possible.

The ratings are in from the group-think squad of "professional" movie critics - such poor ratings is a travesty that indicates either how left-leaning the industry is, or how sheepishly unwilling to be independent they are. Or both.

This is as honest and brutal a portrayal of Jesus' final day as described by the 4 gospels as one can see. Made on only a $30M budget, it has become the biggest box office draw for a non-English film of all time. Although there are some artistic liberties, such as those involving the devil and demons, most of the script is loyal to the source material.

Surprisingly, the film abruptly ends with a very short scene of the Resurrection. Only short scenes are interjected as flashbacks, with the whole of the film focused on Jesus' suffering during the Passion.

I can understand how some may criticise that this film is anti-Semitic, however, it is loyal to the New Testament and the fact that Jesus was a threat to the Pharisees and Jewish high priests who condemned Him to death. Although the Romans carried out the dirty work, their aim was to quell uprising and maintain order in a province of Rome.

This is a difficult film to watch, and somewhat long at 127 minutes, but important for all Christians to watch especially at Easter time.
April 15, 2017
Is it possible to live in a world that wants to condemn you? That is the ultimate answer to a powerful question in 'The Passion of the Christ'. What starts off with the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus, you become a witness to his arrest by roman soldiers. He then is brought to trial before Pontius Pilate for the charge of blasphemy.
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