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      Pet Sematary Reviews

      Mar 14, 2023

      Pet Sematary tiene muchas cosas positivas. Contó con un buen guion escrito por Stephen King y una tétrica banda sonora compuesta por Elliot Goldental y sin olvidar mencionar el maquillaje especial hecho por Steve Johnson. Lo destacable de esta película es que la siento como una mezcla de horror y drama, ya que aparte de ser aterradora, también puede llegar a ser conmovedora en muchos momentos y trágica. Mantiene un muy buen ritmo y sabe balancear los momentos tétricos con los momentos dramáticos de la familia protagonista. Una película bastante buena y le doy 10/10.

      Mar 12, 2023

      Most scared me as a child, but also today I can admit that, there's some scene's that are different from the jump scares of today's movies and generally, the all atmosphere of this movie is just dark as hell. Even though, the book itself, it's... Well... Ho Stephen...

      Oct 9, 2022

      It was my 2nd favorite movie in the whole world. If you are hoping for a scare, your in luck because the character Zelda is so F###EN scary!!!! There is an awesome plot too, including a seriously cute cat named Church( weird name huh ). Over all, it is a must see movie NO MATTER WHAT ANY ONE SAYS!!! Enjoy the movie!!!

      Sep 19, 2022

      Weirdly upbeat Ramones song to cut to credits with. My gripe with Pet Sematary is that it's super anticlimactic and campy in its final act. We start off so strong with the eery atmosphere, complete with Fred Gwynne doing strange and detached explanations of the setting. There are some hints of darker psychological territory, of characters being unwilling or unable to come to terms with their grief and ending up with monkey's paw-esque consequences. But the death of a child is treated not with the sense of tragic hubris that it should be, as the final consequence and every parent's worst nightmare, but as a stepping stone to get to a sort of goofy finale with the revived corpse of a child wearing a little circus ringleader's suit and flying around to kill people, while a ghost sidekick helps Denise Crosby with her travel logistics. Not only does it massively devalue the trauma that the characters have been through, but it goes against the established rules of the universe; instead of the graveyard bringing you back in a terrifyingly beastial form, sometimes it just makes you into a discount Chucky. The supernatural stuff is far from the scariest part of this film, though it (somewhat unintentionally) does strike a nerve with audiences reeling from the theoretical death of a child. (2.5/5)

      Sep 9, 2022

      The movie isn't scary but satisfying to watch,

      Aug 23, 2022

      Great movie! Iconic lines.

      May 29, 2022

      Definitely bizarre and sometimes dreamlike, but not without an intelligent consideration of grief and existential fear

      May 28, 2022

      It was cool and different from the book. The ending was not very good.

      Apr 16, 2022

      This was a bit of a frustrating film. While some of the aesthetics were sufficiently creepy and practical effects were used well (for the time), Pet Sematary lacks in most other categories. The film’s first act was pretty solid. It set the stage for a good story. Unfortunately the plot just gets sillier as it goes along. There were some unintentionally laugh out loud moments and some downright bad acting, particularly from the dad’s character. Might be worth checking out if you’re a King purist. But otherwise a forgettable horror film made in an era of better films

      Jan 3, 2022

      One of those movies that gains momentum in both fear factor and excitement. Fred Gwynne's acting was terrific! The child actors were also great.

      Jase Wilson
      Nov 27, 2021

      I liked it because from MAINE, Gage dies tragically. So Louis decides that he buries Gage for the creed family bringing him back from the dead.

      Oct 30, 2021

      "Pet Sematary" based on Stephen King's novel of the same name also has a cameo by King and input through his involvement in the screenplay. This allowed for the film to be adapted in a way the original writer visualised a screen version of his story.  "Pet Sematary" is a disturbing horror movie that not only has a small child dying and a teenager losing his life in dramatic gore style but also has terrifying flashback scenes involving Louis's wife's sister. The gore moments come fast and furious towards the films conclusion with some very disturbing imagery. The Blu-Ray transfer of this film really enhanced the quality of the film and unlike some of the T.V. edits, that include alternate shots that hide graphic images, this film version keeps all the original gore scenes in full. In conclusion "Pet Sematary" is a really well made, very dark, horror film that was not afraid to take risks. "Pet Sematary" has stood the test of time and is certainly one of the better adaptations of a Stephen King novel. Certainly this version of "Pet Sematary" is far more superior in chills than the recent remake.

      Oct 29, 2021

      bad story, bad acting & way too long

      Oct 19, 2021

      Its cheesy at times but also very freaky and has some amazing practical effects work. The performances from the cast are great. Atmosphere is strong and the camera work keeps things interesting. Neat concept. Check it out.

      Oct 15, 2021

      Great book to film make. It's a great mix of hokey and intimate horror, that creeps and scares.

      Aug 29, 2021

      A small mysterious pet cemetery near their new family home becomes the source of horror as things buried there don't always stay buried. Dale Midkiff, Denise Crosby and the great Fred Gywnne star in Mary Lambert's adaptation of the Stephen King book. Still holds up remarkably well. Pretty great performance from two year CNN old Miko Hughes.

      Jul 27, 2021

      Just overall really meh and bland film. Acting is bland apart from Fred Gwynne who seems to be the only actor bothered to be believable. Bad adaptation from a good book.

      Jul 7, 2021

      I wanted to watch Pet Sematary after listening about it's remake and knowing that it's based on Stephen King's novel. The concept of the movie was good but the execution was not good. The story had a lot of potential but it was made just as a simple creepy movie. The acting was normal, the horror element was zero and creepiness was too much. The reasoning for some scenes were not given, which arose a lot of questions. What this movie was just a story which was trying to be a horror movie but failed miserably to become a horror movie. Overall, you can watch this movie for a different experience but don't expect too much from it.

      Jun 4, 2021

      A great scare time based on a Steven King book!

      Jan 23, 2021

      My favourite horror movie, first movie that I was actually scared watching aka Zelda. Must watch!

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