The Philadelphia Story Reviews

November 24, 2017
If The Philadelphia Story proves but one thing to modern audiences, it's that people have been getting drunk and sleeping with strangers the night before their weddings since the dawn of time.
April 5, 2006
True to form, Warner Home Video's two-disc Special Edition lovingly restores The Philadelphia Story with a great print and a newly remastered transfer.
April 21, 2005
The glories of the studio system are on display in the 1940 romantic comedy which features not one, not two, but three of the greatest movie stars who ever lived:
March 4, 2005
The rare movie that we never tire of watching. This Special Edition DVD deserves a place on your shelf.
March 3, 2005
The potential outlandishness of the scenario is tempered by topnotch wordplay and, most of all, recognizably human characters and reactions.
March 2, 2005
March 2, 2005
March 2, 2005
March 2, 2005 much as one can praise the movie's actors and writers for its success, one must also praise George Cukor. His direction is a model of simplicity and elegance.
March 1, 2005
The Philadelphia Story is a seminal pairing of Hepburn and Grant, and the DVD package is appropriately reverent.
April 16, 2004
No self-respecting film snob would speak ill of George Cukor's classic romantic comedy
May 12, 2001
December 1, 1940