The Piano Teacher (La Pianiste) Reviews

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November 4, 2002
This is a penetrating, deeply disturbing examination of desire and loneliness, of desperation and self-denial.
September 19, 2002
It is depressing, ruthlessly pained and depraved, the movie equivalent of staring into an open wound.
August 30, 2002
A gripping psychological thriller that, while lacking the power of Funny Games, is still the work of a master.
August 16, 2002
It is as unlikely that you have ever seen another movie like The Piano Teacher as it is that you will ever want to see another one.
July 20, 2002
A striking, brilliant film with extraordinary performances -- and Huppert's acting is heartrending.
June 21, 2002
Is like The Graduate remade by David Lynch; it's no picnic to watch, but you can't look away.
June 21, 2002
Although Huppert's intensity and focus has a raw exhilaration about it, The Piano Teacher is anything but fun.
June 13, 2002
Restraint is this movie's mystery and its miracle. No matter how gruesome it is, mercifully, it's always holding back.
June 6, 2002
Not for the prurient or squeamish, it's a daring if overlong examination of an idolized culture, self-loathing and sexual politics.
May 24, 2002
A disconcertingly assured tango between tenderness and brutality.
May 24, 2002
Seems less like a fictional story than a tour through Freud's forgotten files.
May 17, 2002
This austerely stunning film reminds us that not all art is pretty.
May 3, 2002
A powerful and outrageous film from Belgian director Michael Haneke, takes that stereotype and stands it on its head.
April 26, 2002
There is an old saying: Be careful what you ask for, because you might get it. The Piano Teacher has a more ominous lesson: Be especially careful with someone who has asked for you.
April 25, 2002
Once one experiences Mr. Haneke's own sadistic tendencies toward his audience, one is left with a sour taste in one's mouth, and little else.
April 19, 2002
This is a smart movie that knows its classical music, knows its Freud and knows its Sade.
April 8, 2002
... a pretentious and ultimately empty examination of a sick and evil woman.
March 29, 2002
A disconcertingly riveting anti-love story.
March 29, 2002
Thanks to a superb performance by Isabelle Huppert, it's compulsively, gruesomely watchable.
March 29, 2002
Those who would follow Haneke on his creepy explorations ... are rewarded by brutal, committed performances from Huppert and Magimel.
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