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½ October 9, 2016
This a childhood favorite and one of my favorite films to watch around the holidays. I enjoy the visuals, the voice acting, and the characters. The characters themselves aren't very interesting or deep, but I think they're likeable enough, with the possible exception of the Know-It-All Kid, but I find him slightly amusing at points. Tom Hanks steals the movie as the conductor. The visuals, again, are just so stunning. It's a very nice-looking movie. Everything from the snow to the Polar Express itself to the North Pole. It all looks so good. I've heard a lot of people complain about the animation for the human characters and the motion capture. Honestly, it never, ever, bothered me at all. Even as a child, it never creeped me out. It bothers many people and I do see why. It's not lifelike enough and it blurs the line between real and animated, but I was never actually bothered by it. I like the story, even though it is all over the place. The one plot point that confused me was the one in which the girl and the conductor go to give Billy some hot chocolate and the boy tries to give her back her ticket. Why?! What was the point?! She was just giving Billy some hot chocolate. It's not like she was leaving the train or anything. She was coming right back. What was the point of trying to return it to her? Yeah, it wasn't punched, but the conductor soon realized that. That plot point just irritated me so much. Another thing that annoyed me in this movie was the fact that the characters have no names. The only one that has a name is, well, Billy, and he wasn't even that important of a character. I mean, I know the main character doesn't have a name in the book, but that a children's book with thirty five pages. If you're adapting that into a full-length feature film, I think most would want the protagonist to have a name. Even the boy's sister has a name: Sarah, and she wasn't important at all. There was this one funny night when I was watching the movie with my boyfriend, and when we got to the part where the boy gets his bell back from Santa and they showed the name tag, we paused to try to read it. It wasn't close or clear enough, but we decided it was either Collin or Chris. The one thing besides the visuals that is great is the music. Good God, I just love the musical score of this movie. It's so memorable, nice and sweet-sounding. I just fill up with happiness every time I hear it. I also like the song at the end credits called "Believe". It's very nice and soothing. All in all, I still really like The Polar Express. It has problems, and it's unremarkable in terms of story and definitely characters, but I think there is this charm to it that, despite its flaws, has made it a Christmas classic. It's not great, but there's something about it that, for me, makes it something I can't not watch every year during the holidays, and I still have fun watching it.
August 26, 2016
A very good Christmas movie.
August 21, 2016
I was read the book every year in elementary school, so I knew the story. The film was decent overall, but a bit of a let down for me. Maybe it's just because I'm grown up, but I'm pretty sure the pace was too slow for even my younger self. This is one of those short illustrated hardcover books. The movie doesn't add any new story, it just bloats with stunts, musical numbers, etc. But the core concept is good enough to carry things.
August 19, 2016
I honestly loved this oboe and felt it kept to the book and even added just a slice more.
½ July 21, 2016
Couldn't go through another Christmas without watching it. A true festive favorite of the family's.
July 18, 2016
One of my favorite childhood movies.
June 25, 2016
The Polar Express is a great Christmas movie. You can't have Christmas without watching this movie. The Polar Express is heartwarming and amazing. I would very much suggest this movie.
June 13, 2016
Best Christmas movie ever made (sorry it's a wonderful life). This is one of my all time favourite movies. I can't sleep on Christmas Eve without watching this movie first. Definitely worth a watch. Plus the soundtrack is amazing.
June 4, 2016
a 8/10 movie its a pretty good movie
½ May 8, 2016
Zemeckis has had one hell of a career but some of his forays have been exceptionally bad and his time with 3D animation was definitely one of them. I remember being a child in the theater watching Polar Express and being stunned by just how awful it was then. This trainwreck of a film is so lifeless and unbelievable it's a wonder Zemeckis ever let it get off the cutting floor.
March 29, 2016
My favorite christmas movie... Great soundtrack
½ February 26, 2016
Absolutely beautiful! The story stays true to the book & the animation looks like the original illustrations came to life.
February 17, 2016
I really want to love this film because the visuals, atmosphere, music, and Tom Hanks' acting are really something to admire. But the lifeless animation on the human characters is very distracting which wouldn't be a huge problem if they didn't take up the majority of the film. If this was made nowadays with more expressive character animation, this would be a modern Christmas classic. As is, it's a noble experiment that doesn't fully succeed.
February 5, 2016
[The Polar Express] is one fun ride.
February 1, 2016
The CG was decent, at times, bad other times, but the story was generic and cliche and forgettable. Tom Hanks is nothing spectacular ("Woo I can do all the voices, how amaaaazing"). Meh. Dull and lacking, especially in Christmas spirit.
½ January 30, 2016
Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can't see.
January 28, 2016
A movie that's good, but felt more it could of been a real life one
January 24, 2016
The half a star is for the visual treat. Beyond the razzle and dazzle animation, this is nothing but an empty story. Any Christmas story devoid of reference to the birth of Jesus Christ is a complete waste of time. Even more so with this film unashamedly promoting materialism in a our already overly greedy society. The true Christmas spirit of sharing and giving is unfortunately underplayed in the film.
January 24, 2016
A Christmas story without Christ is a waste of time. En julehistorie uten budskapet om Jesus Kristus er bortkastet tid. Enda mer så når en film ubeskjedent fremmer materialisme er ok hvis du er en gutt.
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