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½ April 29, 2018
While it is by no means a perfect film, its epic score, great cast, and interesting characters keep this film level. It's one of the strongest Christmas films and is probably #2 for animated only getting beat by the Nightmare Before Christmas. Its animation is different but is not bad: it's more unique I should say... But the hardest part to overcome is the third act. While it makes sense story wise it is just not as entertaining as especially the first act.
Overall an underrated film that is far from perfect, but is still a great film. 7/10.
April 12, 2018
one of the best animated movies I have ever seen, the animation is the best I've ever seen, I would watch this in the cinema next Christmas, i'd watch this every christmas.
March 12, 2018
Was Most Impressed With The Leaps In Facial Recognition Animation Than The Story Overall, Which Shunts A Bit In Plot Direction. Very Magical & Enthralling For The Kids Thought. Hard Not To Enjoy At That Seasonal Time Of Year.
February 16, 2018
I don't know what Rotten Tomatoes things there doing giving this movie a 55% this is one of the best ANIMES ever
January 21, 2018
An amazing and somewhat dark children's animated story that brings Christmas alive to some fortunate children....worth of praise...
½ January 14, 2018
Horrible movie. Its not a Christmas movie either. Its disturbing and dumb.
January 12, 2018
I don't get why some people insist in watching this movie during Christmas time. The special effect are very bad and the story itself isn't stunning. An overall okay movie.
December 30, 2017
They should really call this thing the Filler Express. I don't totally blame them, the books extremely short, you can read the whole thing in about 10 minutes, if that. But in that case, this is really the sort of story that would work better as a TV special. With a runtime of about 25 minutes, this could have worked. For feature length, we get a ton of extra crap like getting lost in the North Pole or action sequences that while breathtaking betray the spirit of the story. Worst of all, these scenes go nowhere and add nothing. They're just detours before going back to the actual story. When it's in the actual story, it's actually pretty good, even whimsical and heartwarming. While I hate the pointlessness of mo-cap movies (I'm so glad this trend bombed) I will admit that some of these visuals are actually quite stunning. There's even a couple character moments that I kind of like, and while I hate how they threw Tom Hanks in 5 roles just because they could I will admit that these roles individually are good. It's a real mixed bag, and I hate that it destroys the books whimsy for visual action scenes. Truth be told though it's a movie I don't mind having on, but mostly as background noise for wrapping presents. For something that takes total focus, doesn't really work.
December 30, 2017
I don't quite know how Zemeckis did it, but he managed to create one of the most genuinely magical films out there, and one that fully felt three dimensional as I watched it on my definitely 2D television. To be clear, I don't mean that I'm surprised it was Robert Zemeckis that managed to do this. I mean I really don't know what exact steps were taken to do this, and I wish more movies would do whatever this one did. The action sequences (especially the one starring a very feathery train ticket) were so incredibly engaging. Tom Hanks' performance(s) were excellent. And while I understand why people might have issues with the visual style, I also think those people might be missing the point. I can't believe it took me this long to finally see 'The Polar Express,' and I doubt it'll take long at all for me to track down and attend an IMAX screening.
½ December 29, 2017
Dead-eyes characters scares the shit out of me. Thankfully, plot bored me to deep sleep quite fast.
December 26, 2017
a Christmas classic for all the family.
½ December 25, 2017
Completely misses the spirit and character of the book in the name of creating senseless drama and spectacle.
½ December 25, 2017
Sucky, suckier, and suckiest. Absolutely horrid film. People who think this is "good" animation really don't know what the heck they are talking about. A movie with this budget should've had MUCH better work. They should've just made a live action film IF they had a better script.

This one is one for the trash bin, not the Christmas stocking.
December 25, 2017
The Polar Express is an enchanting, fantastic and thrilling adventure! Tom Hanks is wonderful as the conductor! This is one for the ages!
December 25, 2017
I cry every time I see this movie. Truly magical and puts you in the Christmas spirit. It's visually amazing and a wholesome family movie.
December 24, 2017
Entertaining computer generated film that is lovely to look at, but not always as engaging as it could be. The kids are as bland as they come and tye story loses its steam, but it does capture jjust enough magic.
December 24, 2017
This movie quickly became one that must be watched every holiday season! It is genuine and teaches kindness and humility. Tom Hanks was wonderful and unsurprisingly funny. This movie will be cherished for years! Beautiful and realistic animation.
December 23, 2017
Love the animation, and I watch it every year with my family! Such a classic!
December 22, 2017
Beautiful metaphor for the Holy Trinity especially since Tom Hanks portrayed all characters The Father,( Santa Clause), The Son, (the conductor who takes the children on the journey to see Santa Clause) and the Holy Ghost, ( the hobo who saves the passengers from falling off the train).
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