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June 11, 2018
A masterpiece. Superb.
June 1, 2018
A bit of a third-act meltdown, but good overall. And Shaw is a badass, just like Ripley.
½ May 29, 2018
What was that? One star and a half because of the lavish photography. Zero for the rest.
May 28, 2018
We were laughing at how bad this was. To start, all the characters are idiots...
May 24, 2018
This first sequel that tries to explain the origin of Alien, is incredibly fascinating. Ridley Scott really makes us wonder if we are the only ones in the universe.
½ May 6, 2018
Finally Caught Up with This movie, Cant wait to watch the latest Alien Movie NOw
April 30, 2018
A cleaver film with a smart story with the heavy use of Sci-fi as well as stunning visual effects that makes this film a worthy prequel to the Alien saga.
April 24, 2018
An attestment to the old addage, "a good mystery will always beat a lousy answer." This film did not need to be made, nor should it have been.
½ April 24, 2018
Thouroughly Enjoyed the movie. Wasn't a very complicated plot but definitely enjoyable and the setting was great! very engrossing
½ April 19, 2018
well-made and striking visual effects. lacks action and adventure but in the end it's really a thriller-horror. inventive and creative script and is more intelligent than it looks. just as good as the original alien.
½ April 14, 2018
I'm not sure why I waited 6 years to see this movie. It was better than I expected. I like that it's more of a sci-fi movie than a horror movie. I found out later some of the best scenes were deleted from the movie, but you can find them online. Fassbender and Rapace deliver very good performances here, and I was anxious to see how things work out for them in the next movie.
½ April 8, 2018
A very good addition to the Alien franchise. A special effects spectacle and very strong acting, all the requirements of a sci-fi horror film. However, the story is rather lacking. It moves very slow and not much gets done from start to finish. It had similar problems to earlier entries in the franchise where the characters are forced to act completely unnatural to drag the story along. Putting all of the cheesy elements aside, the film was still rather entertaining.
April 8, 2018
Cool to look at. I recommend watching it on mute.
½ March 24, 2018
a good movie... grosss but good..
½ March 18, 2018
The first time I watched this I ended up being disappointed by it. Possibly because I was hoping for a bit more connection to Alien than I got. However, on a second viewing I got to see the movie for what it was without any PRECONCEIVED expectations and I actually enjoyed it a lot more.
March 17, 2018
Great cast, interesting thought provoking ideas. Although it definitely deviated from the usual Alien movie formula, and this may have been disappointing for some, I found it a refreshing change.
½ March 8, 2018
Great visuals, but really lame characters and plot. I can't believe how silly some of the motivations and actions are in this film. I guess I would rather watch this over the likes of Alien:Resurrection... but... sheesh. Ridley, what happened?
½ March 6, 2018
½ February 27, 2018
Not all of the logic makes sense, and a number of the characters behave in almost ridiculously improbably ways. The movie also lacks the claustrophobic intensity of the original. That being said, this film leans more into the science fiction camp that the horror camp. There certainly is horror in the film--a scene involving a self-caesarian in particular is blood curdling--but Prometheus is more interested in the questions about our existence and our place in the universe and the ethics of creation than it is in scaring anyone or in clearly explaining its mythology. Like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Ridley Scott is here interested in what it means to be responsible for the existence of something and what it means to be a good or a bad creator. As a prequel it is perhaps unsatisfying, but when taken as a singular entity I find this movie really interesting and enjoyable.
February 25, 2018
Prometheus: It's the movie that everyone loves and everyone hates. For some, it ruins the sense of mystery that made the original Alien movies great, for others it's a thought-provoking movie that explores the idea of a peaceful coexistence between religious beliefs and scientific knowledge. It's an Alien prequel but it doesn't rely on fanservice (no, not THAT fanservice) to appeal to those who loved the movies from the Sigourney Weaver era. Ridley Scott explains that it takes place in the same universe as Alien but explores its own mythology and ideas. I liked it. The visuals are absolutely gorgeous allowing for some breathtaking cinematography. There are some incredible special effects in this movie. It mostly consists of holograms but the large amount of detail shows that Scott wasn't messing around when making this movie, however polarizing it may be. Everyone's performance is great but special mention has to go to Michael Fassbender. He plays an android named David and is hands-down, no-questions-asked the best character in the entire movie. some criticisms I have are mainly that the film is not as good as Alien, there is some padding and the sense of ambiguity does make me want to go knock down Ridley Scott's door and tell him to give me questions while holding him at gunpoint. But aside from that, I'm one of those people who liked Prometheus. The Everything Great About video for this movie helps make those who didn't like the movie want to go give it a second chance. A decent cliffhanger(?) ending that sets up the franchise could be seen as awesome by some even though it feels more like an after-credits scene.I'd give a conclusion regarding my thoughts on Prometheus but at this point, I won't seeing how most of my reviews tend to end too similarly to each other right down to the vocabulary used.
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