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March 24, 2017
Hilarious movie. Probably the best acting from Adam Sandler I've ever seen. And I'm not kidding. I mean have you seen his movies?
March 12, 2017
Only one of three movies Adam Sandler has made I enjoy. Sometimes PT Anderson can get a bit too gimicky with some of the scenes. But still enjoyed it.
February 24, 2017
Interesting and weird for a romantic comedy movie.
February 6, 2017
Quirky, weird and a happy ending. Would have like more Phillip Seymour Hoffman
February 1, 2017
The two main contributors are out of their element here, Sandler is not in his usual genre and Anderson is working on a forced time limit of around an hour and a half of film. While the film makes some jumps it still holds up and is a welcome variation on both of their careers. It is movies like this that make me hold out hope for Sandler.
½ January 29, 2017
"I sometimes cry a lot....for no reason."?

This is the Adam Sandler I'd like to see more of. He's performance was both funny and heart-breaking at the same time. But I couldn't bring myself to watch another Sandler film after this. He's gotten so lazy and doesn't bother staring in theses type of movies anymore. This film perfectly demonstrates that he's capable of more than what he's famous for. You can see the boiling rage inside of Sandler character and tries to contain it. He acts nice around other people and finds joy in the strangest way.

There's nothing else quite like it. The lighting, camera movements, framing, timing, and EXTREME attention to detail bring this film to a whole other level. Paul Thomas Anderson is lighting in the bottle.

Oh and Philip Seymour Hoffman stole the show with his "SHUT UP!".
½ January 3, 2017
Sandler is weird and repress here, outstanding acting, making this fucking unpleasant to watch, on his dime. The sudden quick rage and lose of control, and the bothering family or the haywired badasses. Its a good comedy thats keeps you on the edge of sanity.
December 25, 2016
Paul Thomas Anderson takes no prisoners: you either cheer his idiosyncratic movies, each so different from the other, or they leave you cold. I'm very much in the former camp and Punch-Drunk Love hugely rewards the viewer who accepts the ride. David Lynch, Wes Anderson, Spike Jonze etc all come to mind. For the first ten minutes it's hard to know what's going on, but stick with it. It's darkly funny, charming, shocking and very well acted by everyone. Singular and extraordinary, and with another fabulously eclectic soundtrack showcasing Hawaiian love songs and Shelley Duvall.
Super Reviewer
December 20, 2016
Adam Sandler shows, much to our utmost surprise, that he can act when he wants and that he was the perfect choice for Anderson's take on a romantic comedy, a sweet, darkly humorous and amazingly well-directed film that is miles above most romcoms that Hollywood produces.
December 9, 2016
- I have now seen this a few time and I think it gets better with each viewing. It is certainly not your regular rom-com. I live the cinematography, and both Adam Sandler and Emily Watson are excellent in this. Definitely worth a watch but expect something different from Sandler.

- Wanted to watch this again after recently seeing "Boogie Nights" and "Magnolia", it's not on the level of those films..yet is still quite strong and entertaining.

I think Anderson works well with multiple storylines, but here he just focuses on Sandler, but is able to draw an excellent performance from him as a man ready to explode.

Anderson has a really deistinct visual style in all his films that really sets them apart, I always find his films interesting to watch, even just from a visual standpoint.

This one is worth checking out.
December 8, 2016
I was absolutely blown away by this movie it was perfect all the way through, and Adam Sandler is phenomenal in this movie and that's saying a lot, WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
½ December 6, 2016
Adam Sandler does a good job in this well-done story.
½ November 15, 2016
Just weird? The best parts of the movie is the jarring soundtrack, the explosive anger scenes and the general sense of menace throughout. I didn't get the sense Adam Sandler was acting as much as he was working out some anger... Phillip Seymour Hoffman on the other hand crushed it.
I sort of took this as more of an inside look at the sort of sensory overload people with aspergers experience. If there was actual symbolism I don't know if I even want to understand it.
November 3, 2016
one of the worst movies i've ever seen. terrible in every way. completely useless. not one redeeming quality. garbo gargle garbo


I watched a video analyzing the movie and its parallels to the story of Superman. That is interesting and it was done in a very clever and subtle way. i give the director/writer props on that creativity. but that does not change the fact that this movie was horrible and unwatchable. i will give it a one instead of half because of that. (1 viewing)
November 3, 2016
I am not a rabid Adam Sandler fart,pee pee joke lover? But this movie has breakaway moments that mimic the ANGER I felt just before they strapped on the STRAIGHTJACKET and Involuntary Commitment to the mental institution for 3 months of readjustment therapy!!!
½ October 21, 2016
Punch-Drunk Love might just be the most artistic rom-com to ever come out, and it's fascinating, hilarious, and just plain weird.
½ October 15, 2016
Punch-Drunk Love finds Adam Sandler in perhaps his most mature and thoughtful performance to date.
October 2, 2016
Such a special work of art. Riveting performances/ideas/plot. Infinitely more exciting and endearing than any superhero movie of the last two decades. A lot of average folk hate this movie. Maybe I'm not average. My favorite of all Paul Thomas Anderson's work Also I love Sandler in this. I love Sandler in much of his more typical fare too (with some exceptions). I love watching this side of him too. It's honest, and his work in here is a gift to us all.
October 2, 2016
The first time I saw this movie (maybe 5-6 years ago), I didn't like it. After rewatching it, the best part of it was Adam Sandler's performance. The story was ok, the music sucked, and the ending was weird and hurt the film in my opinion. If you're in the mood for a weird movie with a more serious Adam Sandler and you want really annoying music, then go for it! It's not a bad movie but I can't rate it higher than a 6...so for me it's a 6/10 OR 3/5. I guess I can say, I didn't dislike it as much as the first time I watched it. Overall, "GOOD ENOUGH". Had it not been for Sandler's performance this would have been rated 5/10 instead.
½ September 14, 2016
One of Adam sandlers very few great performances.
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