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January 7, 2017
I had forgotten how great this movie is. If you are one of the few who missed it don't leave it any longer.
½ October 1, 2016
The acting, especially that of Dustin Hoffman, is very well done. I am impressed with Hoffman's portrayal of someone with autism, and I was smiling, laughing, and crying throughout as I related some of Rain Man's behaviors with some of my special education students.
September 24, 2016
This movie gets 10/10 for Hoffman's phenomenal performance, that makes you care so deeply about someone who if you met in real life you might try to avoid. Thought provoking.
September 14, 2016
Rain Man (1988) C-133m. [4 stars] D: Barry Levinson. Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise, Valeria Golino. Cruise gives finest performance of his career as an arrogant yuppie who travels cross-country with his retarded brother Hoffman after their father gives up his fortune. Intelligent, sweet, moving; a wonderful movie. Oscars went to Picture, direction, script (Ronald Bass, Barry Morrow), and a much deserved supporting actor statue for Hoffman's truly amazing performance.
September 12, 2016
Excellent film. Dustin Hoffman's acting of Raymond really leads to a different taste of his acting.
½ August 25, 2016
Not one of the strongest Best Picture winners, but it is anchored by a great performance by Dustin Hoffman. This crowd-pleaser gives the actor a chance to create a character that endears itself to the audience.
August 22, 2016
Rain Man benefits from a heartfelt story, and great performances from Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman to help it overcome some dragging moments.
½ August 19, 2016
Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman were remarkable in this film. They use their roles so purposefully and deliberately and the end result leaves little room for debate on how good this movie really is.
August 7, 2016
Classic film with two classy gentleman on the spotlight, it touches on a hard subject with humour and charm and leaves you with a smile for the next hours to come, not only because of the great performances but due to the steller scrip.
August 2, 2016
Great movie... Just very slow in the beginning
July 19, 2016
One of the greatest views of mental illness I've ever seen. Terrific perfomance from Dustin Hoffman, and also a great Tom Cruise interpretation in his early days.
July 10, 2016
Watched this again for the first time in over 20 years. I forgot how much of an amazing performance that Dustin Hoffman gives in this film. It does start off a tad too slow for my liking, but it gets much better as it goes on. This is one movie everyone should take the time to watch at least once.
July 8, 2016
The connection between Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman's characters really show brothers helping each other out with Barry Levinson's directing on spot
July 5, 2016
This is a fantastic movie about a death in the family of a callous, greedy businessman in Los Angeles who returns to the midwest to discover unknown truths about his family. He goes on a road trip with an autistic brother he never knew he had and discovers an ability to connect he never before experienced. Such wonderful actors and a great group of settings stretching from Cincinnati, Ohio down Route 66 through motor court motels and Las Vegas to end in Los Angeles. It is an unforgettable cinematic experience.
June 16, 2016
Watching this movie makes me feel grateful that I have a brother.
May 30, 2016
This is a great movie-but it contains tedious scenes.
April 9, 2016
Living a life with only business on the mind, no need for patience but fast fowarding into this world. But when we come across someone whom we are total opposites, we realize they have been that something we have been missing our entire life. A recollected memory, a recollected happier time a person whom makes see what we have been missing our entire life. A responsibility that makes us take time and patience to appreciate and pay attention to what is dear to us.
March 23, 2016
Watching this 20 years or so later it doesn't past the age of time.
½ March 9, 2016
While I think it's unintentionally funny at times, this movie is a defining moment in both Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman's careers.
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