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½ August 11, 2017
One of the best sports movies. Denzell was great as usual.
August 3, 2017
Way better than 2 and 1/2 stars! Sorry old review. This movie is way better than I thought. Go football. Sports! Do the thing!
½ July 22, 2017
Best Sports Drama of All Time
½ July 13, 2017
Predictable, but undoubtedly enjoyable.
½ June 16, 2017
It's football a sports movie that I thought was pretty good and some what funny of a movie to enjoy!
June 1, 2017
One of the best sport's movies of all time, Remember the Titans still inspires and challenges today.
May 20, 2017
Caught this on cable again the other day and decided to give it another watch. Absolutely great movie.
May 10, 2017
Best Movie I've seen this year, brought me tears of joy, a very inspiring, exciting, touching good film
February 23, 2017
In a time of separation, change, and -in honor of the super bowl- football; a movie such as Remember the Titans is a great reminder of the enduring actions that took place when America was in another time of great change. This movie portrays the real life story of a town called Alexandria, Virginia experiencing major integration transitions in 1971. Not only does their high school, T.C. Williams High, become integrated; but also their praised football team who traded their beloved head coach Bill Yoast (Will Patton) for an African American coach named Herman Boone (Denzel Washington). Washington again provides the world with another great performance. His portrayal of a high-stressed and intense football coach is evident as he tends to obnoxiously chew his gum throughout every play of a game and expresses his anger with football referees by humoring the audience with his lack of personal space and dramatic hand motions. Boone, a humble and family-oriented man, decides to let Yoast become an assistant coach; together the two struggle to work hand-and-hand in front of the town and, more importantly, their players throughout the season. This movie is an inspiring reflection of one of the greatest transitions in American history, shown through the eyes of all ages and a sport that we have all grown to love.
The original T.C. Williams High football captain and All-American, Gary Bertier, was brilliantly played by Ryan Hurst. Hurst turns Bertier's natural aggressive body posture into a less-dominant and respectful-type mannerism in times of tension. Usually, this happens when Washington approaches Bertier with his portrayal of an intimidating and almost humorous type of coaching authority. Another character that was delivered by a talented actor was Bertier's new found friend, Julius Campbell (Wood Harris). Harris also turns his intimidating first impression into a surprisingly timid personality throughout the movie. This was conveyed to the audience when Julius walks into Bertier's white dominant neighborhood for the first time and delivers a nervous stutter when confronted by Bertier's neighbors. Ultimately, both of these actors were able to take the harsh judgements people had regarding their new found friendship and reacted in a way that will surely make the audience feel uncomfortable at times. Later on in the movie the actors were able to warm the hearts of all that were watching by bringing comfort and a sense of brotherhood to both of their characters whenever they would step onto the football field.
Scenes like this captured the hearts of many due to the genius behind the camera, Philippe Rousselot. Rousselot's ingenuity perfectly captured a scene where Sunshine wants to take Blue and Petey to a restaurant to celebrate their win. When Sunshine forces his two friends into the restaurant, Rousselot captured Petey and Blue's desire to hide by creating an over-the-shoulder shot, giving the audience the perspective of the two young men's unwelcome feeling in a public venue within their own town. Shots like this helped depict the society-changing transition this town was going through from both the white and African American perceptive.
The emotions this movie illustrates to its audience is due to the work of Gregory Allen Howard who beautifully wrote the screenplay for this movie. Howard was able to show the audience how to turn tragedy into togetherness with his inspirational, heart-warming, and witty screenplay. As he located a memorable scene at the Battlegrounds of Gettysburg, he had Washington deliver a speech to the players that will surely send chills down your spine.
Howard was able to deliver a lesson of overpowering hate with acceptance in a way that makes the audience form a loving bond towards this movie. This lesson was greatly needed for that time (1971), but also one that our society is in need of today. Because "before we reach for hate; always, always, we remember the Titans".
½ February 11, 2017
Probably one of the best football movies all time. However it was such a powerful performance that captured the memories of a actual even that took place. This is a great motivational movies for teams who simply have problems with brotherhood, and unity. I couldn't give it 5 stars because some of the football scenes that were filmed were very corny.
February 5, 2017
What a cast! Between this, Hidden Figures, and Loving, Virginia sure is awful, huh? There's something satisfying about Denzel humiliating children. A little too predictable and contrived at times.
½ February 5, 2017
Predictable, but undoubtedly enjoyable.
January 3, 2017
It's a movie that learns to not focus on the sports, but rather embrace the true content which is the mending of relationships between two races to accomplish better goals. A terrific and multi-depth lesson of sportsmanship and teamwork both on the field and in society.
½ January 3, 2017
It's good movie to watch
½ December 13, 2016
Remember the Titans is directed by Boaz Yakin, and it stars Denzel Washington and Will Patton in a football drama about a new coach that comes in to the football game to help out, but many people don't like him because he's a colored man, and even when he managed to get the football team to work together in camp, they have to deal with racial issues back in school. This is one of those films that I haven't seen, and everybody has in school, which I kept in my DirecTV list for a few years. When I was thinking that I need to delete some movies, this was one of them, and after watching it, I had a hard time deleting it because it was better than I thought was going to be. Denzel Washington is just amazing as he usually does, and gives his performances 100% from any film that he's in, and when he gave some speeches in this, it's really effective and make you feel that you're along the ride with them. Will Patton is good in it, and it feels believable when he's going through a transition that is supportable. The characters are a lot of fun, especially the team who are just trying to deal with high school because of the people in there that's racially diverse. The football scenes are fun to watch, even when you know where it was going in the climax. The story is a little bit different than what you see in a film like this, but you can see where it was going at times. There are a lot of good-feel moments where it's the speeches that are well-written, or the dances which I remember seeing something like that in a Frosted Flakes commercial. I like the social commentary of the film with the racial issue as it's similar, but is different for what it is. Remember the Titans is a really great film that honestly could've been worse when it's Disney at the early age when dealing with serious stuff, and while it's not quite as extreme as you usually see, there are some adult moments in there that'll shocked kids, but still have humor and heart in there that'll get kids laughing and smiling with their parents.
December 7, 2016
Remember the Titans isn't void of the cliches that one would usually come to expect in a Disney sports biopic but with its inspiring real-life story, terrific performances from Denzel Washington and the rest of the cast and touching drama help make the movie succeed in entertaining viewers of every generation.
November 9, 2016
Denzel! Nothing more to be said!
October 26, 2016
I've seen this movie countless times & it never gets old! Such an amazing story told beautifully well through a greatly done film! Not to mention an outstanding performance from Denzel Washington!
October 26, 2016
If our country would just watch this movie, it would bring everyone together. It's a great example of just how powerful our country could be if everyone came together. Whites, blacks, gays, everyone unites in this movie and having one goal in mind.... Win together!!! Nothing is more powerful than one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL! Watch this movie!!!
½ October 25, 2016
In 1971 a white Southern school in Virginia joins a black school for football season. Remember the Titans starring Denzel Washington, Will Patton, and Wood Horns brings to different races to join together that means a lot to both races.Coach Yoast is the white football leader.Meanwhile Coach Boon is the black football leader who takes over Yoat's job. Gerry Bertier, the team captain,who becomes friends with Julius, showing that having a friendship with people of a different race demonstrates that everyone is equal. Bertier decides to cut Ray, whose racism was hurting the team. The movie shows some strong reactions on how to get along with African Americans and the effect on how to get to know each other before judging.The movie lacked off on going back to the football games and what was happening besides football. I would rate this 4.5 out of 5. Mostly to see it with the family and enjoy some football.
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