Ride With the Devil


Ride With the Devil

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A well-acted, eccentric Civil War film, Ang Lee's Ride With the Devil is often more visually striking than it is emotionally engaging.



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The American Civil War is about to break out and best friends Jake Roedel and Jack Bull Chiles find themselves thrust into battle when Union marauders destroy Jack's family plantation. They join the Bushwackers, a skilled unit of guerilla-style fighters, and fight side-by-side until some of the members begin to distrust Jake and his Union sympathizing father. Jake becomes isolated from the gang and strikes up a friendship with Holt, a former black slave, as his seperation from Jack takes one final, deadly turn.


Tobey Maguire
as Jake Roedel
Skeet Ulrich
as Jack Bull Chiles
as Sue Lee Shelley
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
as Pitt Mackeson
Jim Caviezel
as Black John
Jewel Kilcher
as Sue Lee Shelley
Jeffrey Wright
as Daniel Holt
Tom Wilkinson
as Orton Brown
Simon Baker
as George Clyde
Tom Guiry
as Riley Crawford
Jonathan Brandis
as Cave Wyatt
Matthew Faber
as Turner Rawls
Michael W. Nash
as Horton Lee Sr.
John Judd
as Otto Roedel
Don Shanks
as George
Zach Grenier
as Mr. Evans
John Ales
as Quantrill
Mark Ruffalo
as Alf Bowden
Stephen Mailer
as Babe Hudspeth
Celia Weston
as Mrs. Clark
Amber Griffith
as Clark Girl
Margo Martindale
as Wilma Brown
Kathleen Warfel
as Mrs. Chiles
David Darlow
as Asa Chiles
Jennifer Ackland
as Grace Shelley Chiles
T. Max Graham
as Reverend Wright
Dean Vivian
as Storekeeper
Cheryl Weaver
as Storekeeper's Wife
Zach Gernier
as Mr. Evans
Donna Thomason
as Mrs. Evans
Cassie Mae Sears
as Mary Evans
David Wilson
as Quantrill's Lieutenant
Larry Greer
as Federal Captain
Kevin Fewell
as Federal Lieutenant
Michael Owen
as Federal Recruits Captain
Jim Shelby
as Southern Gentleman
Addison Myers
as Southern Gentleman
Jennie Nauman
as Mrs. Riggs
Christine Brandt
as Pleading Woman
Bill Grivna
as Dulinski
Nora Denney
as Elderly Woman
Harry Gibbs
as Old Man
Clayton Vest
as Young Boy
Roger Denesha
as Lawrence Raider
Jacob Kozlowski
as Lawrence Raider
David Lee Burnos Jr.
as Lawrence Raider
Martin E. Liebschner Jr.
as Encampment Singer
Marvin Frank Schroeder
as Encampment Musician
Steven Price
as Encampment Musician
David L. Asher
as Encampment Musician
James Urbaniak
as Poker Player
David Rees Snell
as Poker Player
Ric Averill
as Federal at Farm
Buck Baker
as Federal at Farm
Zan McLeod
as Guitar Player
John Whelan
as Accordian Player
Roger Landes
as Mandolin Player
Kelly Werts
as Fiddler
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Audience Reviews for Ride With the Devil

  • May 20, 2013
    Pretty good, but really longer than it needs to be. Honestly too, the ending is very misleading, building up to a confrontation that ends up being pretty disappointing.
    Stephen S Super Reviewer
  • Nov 24, 2012
    A beautiful character study with jolts of great action, Tobey Maguire's best performance and a great supporting cast.
    Graham J Super Reviewer
  • Aug 15, 2012
    At the time of its release, Ang Lee's underrated Civil War drama "Ride with the Devil" was met with mixed reviews, horrendously low box office totals and was snubbed at every awards show. The question is: why? Here is a film that is technically astute in every aspect, containing absolutely beautiful photography, well-directed battle scenes and impeccable set and costume design, to which an incredible amount of detail is paid. It isn't masterfully acted or written, but the actors do their best to be convincing. (Tobey Maguire is exceptional in one of his earliest lead roles.) Even though the film's final half hour stutters a number of times, "Ride with the Devil" is a remarkable war drama that's been shamefully overlooked since its release.
    Stephen E Super Reviewer
  • Jul 20, 2012
    Not one of Ang Lee's best attempts. His take on the western in a far more interesting way in Brokeback Mountain was more rewarding. Instead we are forced to see Jewel attempt to act through a plodding plot.
    John B Super Reviewer

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