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The Jackie Chan-headlined action farce Rob-B-Hood concerns Slipper (Chan), a character caught up in a hornet's nest of problems. Raised by poor parents and expelled from school at an early age, Slipper became notorious for his lightning-fast footwork and quick-fingered hijinks, but managed to tally up a massive amount of gambling debt. With no other choice, he accepted his crooked landlord's bid to participate in a series of crazy heists. They paired up with another shady character, Octopus (Louis Koo), and successfully kidnapped BB, a tycoon's grandson, but unforeseen complications led the trio to keep the baby longer than they had originally intended. Now, when the men learn that a triad intends to collect on some unpaid ransom and kill the child in the process, they decide to keep the baby indefinitely, as an unofficial "adopted son," and train him in the ways of burglary. They receive assistance, in this endeavor, from a teenage hanger-on, Pak Yin (Charlene Choi); a nurse named Melody (Gao Yuanyuan); and the landlord's missus, (Teresa Carpio). Suddenly, however, the rollers and the triads begin to close in, and the men must figure out a way to return the baby to his folks.

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  • Mildly fun ride has none of the darkness of New Police Story, his previous pairing with helmer Benny Chan, instead banking on Jackie's tried-and-true comic charm in a standard baby kidnapping farce enlivened by just enough action sequences...

    Sep 18, 2006 | Full Review…

    Jay Weissberg

    Top Critic
  • There's good buddy chemistry between Koo and Chan, and although some sloppily-shot bridging scenes betray the hectic schedules of Hong Kong cinema, the key action sequences look just fine.

    Sep 18, 2006 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Robin-B-Hood

  • Jul 03, 2012
    Jackie Chan has demonstrated in recent years as well as in some of his earlier work that he can act and not just fight. This is a great example of an aging Jackie Chan not only using his fists, but his acting ability as well. Robin-B-Hood is about Fong and his friends stealing a baby for a big score. The plot is definitely uneven, but there more good here than bad. The humor is top notch and is filled with many memorable moments guarantee to make you laugh. Drama on the other hand is a mix bag, our characters do change throughout the course of the movie which makes things interesting. Although the secondary characters who are never given enough screen time, especially for Chan's character family never feel important to the plot. Nonetheless given how many action stars have been paired up kids this is one of the better efforts than can actually deliver some dramatic scenes successfully. The action scenes are limited, but are very entertaining and are better than most of Chan American efforts. All in all, the plot delivers on good laughs, excitement, and showcases Chan future as an actor instead of a fighter. Despite Chan age he still delivers some great fighting scenes and great stunts considering how many bones he broken in his career. Louis Koo is great delivering some great lines and shares many scenes with Chan which which is one of the best part of the movie. Michael Hui is great as the mentor, though his character isn't as interesting as Chan or Koo. The supporting cast was well put together, even when some of them didn't have much screen time they manage to make me care about them. The cast makes viewing this truly worth it and you can certainly tell they had a great time filming this. Robin-B-Hood is one of the better recent Chan efforts reminding us why hes an icon. If you're looking for a good action/comedy, you can't go wrong with this.
    Caesar M Super Reviewer
  • Oct 27, 2011
    A exciting and entertaining film, Rob-B-Hood is a enjoyable action/comedy movie, that presents a interesting rare role of Jackie Chan as a anti-hero. An good film to fans of Chan and martial arts comedy pictures'. Fresh.
    Lucas M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 27, 2011
    Straight up comedy handled ably by Koo and Chan which is great. However, they put the kid in danger a lot...I mean a lot including one scene where they are reviving the baby with cables attached to a car battery which somewhat damps down the fun a little. But on the other hand you will never see anything like this in a Hollywood comedy so the risks may pay off for some viewers. Also breaking the Hollywood mold the main characters do some really despicable things before they learn the inevitable lesson.
    Sean S Super Reviewer
  • Jun 09, 2010
    jackie chan stars in this entertaining piece from hong kong from 4 years back, all his stunts are present, and a interesting and engageing story draws you in, some touching and funny moments also, as he and his partner in crime get to know the baby of the story
    scott g Super Reviewer

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