Running on Empty Reviews

May 17, 2011
It's the Lumet film I like best.
January 2, 2011
Wraps around your heart and squeezes.
June 18, 2005
River Phoenix gives an Oscar nominated performance as the teenage son of radical parents in Sidney Lumet's interesting but not entirely satisfying politicial melodrama.
April 8, 2005
October 8, 2004
September 20, 2003
A touching, forgotten drama about a family of radicals still running from the consequences of their actions. River Phoenix, Lahti and Hirsch all are wonderful. A must-see.
September 5, 2003
July 10, 2003
One of the most poignant and edifying films made in the 1980s about the blessings and burdens of family life.
September 17, 2002
A tour-de-force in acting. Phoenix is a revelation!
July 31, 2002
January 1, 2001
January 1, 2000
These are people who have made a choice and are living with the consequences, and during the course of the film they will have to re-evaluate their decisions.
September 7, 1988