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May 16, 2018
The first 25 minutes or so is something extraordinary and I don't know how Steven Speilberg pulled it off. The first 25 minutes is basically a war battle but if you really think about it, the amount of technical detail you have to put in it is extremely difficult but it is not just the technical detail that makes the scene amazing but you feel what the men are going through and in some cases make you feel like you are actually in the battle. When Wade dies it is very disturbing and hard to watch but it is also very powerful. The plot of the movie is to bring Ryan back home to saftey because 3 of his brothers have died in combat so a group of soldiers are out looking for him. Tom Hanks gives a incredable performance and I found him once again extremely likable. Tom Sizemore is surprisingly really good and so is Giovanni Ribisi. Edward Burns, Adam Goldberg, Berry Pepper, and Jeremy Davies are also good and hold their own. This movie is also good at representing it's soldiers more as ordinary people as oppose to a soldier with no flaws and all he thinks about is serving his country. I am not gonna lie, I cried at the end of this movie when Cpt. Miller dies and that is because I grew attached to his character. The character of John Miller is a teacher and just wants to go home and he is forced into a position he does not want to be in. This movie is about characters in a awful situation and seeing how these characters react to war. Many people point out not giving the other countries a huge amount of characterization is a flaw but I personally viewed it as how we view other countries when we are at war and our perspective on them. Great war movie and this is one of Steven Speilbergs best.
May 3, 2018
Saving Private Ryan manages to be both heartfelt and brutally intense, with solid characterization and plenty of emotional weight.
½ April 14, 2018
kicks off with a brilliant, unmatchable experience of an epic first half. hanks is perfectly cast as john miller. he and spielberg help provide a profound, moving world war ii film and one of the best of all time. highly recommended.
April 13, 2018
It took me 20 years to decide to watch this, due to my general aversion to Tom Hanks alone or in combination with Steven Spielberg (who, as a director, often veers toward heavy-handedness). However, this war movie is visceral and gripping enough to overcome the inevitable weaknesses associated with its star and auteur director. So, yes, we are strongly encouraged to endorse Spielberg's view of the "greatest generation" as uniquely courageous and noble, overcoming horrific obstacles and bonding together as a team, with John Williams' soundtrack sweeping us along and Hanks' central Captain modelling bravery as a do-no-wrong caring and sympathetic but ordinary guy thrust into an impossible situation. Maybe the war really was like this for some and I offer all of the veterans my thanks and gratitude. Fortunately, the film isn't all glorification - we do see moments of fear, cowardice, dissent, and cruelty from the Americans that probably better reflect the width of human experience in this sort of crucible. However, critic Jonathan Rosenbaum argues that Spielberg hasn't offered anything new that past war movies haven't also shown and perhaps that is true. But this production added a level of grotesque "realism" and "you are there" action/violence that might not have been possible before 1998 - it led to Spielberg's subsequent involvement with WWII based video games and you can see the influence (bi-directional, most likely). The central plot conceit, that Hanks and his small band (of soon-to-be known young actors) must find Private Ryan (Matt Damon) whose three brothers have already been killed in order to send him home to his grieving mama, allows the characters to reflect on the meaningfulness of their actions and adds another dimension to the film, a focus on the guilt and sadness of those who survived. Although the film doesn't seem to contain any anti-war messages (perhaps because the moral justifications were so strong in that particular war), thinking about the post-traumatic stress of the former combatants (after seeing the visceral and brutal re-enactments here) is enough to ward anyone off from promoting war as a way to resolve differences. That said, a case could be made for the film as an army recruitment campaign for those who love action, maybe.
April 6, 2018
One of the worst WWII movies ... but ... acclaimed because a Spielberg-Hanks collaboration.

US troops give a pass to the same German SNIPER again and again ... until he makes this obomination worth watching ... by sniping Tom Hanks ... who is totally ms.cast as a combat officer.
April 6, 2018
heartbreaking, honest
April 4, 2018
How can anyone think Saving Private Ryan is rotten? It is almost a perfect film. Viewers still talk about it: was Upham a coward; was Reiben right: Steamboat Willie should have been executed; should George Mashall have risked several men to save James Ryan; why did the German surrender to Upham when one of them could have shot him; did Mellish die because he tried to kill the German with the Hitler youth knife?
April 4, 2018
Gripping and moving.
March 31, 2018
Saving Private Ryan is perhaps Steven Spielberg's most beloved war film ever. He painstakingly recreates D-Day on the beaches of Normany. It's beautiful and horrifying simultaneously. I think the direction is by far the best aspect of Saving Private Ryan. It's stream lined as you get to follow a company searching for the last son in a larger family that was all killed in World War II. It's a nice story that reels in audiences everywhere. It's about family and the cost of war. WWII truly feels senseless during the sequences of mortar fire, tank battles, and endless crossfire in a furious hail of bullets. Saving Private Ryan's greatest accomplishment is making you understand the value of life. It's worth watching as a testament to those who died during WWII. It touches you in ways you'll find hard to describe.

Having said all of that praise, Saving Private Ryan is also trying to pull at your heart strings. At times I found the emotional scenes to be a tad contrived. It feels genuine through the sincerity with which Tom Hanks plays the squad leader, but Saving Private Ryan gets bogged down with the melodramatic acting of Matt Damon. I just never buy Damon as the character because he's playing Ryan so selfishly and basically. The rest of the supporting cast is much stronger both in character development and performances.

Overall, Saving Private Ryan is still one of the must see war films in cinema history. You'll be stunned at the scope of the D-Day invasion and humbled at Hank's acting and empathy. Give it a watch.
March 21, 2018
Saving Private Ryan is an extremely realistic and graphic WWII classic film that keeps you guessing to the very end. One of the all time best and a base for war movies and video games.
March 10, 2018
This movie definitely deserves an A+. This is for sure the best war movie of all time. Tom Hanks makes such an amazing performance. Really disturbing movie, but it's magnificent. Matt Damon is such a great actor. Edward Burns is terrific. And Tom Sizemore is great at playing an Army Sergeant. This movie is one of the best.
February 25, 2018
War Movie.

...nothing else to add here.
½ February 24, 2018
1001 movies to see before you die.
½ February 17, 2018
Such a good WW2 movie. Disturbing but beautiful as well. The opening battle at Omaha beach was truely very intense. Intense movie that might be hard to watch for some viewers but it is such a good movie and I highly highly recommend it if you haven't already seen it.
½ February 16, 2018
From the opening sequence it is very easy to tell what you are going to get in this movie: a brutally realistic World War II story that spares the viewer from absolutely nothing. What follows is a action filled tale of men making the ultimate sacrifice to carry out their orders to find just 1 man. A great reminder of what our elders were asked to do in order to preserve and protect freedom, and that we should not squander what we have today because of their sacrifice.
February 13, 2018
Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan delivers a riveting and tearful performance. Though the film has a historically fictional story, it presents one of the most realistic accounts of WWII.
February 13, 2018
A movie that captured the truth of the fighting so well of WWII that those who had experienced it got sick, and some walked out during the movie because it hit so close. Not for the faint of heart in any way.
½ February 12, 2018
One of the greatest movies of WW II, ever. Some of my personal high points include getting to watch Vin Diesel's annoying, meat head character get shot and killed. Goofs: In all the cemetery scenes there is at least one Star of David marker. In reality there are hardly any Jewish markers to be seen at the Normandy grave site.
February 10, 2018
The best war film I have ever seen .
½ February 4, 2018
SAVING PRIVATE RYAN is like no other war film ever made. Technically, no other war film other than APOCALYPSE NOW gets even close to it. This is a film so realistic that the images displayed of the first and last 30 minutes of this film were staggering in the way they are staged and filmed. Spielberg and his cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, sound designer Gary Rydstrom, his ensemble cast led by Tom Hanks, Robert Rodat's script and everyone else invloved have created the ultimate portrait as war being hell on earth and trying to find decency in such desperate circumstances.
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