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November 7, 2011
The Rocky Balboa story set in horse-racing, about making good on second chances, and directly related to the tough times of the Depression, when many people felt they needed a second chance. David McCullough adds a qualifying touch as narrator and William Macy delights as color man. Still, its more a psuedo-quality work than a work of actual quality.
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August 28, 2011
Seabiscuit is a wonderful sports drama film about the race horse Seabiscuit. Set during the Great Depression, Seabiscuit tells the famed story of the men who would make Seabiscuit a winning race horse. This is a superb film with a great story and above all, a great cast. The talent involved make this a must see film alone. But the story of this film along with the great performances is really what makes this film soar. The film of course, like every other picture, is not perfect; but what we've got here in Seabiscuit is an incredible true story set during hard times. Seabiscuit has something for everyone and the story and the acting are all top notch. Jeff Bridges, Chris Cooper, William H. Macy and of course Seabiscuit's Jockey, Tobey McGuire all shine on screen. If you're looking for a sports film that's different from all the rest, you might want to check this one out. This is a splendid film that the whole family can enjoy. The end result of Seabiscuit is an entertaining film that has an inspiring true story that has some stunning horse race scenes, good amounts of drama, and the cast consisting of established talent make this quite the film to watch. I enjoyed this film, and though it follows the trend of "inspiring" films, the viewer can appreciate that this is set during the great depression, which adds so much genuine inspiring moments than your usual "inspiring" film because most "inspiring" films are fictional, while this one is not. An entertaining and unforgettable film.
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February 28, 2007
This exquisitely produced, based-on-fact drama is a throwback to those wonderful 1940s tales of the little guy toughing it out. As Americans suffer through the Depression, a plucky racehorse brings three men together: a failed jockey (Tobey Maguire), a dispossessed cowboy (Chris Cooper) and a millionaire (Jeff Bridges) trying to forget family tragedy. Poignant news photographs of the era's suffering poor enhance the riff about social justice.
The well-shot races are genuinely thrilling; the period details perfect. Maguire leads an impeccable cast, with humour from William H. Macy as an excitable radio announcer. Great, classic storytelling.
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March 5, 2011
A incredible film, this and Seabiscuit are classics
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July 14, 2007
Lovely movie about a young man who becomes a jockey and bounds with his horse Seabiscuit. They're like two lost souls. The underdog triumps, it will make you cry.
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July 23, 2010
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October 19, 2007
A good and highly entertaining movie. Maguire is remarkable, with great support from Bridges and Cooper, covering The Depression and something as simple as a horse that could lift people's hopes up. It's a little formulaic and occasionally feels "too Hollywood", but ultimately it's worth a view just because the acting is top-notch and you can't help but fall in love with the story.
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August 1, 2009
this is also one of my favourite films. a truly uplifiting story and a beautiful tale of rising over obstacles. tobey maguire is stunning, as well elizabeth banks. however, outplaying them all, jeff bridges steals the show. william h. macy is also a welcome addition
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½ December 22, 2008
"A long shot becomes a legend."

For his sophomore effort, director Gary Ross re-teams with Tobey Maguire and William H. Macy, stars of his directorial debut Pleasantville, for this depression-era sports drama about the legendary racehorse, Seabiscuit. Unlike 1949's fictionalized The Story of Seabiscuit starring Shirley Temple, this version attempts to present a factual account of the story, which centers around the three men who saw the famed horse to victory. Jeff Bridges stars as Charles Howard, an entrepreneur who owns the unlikely racehorse. Howard teams with partially blind boxer-turned-jockey Red Pollard (Maguire in his first performance since annihilating the 2002 box-office in Spider-Man) and horse trainer Tom Smith (Chris Cooper fresh off his best-supporting actor Oscar for Adaptation). Together, the three work to help the famed horse to several symbolic victories that helped to inspire a downtrodden 1930s America. The supporting cast, headed by Macy, includes Elizabeth Banks (Spider-Man) and real-life jockeys Gary Stevens and Chris McCarron.

Not only was this film entertaining and moving, it was beautifully shot. The script contrasts America's troubled decline during the depression followed by its hopeful climb from despair with the fortunes of a racehorse and the men who believed in him. It's a fine, exciting tale, but its also an uplifting allegory about the American Dream. Fine performances from Chris Cooper, Jeff Bridges and Toby Maguire hold the film together. But the real star is Laura Hillenbrand's book and the fine adapted screenplay. The racing scenes are gloriously filmed; rich in color and movement.
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April 22, 2007
Fantastic movie.
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November 3, 2007
Better than I expected.
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½ September 2, 2006
An excellent movie. Extroadinary, compelling and sensational. A masterpiece. It has plent of heart and soul. A beautifully made picture. Jeff Bridges, Chris Cooper and Tobey Maquire give brilliant performances. Riveting, rousing, funny and outstanding. Films like this are great because you cant help but cheer and be inspirared.
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September 24, 2007
uuuuuuuuuuuuuh. I hate Tobey Maguire.
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May 31, 2007
Just great.
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½ May 4, 2007
didn't get the story so well...
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February 6, 2007
I thought this was a little boring and I didn't care for the character enough to care if he won or not.
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½ November 9, 2006
Even if you can't appreciate a good drama, Tobey Maguire's Ronald McDonald haircut will crack you up.
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½ October 17, 2006
Good movie.
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May 28, 2006
There's something about horse films that just doesn't grab my giblet. Although well handled it is essentially one of those underdog achieving something films. But a nice one at that.
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June 14, 2006
Nicely shot and with a great cast, maybe a little long in the beginning but lovable and nicely done.
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