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April 19, 2018
"Seed Of Chucky" is confusing, as it doesnt know when to tell a story, or why it does it either. Is it a remake, a satire, a reboot, a continuation? - We can all agree on that it sure missed the shot, even if it didnt knew what the target was.
April 4, 2018
Can I see the movie please
March 7, 2018
Funny as it may be, Seed of Chucky's self-awareness is only an excuse for the lack of any intelligence or scares and as a result the series hits a low point.
January 30, 2018
While the concept was original enough, it wasn't a great one. Unexpected yet awkward story, more of a mediocre comedy rather than horror, crappy character development (even with the seed of Chucky itself), and no real heart/soul the other films had. The first time I viewed this, I thought it was one of the worst movies I'd ever seen. After a second time, a bit better, but still pretty dull. My least favorite out of the first five films.
December 18, 2017
This was 90 minutes I really want back. I found myself asking "What am I watching" several times during this film. The acting on behalf of the dolls was somehow the worst it has ever been and that is saying something since Child's Play 3 was hard to watch in reference to Chucky's facials during the majority of that film. Jennifer Tilly definitely steals the show as she is in almost ever single scene of the film. Once again playing dual roles as herself and Tiffany, Tilly showcases her assets in a myriad of revealing outfits and really pushes the threshold of how much of her voice an audience can take. Redman phones in a horrendous performance as the director of a Virgin Mary bible epic film (that for some reason came down to Tilly and Julia Roberts as the lead) and his death sequence was about as well as it could go. The death sequences were alright for the most part (especially the assistant having her body blasted by fire and sent through a railing for a one-storey fall) but they were few and far between and actually did very little for the plot of the film. The ending was horrible and completely ignored the lore of the voodoo curse. This film took what was awesome about the Child's Play films and even Bride of Chucky and took a dump all over it. Also, watching Chucky masturbate is a visual I could have lived forever and never seen occur.
½ December 14, 2017
Literally exactly half good and half bad, Seed of Chucky is one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen. On the one hand, the kills are great and the acting is too. On the other hand, it deals with a doll that can't decide on a gender and is the child of Chucky and Tiffany. The meta humor, while undoubtedly funny, is taken a bit too far.
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October 26, 2017
A couple of the Child's Play movies delve into the comedy genre, but Seed of Chucky is the only one that leans into it fully. It's not a funny horror film, it's a comedy with some blood in it. Where the past two movies dip their toe into comedy, Seed of Chucky is a comedy, and that complete dedication to a genre pays off. It's not great, but it works.
October 25, 2017
The twist here is that Chucky now has a son...hence the title. The voice acting is great and Billy Boyd is a great edition to the "voice of the dolls" series. It's great that they've kept the witty dark humour and daft death scenes and bloody gore, the problem is it was trying to HARD to be funny and some where hit and miss. The cast were ok but only there to be bumped off, the direction was good by the man who created the series in the 80's and also wrote the film. It was also trying too hard to take the mick out of the hollywood world of filming, as it's set in Hollywood. It's not the best but way better than Child's Play 2 and 3 and that's saying something. Keep 'em coming, Chucky...and surprisingly, he has.
½ October 17, 2017
Enjoyed the extended cameo by John Waters, but the story was a mess and not very entertaining.
½ October 7, 2017
Seed of Chucky follows the same course as the last movie and the end result is about the same, but it?s that it?s getting old already. Adding comedy to Chucky was an ok idea. I mean a killer doll, there has to be some funny moments. But that doesn?t mean you have the whole movie relying on it. That just leads to a mess. Like this movie. The script was really bad. The cast was good but they couldn?t save this movie. There were also some funny moments but again, they can?t save this movie. The script just yanks it down. C-
½ October 6, 2017
Still a horror comedy, not as enjoyable as the last one. probably the weakest in the series.
½ October 5, 2017
Doubles down on the self-referential humor of the previous installment, but fails horribly. As a result the movie is scare free, instead opting toward comedy, but all the jokes are pretty cringeworthy. Which unfortunately was the final nail in the coffin for this series theatrically.
October 4, 2017
I think this is best Chucky movie ever. Fun and gore.
September 17, 2017
Disgusting, yet entertaining!
September 5, 2017
it was a nice muvie
August 10, 2017
Bad cheesy chucky movie.
August 6, 2017
hands down one of the worst movies I ever seen. only entertainment that comes from it is the cringeworthy moments.
August 3, 2017
This was good, but could be longer
July 15, 2017
Love it funny very very cool this one was cool but and more movies a little more tiffany but i love all the moves have so many dolls there best keep making more
½ March 20, 2017
They should've never made the childs play series into a complete comedy.
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