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½ June 12, 2018
a gripping and thrilling story that also has an amazing (albeit well known) twist at the end that (despite it's infamy) will still shock you. Also, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman have some surprisingly good chemistry throughout.
June 9, 2018
A brutal grimm absolute must.
½ June 5, 2018
An intellectual slasher film that despite a cliche plot and predictable ending keeps you on the edge of your seatbh horrified.
½ May 14, 2018
Overrated. Not even as good as some of the better episodes of Forensic Files.

Brad Pitt is perfectly cast as The Dumb White Man. He is very believable in that role. Morgan Freeman has a sonorous voice, but that's all he's got as an actor. He plays the Wise Old Black Guy that he seemingly plays in every movie. Kevin Spacey's talents are wasted here as his character is naught but the cliched, generic Serial Killer Who Has Everything Planned to an Implausibly High Degree. Ho-hum.

Before watching this movie I read many reviews stating how grim and dark and depressing this story is. Maybe I've just watched too many episodes of Forensic Files, Forensic Factor. L.A. Forensics, etc., but this movie seemed really tame to me. Maybe I've just watched too many YouTube videos of animals being eaten alive, too many YouTube videos of horrible car crashes and motorcycle accidents, but I wasn't horrified by anything in this movie.

Gwyneth Paltrow's severed head in a box is comedy gold! If you want to make a scary movie don't end it like that! That's just funny.
May 10, 2018
My third all time favorite movie ... A classic.
½ April 29, 2018
Grotesque, dark and brutal, 'Seven' has a captivating story that is made into so much more than it already is by the slick performances from Freeman, Spacey and Pitt, but it's Fincher who really brings everything together - cinematography, editing, score, locations, camerawork -- to create a perfectly grimy, almost sickening feel that really gets under your skin, building the disgust, tension and sense of dread that never lets up until the brilliant, haunting and incredibly memorable conclusion.
½ April 13, 2018
the themes are clear and defined, fincher will have you at the edge of your seat and morgan freeman is terrific as usual. with an inventive and original script, one of best thrillers you'll ever see.
½ April 13, 2018
Definitely not one for the faint hearted, but equally one any Morgan Freeman fan has to see. This film takes on a symbolistic plot that is nothing too unfamiliar to an audience with a basic knowledge of religion or history. The detective roles, played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, were played exceptionally well which comes as no surprise given these actors abilities. The serial killer in this film has an intellectual feel which is nothing new in the crime genre. Though the main aspect of this film, that gave it any purpose, was the anticipation and mystery that keeps the audience guessing and on the edge of their seats. A lot of people tend to overlook the cinematography and sound of these films as if they took a back seat to the plot and actors, but the matter of the fact is that this film is beautifully orchestrated in that facet. The perspective of the actors was presented so well that you could almost feel the emotions and thoughts of the characters, particularly in the closing scene with William and David. The music choice for some of these scenes also seemed particularly different compared to your average film script, but I think people nowadays are looking for that different aspect in films which sets them apart from the others. I think those that people who enjoy criminal and mystery genres are looking for the unpredictability of the script which is why this film, aside from its typical detective and crafty killer plot, gives anyone a reason to watch. It's a thrill and a shock all mixed together in one emotion that never gets old no matter how many times I watch the film (ending is quite the climax ??).
½ March 24, 2018
A lot of the gore in this movie wasn't forced, which meant that the rest was left for your imagination, this is even more scary then actually showing the murders. I think the ending made this movie a step up from average. I admired the conversations about society and the basic responses we as humans have. Additionally, I wish there was a little more depth for Morgan Freeman's character.
½ March 21, 2018
Great storyline and acting! Pitt and Freeman do well playing Mills and Somerset. And, Kevin Spacey did awesome as the serial killer John Doe! It's an awesome suspense thriller and I recommend you watch it.
February 24, 2018
1001 movies to see before you die.
½ February 17, 2018
Not loving this movie must be considered a sin.
½ February 7, 2018
Anno 2018 still a great movie, with a compelling story, great acting and unpredictable ending.
½ February 6, 2018
Title: Se7en
Story/Writing/Message/Plot: 5
Character/Acting: 5
Music/Sound: 4
Cinematography/Editing: 4
Age/Originality: 4
Total: 22/25
January 31, 2018
Beautifully well-orchestrated, thank you Mr. Fincher
January 27, 2018
With subtle commentary about apathy, superficiality and sin, some dark, immersive cinematography, two fine lead performances by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman and, above all, a story that is both highly disturbing and surprising, "Se7en" is a brutal yet engaging and much satisfying neo-noir crime film.
½ January 22, 2018
David Fincher managed to make an extremely well done, Unique and intense Crime/Thriller. This film definitely has a very scary approach with its realistic story and that is what makes this film really entertaining from start to finish.

Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman was great aswell as Kevin Spacey doing a really good job too.

The story was consistent and was moving forward in a good pace which kept me entertained all the way to the pretty creepy ending.
January 16, 2018
Heppċreh. Good movie. Like it very much. Nice flick.
½ January 15, 2018
a thrilling whodunit movie with an awesome twist and line at the end tremendous casting and one of the best movies you haven't seen
½ January 15, 2018
  It so happened that I really love detective stories, difficult to understand, complicated, cruel, which carry some meaning, I like to trace the psychology of the murderer, to observe his actions.  This film completely corresponds to my taste, and I just could not pass it.  Gluttony, greed, idleness, anger, pride, lust, envy: in other words, all known mortal sins.  They were the basis of the film "The Seven".

  I would like to say a few words about the creator of this film.  David Fincher is one of the best directors of our time, in my opinion.  And when I had watched all his works, I really began to admire his art.  His films have atmosphere that gets tense with the time of events.  The main direction is detective thrillers, but there are also works in his career that do not fit this description.  To cut a long story short, each film is unique in its own way. "Seven" is one of the best films of Fincher, which is not only interesting itself but also contains important thoughts, makes you think about your own life and besides in the genre of a thriller ... In my opinion, such pictures are generally the best in the World Cinema. Actions take place slowly, everything flows in its own way and there is not a single useful scene that does not belong to the plot.  The spectator watches the main characters completely trusting them and they in turn quietly try to come to a logical conclusion and bring the matter to mind.  The main actors of this film: Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey.  These detectives, although completely different, but complement each other perfectly.  I want to highlight Pitt's game in the final scene.  It is striking how truthfully and sincerely he was able to convey his torment.

  The film "Seven" very much sunk into my soul.  And that's fine.  After viewing this picture, I began to think about such vital things that had never came to my mind before.

  We see mortal sin on every corner, in every house and we tolerate it, we tolerate it, because this is a common phenomenon. (c)
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