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May 25, 2017
Scary and fucked up! I loved it!
½ May 20, 2017
A great idea for a motif and modus operandi, great acting, great surprises, great development. I wish I had the chance to be able to spot the killer at some point in the movie, though.
May 16, 2017
This is not David Fincher's debut, he also directed Alien 3. However, this is his first original directorial debut. This film has a very deliberately slow pace, but that just all builds up to the shootouts. It is not as good as Fight Club or Panic Room, I will say that right now. However, it is a damn good film at that. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman make an excellent team, and Kevin Spacey is absolutely haunting as the killer. You probably won't recognize him, due to his shaved head. However, I've seen plenty of movies with Kevin Spacey, so I know exactly how his voice sounds. The ending will definitely mess you up and will leave thinking about it for days afterwards. Not for the faint of heart by any means, but fantastic if you like extremely dark movies.
May 10, 2017
Dark and disturbing, David Fincher's thriller is a masterpiece. Pitt and Freeman are both amazing and Kevin Spacey is incredibly disturbing as the villain.
April 30, 2017
I swear they got their moneys worth from the rain machine, this film has constant rain lol. Great film!
April 28, 2017
Too many movies were like this in the 90s, just on autopilot
April 24, 2017
90's predictable detective film ....not a great work
April 22, 2017
This movie was scary as hell, it's also disturbing to the point that you want to look away but definitely a must see.
April 18, 2017
Un grande thriller che riesce a far tenere il fiato sospeso in numerose scene. I colpi di scena non mancano e riescono ad essere sempre imprevedibili. La sintonia tra i due protagonisti molto buona e un'ottima sceneggiatura li fa interagire in modo realistico con il mondo che li circonda. Ci che rende interessanti questi film gialli sicuramente il fascino che caratterizza l'antagonista: in questo caso il soggetto stato trattato in modo esemplare, con un personaggio fortemente caratterizzato e motivato sotto molti punti di vista. Troppo spesso questo aspetto viene trascurato anche nei film pi moderni, e per questa serie di motivi ritengo che "Seven" sia un esempio a cui molti dovrebbero ispirarsi per ricominciare a creare thriller di questo livello.
½ April 13, 2017
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#Content: Script 5 | Acting 5 | Cinematography 5 | Film Editing 5

#Visual: Costume Design 4 | Makeup & Hairstyling 4 | Scenic Design 5 | Lighting 5 | Visual Effects 5

#Sound: Score & Soundtracks 5 | Sound Editing & Mixing 5

#Overall (1~10): 9
April 9, 2017
I don't see anything good about this movie only the main antagonist is interesting to watch. The movie is generic shouldn't be talked about period.
½ April 8, 2017
This is one of my favorite films, yet one that I haven't returned to in quite some time, so I gave it another day in court to confirm that it is indeed as solid as I remembered. The film follows two detectives in a depressing rainy city as they pursue the serial killer John Doe, who's working his way through the Seven Deadly Sins with 'themed' murders, and holy shit is it a depressing and fun ride.

Solid performances from everyone involved, and well worth another look if you have the chance.

Highly recommended.
½ April 4, 2017
This is one of the most horrifying movies ever made. But it doesn't just consist of violence. It has amazing performances, tense scenes, and a nail-biting finale which you won't ever forget for a very long time.

2 detectives try to hunt down a psychopath as he kills people in grotesque ways based around the seven deadly sins.

This movie contains several memorable scenes which have the tendency to knock you off guard. Besides the ending, another amazing scene is when they investigate the sloth victim. The gore is amazing but we get the jumpscare of our lives in it. I'm not going to spoil it though because otherwise I'll ruin it. Many people will agree that the ending is the best part by far. It is tense and suspenseful and it is completely unpredictable. It is one of the most memorable movie endings by far.

Also, the acting is amazing also. In my opinion, Kevin Spacey and Brad Pitt both give one of their best performances yet. Morgan Freeman's also gives as amazing performance and it is rivaled only by his performance in The Shawshank Redemption.

The acting worked real well because this movie did a great job with its choice of casting. Fincher probably looked at previous works of Freeman, Pitt, and Spacey's roles and he knew that they would be perfect for these roles and his casting choices really paid off.

As much I want to give this movie a 10, there are a few scenes which I felt carried on a bit too long or were more slower-paced than the rest of the movie. There weren't too much that bothered me too an extensive degree though. However, I do think that this would've been a masterpiece if it weren't for those few scenes.

Nobody thought much of Fincher when he directed Alien 3 and he was originally dismissed as just another style over substance director. However, he looked at the mistakes that movie made and he showed moviegoers with this movie that he is a talented director. Since then, he has made several more amazing movies (especially Fight Club) and he is now one of the more appreciated directors working today.

In conclusion, Se7en is a near perfect movie. Sure, the pacing can be a bit slow at times but this is still an amazing crime drama and I think that this is one of the best crime movies ever made. It will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time and it contains one of the best finales to a movie ever. I understand why some people disliked this movie but none of the reasons affect my opinion of this movie and I think that it is a must-watch for everyone as long as you don't mind realistic violence and gore.
April 4, 2017
Grade - A
A truly disturbing thriller, 'Seven' is a haunting experience. Stylish direction and a great script alongside fantastic performances all round make this crime drama one worth watching - if you have the stomach for it.
½ April 2, 2017
WHAT I LIKED: One of the most tense thrillers out there, this film has you gripped and desperate to watch each and every situation unfold. You're only so gripped because of the characters though, who not only serve the plots and themes, but also themselves. With all that in place, great performances and excellent guide 'Seven' to a properly heart pumping experience
WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Perhaps because it's still a touch 'loud 90s,' 'bash it round your face' kind of stuff, it never really lets up and gives head-space to the audience. As a result, it'll grip you whilst you're there, but it wont have a hugely lasting effect.
VERDICT: One of the most gripping and exciting thrillers you'll watch in the moment, this is the perfect match between cop action and tense thriller. This one really put Fincher on the map for all the right reasons.
April 1, 2017
Detective films are common, but Se7en's plot is unique, with a surprising ending, however, its ending is far from reasonable.
Freeman gave his good performances
½ March 28, 2017
Great performances, excellent script and a difficult end to overcome.
March 27, 2017
When we have seen everything to know that we have trouble falling asleep at night. When we haven't seen everything to fall peacefully asleep at night. When we can see that some people are cut for the job when they asked to be here. When we see that not many can stomach what we do. When what we see us horrifying when we deal with sick people. When we need to see closer at the clues and hints that make us see clearly somethings. When we see from all perspectives and those involved when clues are everywhere. When we see they are where we least expect it when it's a game. When we need to see where it all stems from to see closer into the mind from a literary point of view. When what we are seeing isn't textbook behaviour when we are dealing with a pathological, sidistic, murder unlike we have seen before. When we see that we like doing things our way and alone to know we don't need help. When we wish to see somethings to get a closer look at some people. When we see that we wish to see other things when they bring us joy. When we can see from asking questions that we probe. When some things we see we shed a different light to it and perspective. When some clues speak to us when the person whom gives us the clues wants us to see it thst way. When we see that we need an extensive knowledge in our field. When everything we are seeing is new and meticulous that we are just seeing the beginning. When we see that we are just gathering everything first before we put them all together. When we see that we enjoy such cat & mouse chases. When we see this is not an easy open close case and can see the murder has a greater purpose. When we see we are lead from one place to another. When others wish to see when it makes for headline news. When you need to see to believe somethings we find. When we are not the only ones to see the odd when it's in our field to diagnosis the strange natural occurences. When we see that every clue leads to further research that we can reach and need others whom have access to reach. When we see that everyone has a price whether it's their life or monetary. When we see we are on the right track when we get closer to seeing whom could do such acts. When we see that we must chase after those whom we want to see. When we see we must follow protocol and procedures and follow by the rules we are given. When we see we must break the rules to follow the rules. When we see that we must be ready for anything that comes through those doors. When we see we are dealing with a professional whom know us and is one step ahead of us and can control steps. When we see that other people enjoy seeing what other see when it's their job. When we see that we came close to those whom we refuse to see, to know we will see things when we least expect it. When we can't see whom we are dealing with but can see only one person doing it when it's the devil. When we see we are going nowhere with any leads when the Devils hands are busy. When we see we are following by our own rules and we have to just follow along. When we see the devil doesn't want to be seen when they hide themselves when they are seen and unseen. When we see that we live according to our own system & laws. When we never thought we would see the devil until he reveals himself. When we see that we must bargain with those whom make us see more if what we don't want to already see but need to see to close this insanity once and for all. When we need to see that justice is done according to our laws. When others wish to see others see like we do when we want to see to the fullest when we demand everyone's attention. When we see that all this was for a reason when the end reveals the truth and brilliance. When we need to see why others see that way when seeing that way is not normal. When we don't see it that way when the way we see is above all superficial and labeled world that we see the world but deeper. When we see why we judge others while we are judged when our judgement is the only way we think others should see when we reveal that we aren't the devil, But people are when they allow things people see and do go unpunished. When we see the world needs to be cleansed from those whom are in pure and we are god. When we see ourselves immortal when we are what we always saw ourselves a case that is worth noting, putting in books to reference and think about ourselves in whom we are and what we are doing that make us think and see ourselves as good people. When we know the world works by seeing it for what it is. When we don't understand why others see things this way when they aren't like us that we need extra eyes above and below to see why they brought us to such places. When we need to see somethings but not other things when we spend our time trying to see some people brought to justice, when their hands have been busy to the things we don't see. When what we see we don't want to see when it's something we neglected and others take away from us. When we see the outcome of whom we are dealing with and see they are capable of ending it all for us when they see somethings and stop thinking about other things to see the light or darkness of their ways when they don't see themselves capable of evil. When we see we were mere pawns in someone's game to reach the end.
March 24, 2017
Another great movie by Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Spacey!
March 20, 2017
Apart from Brad Pitt's below-par acting (Freeman is the real hero of the piece), this is a decent enough thriller.
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