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The third film in the Slumber Party Massacre series, this movie follows a group of teenage girls as their slumber party is interrupted by a drill-wielding, psychotic killer. As the girls are killed off one-by-one, the remaining party-goers must find a way to stop their stalker.


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Audience Reviews for Slumber Party Massacre III

  • Jan 04, 2013
    This is perhaps my favorite SPM as it has a good array of potential antagonists so it keeps you wondering. The nudity and slashing is all still here, just like in the first two, but the interplay of characters is done best in this one I believe. After seeing SPM 1 and 2, you won't experience much more than you did with the first however, always leaving sequels that recycle formulas with lower ratings, even if they are better than the original.
    Horrific R Super Reviewer
  • Aug 13, 2011
    Slumber Party Massacre III is a solid conclusion to the series considering the let down of the second sequel. The attempt at humor is replaced with good old fashioned elements which make a slasher film great to watch. Everything that the filmmakers missed the mark on in the second has been fixed. The third entry in the series doesn't drag till the last few minutes of the film to get the killing started. The first kill in this one happen within the first ten minutes, and it's very bloody, just like in the first film. The thing with The Slumber Party Massacre films is that they're films that you have to remember that they're very tongue in cheek in nature. This third entry is a lot of fun with every cliché aspect that you'd expect from a Slasher film: tits, sex, gorgeous women, drunken teenagers who are clueless and of course a psycho wielding a power drill. The return to basics is what makes this film worth watching. Sure, it's silly as hell and plainly ridiculous, but it's meant to be a lot fun, and it delivers it in spades. Sure the film is uneven, but what Slasher film isn't? This is a fine conclusion to a unique series of Slashers that redeems the mistakes of the second film. I'm glad that the filmmakers didn't overdo the series with a lot more sequels. The three films here are fine the way they are. It's a good thing the filmmakers where to draw the line.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Dec 06, 2009
    Everything slashers have ever been accused of being by critics and parental groups. Lacking the subversiveness of the original and the sheer insanity of its sequel, this third encarnation is nothing more than a throwaway cheapie. References to its predecessors (a scene involving a pizza, phallic commentary, voyeurism) feel forced and tacked on and, despite not being as obviously padded as "Slumber Party Massacre 2" there was no reason it should have been longer than an hour. To be avoided.
    Eduardo C Super Reviewer
  • May 24, 2008
    Well the third and what would be the final entry in the slumber party massacre series brings it right back to the start as far as its a stand alone slasher pic and no confuseing scratching your head plot kids hang out on the beach spend the night at someones house killer shows up and starts butching them with a drill one by one body count is pretty high but the killer is nothing to rave about this last one has nothing to do with the first two except the killer has the drill overall a decent ending to the series
    ken j Super Reviewer

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