Sobibor Reviews

April 29, 2019
See Sobibór. Absorb its messages. Teach your children about hate, in all its forms. Then, teach them to love.
April 28, 2019
While the entire film has been downbeat (to say the least) the film turns itself into a paean to freedom. It is strong change of tone.
April 8, 2019
a fine and moving film, but one can't help but wish that Khabenskiy had better trusted the inherent impact of the story and not tried to escalate it quite so much
April 2, 2019
The film is even more interesting coming from a Russian perspective. The violence, suffering, death and loss are heartbreaking.
April 2, 2019
As grim as the story and the moment in history is, the film des offer moments of light and community within the camp.
April 1, 2019
Sobibor's narrative gradually accumulates momentum, its final - and best - third reaching the zenith of intensity.
March 30, 2019
Grimly strives to make up for the fact that for almost 60 years, Soviet/Russian leaders downplayed Jews were targeted by the Nazis...The Jews needed military organization.
March 29, 2019
It's not an easy film, but it tells a valuable story. [Full review in Spanish]
March 29, 2019
There's a harrowing potency to the violence, and the adrenaline pumps during its final act, but the film overall lacks depth and complexity.
March 29, 2019
The story is told well.
March 28, 2019
The question is whether a button-pushing movie like "Sobibor" is the ideal way to experience it.
March 24, 2019
A courageous Russian Jew leads an escape from the Sobibor concentration camp and is praised by both Russia and Israel.
March 22, 2019
Amongst the many successful images in the movie are the unity of the prisoners, even before the uprising, and the destruction of the camp staff by the emotional violence of their very positions of power.
March 11, 2019
A sturdy-enough recounting of the famous Holocaust Death Camp revolt story blessed with a riveting third act.
March 2, 2019
At this point, filming a group of women getting gassed in a chamber grazes the immoral. [Full Review in Spanish]
March 2, 2019
There is an evident disconnect between the story the film is trying to tell and how they want it to reach mass audiences. [Full Review in Spanish]