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The Song of Bernadette is a reverent recounting of the life of St. Bernadette of Lourdes. As a teen-aged peasant girl growing up in the tiny French village of Lourdes in the 19th century, Bernadette (Jennifer Jones) experiences a vision of the Virgin Mary in a nearby grotto. At least, she believes that she did. The religious and political "experts" of the region cannot accept the word of a silly little girl, and do their best to get her to renounce her claims. Bernadette's vision becomes a political hot potato for many years, with the authorities alternately permitting and denying the true believers' access to the grotto. No matter what the higher-ups may think of Bernadette, there is little denying that the springs of Lourdes hold some sort of recuperative powers for the sick and lame. Eventually, Bernadette dies, never faltering in her conviction that she saw the Blessed Virgin; years later, she is canonized as a saint, and the Grotto of Lourdes remains standing as a permanent shrine. The 20th Century-Fox people knew that The Song of Bernadette would whip up controversy from both the religious and the agnostic. The company took some of the "curse" off the project with a now-famous opening title: "To those who believe in God, no explanation is necessary. To those who do not believe in God, no explanation is possible." Jennifer Jones's performance in The Song of Bernadette won her the Best Actress Oscar. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Jennifer Jones
as Bernadette Soubirous
Lee J. Cobb
as Dr. Dozous
Gladys Cooper
as Sister Vauzous
Anne Revere
as Louise Soubirous
Roman Bohnen
as Francois Soubirous
Mary Anderson
as Jeanne Abadie
Patricia Morison
as Empress Eugenie
Edith Barrett
as Croisine
Sig Rumann
as Louis Bouriette
Blanche Yurka
as Bernarde Casterot
Fortunio Bonanova
as Louis Napoleon III
Ermadean Walters
as Marie Soubirous
Jerome Cowan
as Emperor Napoleon
Charles Waldron
as Bishop of Tarbes
Moroni Olsen
as Chaplain
Nana Bryant
as Convent Mother Superior
Manart Kippen
as Charles Bouhouhorts
Merrill Rodin
as Jean Soubirous
Nino Pipitone Jr.
as Justin Soubirous
John Maxwell Hayes
as Father Pomian
Jean Del Val
as Estrade
Tala Birell
as Mme. Bruat
Charley Bates
as Bouhouhorts' Boy
Eula Morgan
as Mme. Nicolau
Frank Reicher
as Dr. St. Cyr
Linda Darnell
as Blessed Virgin
Dorothy Shearer
as Mother Superior
Nino Pipitone
as Mayor's Secretary
Edwin Stanley
as Mr. Jones
Lionel Braham
as Baron Massey
Ian Wolfe
as Minister of the Interior
Irina Semochenko
as Bernadette's Schoolmate
Marie Carrozza
as Bernadette's Schoolmate
Joyce Ann Miller
as Bernadette's Schoolmate
Alicia Nicolas Diaz
as Bernadette's Schoolmate
Alan Napier
as Psychiatrist
Eugene Borden
as Gendarme
Edward Clark
as Hospital Attendant
Charles Bates
as Bouhouhorts' Boy
Mae Marsh
as Woman
Curt Furberg
as Franciscan Monk
Armand Cortez
as Franciscan Monk
Louis V. Arco
as Franciscan Monk
George Sorel
as Franciscan Monk
Jean De Briac
as Dominican Monk
Davison Clark
as Dominican Monk
Antonio Filauri
as Dominican Monk
Julian Rivero
as Dominican Monk
Edward Keane
as Policeman
Hooper Atchley
as Policeman
Fred Essler
as Minister of Justice
Harry Cording
as Stone Mason
Pat Dillon
as Bouhouhorts' Boy
Louis Mercier
as Huckster
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Audience Reviews for The Song of Bernadette

  • Mar 31, 2014
    Jennifer Jones' portrayal of a young woman encountering the Virgin Mary at Lourdes is meant to be inspiring but nowadays gives a performance that makes you think she is looking for the Great Pumpkinhead. Ultimately believers are going to believe and skeptics will be skeptics. This film won't change any of that.
    John B Super Reviewer
  • Sep 05, 2010
    I loved this movie, it's one of my favourite movies about saints. Jones gives a fantastic performance, and you get to see Vincent Price in an early small role. It's such a great story, and it's true!
    Aj V Super Reviewer
  • Dec 17, 2009
    years ago, local television in chicago, a town heavy with catholics, made a big deal out of a film representation of the miracle at lourdes, france, something i had never heard of or knew about. the lead actress demonstrated through the story the power of simple faith...and i learned from that performance, i learned about the power of art to transform lives. and the lead actress, in the meager performance of her duties, lead that class in my book. she died today, 12-17-2009, Jennifer Jones, and i never got the chance to personally thank her. thank you, Jennifer.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Sep 16, 2008
    Fictionalized lives of well-respected names (usually) start off promising and by the end,a feeling of unaccomplished desire destroys the viewing pleasure. Bernadette Soubirous must have been a diligently eloquent woman whose firm beliefs of her visions were part of her level-headed character.King's adaptation from Werfel's historical novel of the eponymous saint possesses the romanticized elements of a Hollywood film with a small dose of maleficent antagonists / unrequited love but that doesn't remove the strong components of Jones' acting and the wonderful production design and supporting cast.
    Dimitris S Super Reviewer

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