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September 24, 2020
One of the weaker entries in 2009's horror genre.
June 3, 2020
I enjoyed it enough to last until the credits. [Full review in Spanish].
October 31, 2018
This is a funny, bitchy and gory film that exists solely to entertain and I would argue is better than about 80% of the slashers that have come out in the past decade.
February 15, 2013
By the time the killer's identity is finally revealed you'll be amazed at how screenwriters make big bucks penning lines like, "Who the hell lit the house on fire? Shit!"
September 29, 2012
This is a movie so formulaic it could have been written by Microsoft Excel.
August 14, 2010
Typical slasher film packed with boobs, boys, booze and blood. Go into Sorority Row with your brain on cruise control and just enjoy the movie for what it is: a gore party.
August 9, 2010
Like the all-partying, all-screaming sisters of Theta Pi, Sorority Row feels doomed from the first frame.
July 15, 2010
...a sporadically watchable yet thoroughly disappointing horror effort that's underwhelming even by the standards of the genre.
March 7, 2010
Classic horror that follows the old pattern, but it follows it well with creative slashings and a well hidden killer. You could do a lot worse.
January 31, 2010
Sorority Row can laugh at the fact that it falls in line with genre conventions, but it doesn't excuse how easily it adopts them.
November 9, 2009
Over-the-top humor tries to mask the problems, that it's not scary and the ending comes complete with a double-reverse-tricked-itself-out-of-coherency reveal of the killer.
November 4, 2009
They're not just college girls. They're B******!
November 3, 2009
Welcome to Skank Ho sorority, where you'll skills like covering up the grotesque death of one of your sisters during a mean-spirited prank.
October 31, 2009
A fairly traditional collegiate slasher that entertains but breaks no new ground.
October 16, 2009
I don't know what could make this movie seem dumber. Oh, and it's also a remake of What You Did Last Summer
October 7, 2009
After these Bratz dolls dump the Corpsey One down a mine shaft, the plot follows, dropping us into dark spaces without any emotional gravitas, real scares, smart twists or even B-movie fun.
September 21, 2009
The cast list tells the story: It includes such characters as 'Bra-Clad Sister,' 'Slutty Sister' and (for fans of 'The Man Show'?) 'Trampoline Sister.'
September 18, 2009
Sorority Row is most successful at creating characters even more insufferable than the usual young people who serve as slasher-flick fodder.
September 18, 2009
Unexciting remake of the cheapo 1993 slasher film.
September 17, 2009
A movie that starts with a trampoline pillow-fight and ends with a pile of dead co-eds could have been a misogynistic mess, but Sorority Row is a snappy, bloody blast.
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