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A brilliant and beautiful college professor makes a terrifying discovery about herself after experiencing a frightening blackout in the latest installment of the shocking Species series. Miranda Hollander (Helena Mattsson) is a genius who is about to discover just how little she truly knows about the universe. Upon awakening from a mysterious blackout, Miranda is horrified to find herself surrounded by a mass of mutilated human bodies. When Miranda approaches her uncle in hopes of discovering an answer to this disturbing development, she is shaken to learn that she is in fact a half-human/half-alien clone. Now, the only hope for Miranda is to flee to Mexico with her uncle and seek out the scientist who created her. But it won't be long before Miranda is unable to suppress the killer instincts boiling up within her, and with an endless horde of murderous hybrids on their trail, it's only a matter of time before planet Earth becomes the ultimate extraterrestrial battleground.


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  • Apr 10, 2013
    Species: The Awakening is a messy and poorly scripted film that doesn't have many scares to it. In this final chapter a college professor discovers that she's an alien hybrid and goes to Mexico with her creator in search of a cure that will repress her alien genes. Helena Mattsson does a decent job and has some charisma, but overall the acting is rather bad. However, the special effects are much improved over the last film. But the plot is horrible, and doesn't make much sense. Another pathetic entry into the franchise, Species: The Awakening is a pointless horror film.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Feb 24, 2012
    Fourth entry in the Species series is one of the worst yet in the series. This film has all the ingredients to be straight to DVD schlock. This film features horrible effects, even more so than the third film. The Species franchise took a tumble after the third film, but with this film, the series attains a new low. As a whole, this is a shameful end to end the series, but at the same time I'm not surprised it ended this way because the previous sequel was bad as well. If you're looking for a great film, you won't find it here. The film plays out like an awful B movie that tries to rank in the big bucks based on its title, unfortunately there's nothing enjoyable here, just bad actors a bad script and bad directing. This film never should have been made and it scraps the bottom of the barrel of good ideas. The film isn't interesting whatsoever, and you can clearly see that the filmmakers are not into making a good film. This film is pointless, and doesn't try to do anything that will thrill or entertain you. The horror elements don'[t work, and it's a very forgettable fourth entry in a franchise that should have ended a time ago. This film joins the legions of bad straight to DVD titles that are forgettable and are a waste of time. This is a horrible film that doesn't do anything to entertain you. This is a horrible attempt at closing a film franchise. Hopefully there won't be anymore.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Feb 10, 2012
    Promising start fails to live up to even the low stature of the <i>Species</i> name. Lots of dead space and finally when there's some action, it happens in the dark which we humans without alien DNA cannot see. Three noteworthy factors though: 1) Helena Mattson is absolutely stunning as the new alien hybid, reminds me of a round-faced Nicole Kidman. She can't completely cover her Swedish accent but her acting is at least as good as the other <i>Species</i> stars, and that includes Natasha Henstridge in what was her first role. I've seen lesser talent on much plainer figures go far so here's hoping Helena can catch some breaks of her own. 2) Dominic Keating plays a genius geneticist with low moral fiber, a scoundrelly role that easily could be cliche but he instead creates a character who occasionally wavers in his cocky self-assurance and is even borderline likable at times. 3) Impressive makeup effects, I feel sorry for the actors who had to sit for hours in the chair each time they suited up in the full alien regalia!
    Doctor S Super Reviewer
  • Oct 14, 2009
    much better than the 3rd installment, this has a stronger story, some slightly better acting and even the effects arent too shabby. dominic keating who's also in the latest series of star trek plays an interesting character. also has some tense moments in it which the 3rd lacked
    Sanity Assassin ! Super Reviewer

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