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March 10, 2018
Toby McGuire makes such a great return. Great awesome movie. Better than the first one.
March 10, 2018
Que es ser superheroe? Que es lo que se sacrifica pero a la vez que es lo que se gana? Spider-Man 2 es una pelicula que tiene todo lo que necesita para ser una pelicula muy memorable.
March 9, 2018
A lot of excellent drama, a terrific story, and a up and away villain make this the best movie in the spider-Man series, but not the best "Spider-Man movie" if you know what I mean.
March 5, 2018
Spider-Man 2 takes everything that made the original good, but improves upon it with much deeper emotions. The movie also expanded upon Spider-Man, making him having family and friends problems, add Alfred Molina's zanny supervillain, Doctor Octopus, and some great visuals and action and you get this worthy sequel.
March 4, 2018
Love this!
My third favourite comic book film still atm. I find it hilarious throughout, with some great action and a great villain. No complaints about this one.
½ March 4, 2018
If the first Spider-Man gave use and the superhero genre the shot of adrenaline of action and humor, the second one shows the right amount of entertainment, this time with much more emotion. First feeling the burden of balancing the hero and the man, then realizing what you lose when you stop filling one void to fill one of your own. Tobey Maguire's performance carries that weight well, while James Franco and Alfred Molina play characters driven mad, but giving as much depth a series of comic books achieve. And the best part is that these characters are given a chance in spectacular action sequences with capable hands. Despite ramping up tension and the drama is more fleshed out, there's still more humor to stay the course its predecessor left off on. The legacy that Sam Raimi and the original Spider-Man movies have paved prove that not even the future can rewrite how close to perfect our heroes were the first time.
March 3, 2018
Best spiderman movie ever
½ February 27, 2018

"Spider-Man 2" resulta ser una notable mejora de su antecesora, que era ya de por si buena, gracias (de nuevo) al buen hacer de su director, sus actores (magnífico Alfred Molina como el Dr. Octopus) y su guion, y que se ve tremedamente potenciada por unos magnificos efectos especiales, que la hacen tan excitante como emocional, y que por supuesta deja la más memorable aventura del arácnido en el cine, y una de las mejores del cine de Superhéroes.
½ February 23, 2018
The best of the trilogy by far. Very much enjoyed it.
½ February 23, 2018
The best of the Sam Raimi trilogy.
½ February 18, 2018
Starts with a similar style to its predecessor, but soon turns into something much more by producing an original story that delves far deeper into how the characters really think.
½ February 6, 2018
Title: Spider-Man 2
Story/Writing/Message/Plot: 5
Character/Acting: 4
Music/Sound: 4
Cinematography/Editing: 5
Age/Originality: 3
Total: 21/25
February 3, 2018
Best Spider-Man Movie
January 15, 2018
Many people say that Spider-Man 2 is the best Spider-Man movie to date. And, you know what I say to that? I agree. This movie deserves a much higher score than 7.3 on IMDb. Since you'll find many people who'll commend this movie for its awesomeness, it makes you wonder why the score is exactly the same as the first film. This movie has a lot more entertainment value than Homecoming. And no, I'm not saying Homecoming's bad. I'm not expecting it to reach the heights of The Dark Knight but come on, man. Now that I've finished my little rant about the undeservedly lower-than-expected IMDb score for this movie: let's get to the actual review. The special effects are absolutely amazing. A mix of CGI, practical effects and puppets and it still stands the test of time. I felt like I was on an amusement park ride everytime we got to see Spider-Man in action. The action sequences are also a blast and not just the train one that everyone frickin' loves for good reason. It almost felt as if I was really there, kind of like 3D movies that still look awesome even in 2D. After all, this movie does offer the pleasure of Aunt May turning out to be a hidden badass. Well, it only occurs once but it is hilarious to see an old woman have Doc Ock retreat by smacking him with an umbrella. Action and effects aside, there's also an intriguing story. It's about the difficulties of growing up, the natural estrangement that comes from it, the responsibilities of heroism and the consequences brought upon you by your own talents. While Spider-Man is at the top, Peter Parker is at the bottom. And we really connect with him even when Tobey Maguire has his laughably bad moments. Don't worry, there aren't enough to reduce that 5-star rating to 4. Don't forget the comedy. If you see 2.1, you'll get the gut-busting vision of J. Jonah Jameson dressing up as Spider-Man. Midlife crises, amirite? Doc Ock is worthy of the adjective the critics consensus describes him as. And it all ends on a mostly happy note as Peter finally earns his happy ending...at least till the third movie came out. I haven't seen the third one in years so I'll have to see what all the fuss is about on that one. Spider-Man 2 is one of the most awesome superhero movies to date and probably the best Marvel movie to date outside of the MCU and the X-Men franchise.
January 13, 2018
Great follow up to Spider-Man. Most of the same high points and hiccups of the first, but a better story and action scenes. Felt funnier than the first movie and everyone felt more comfortable in their roles.
January 12, 2018
Better than the first one
½ January 6, 2018
Better than the first, with a more relatable villain and deeper character piece on Peter and the struggles of being a superhero with a secret identity. Easily the best Spider-Man movie ever made (Homecoming is the latest Spidey film out as of this writing) and one of the best superhero films ever.
½ January 4, 2018
It's everything a sequel should be. The action is better,it utilises the fact that the characters have already been developed and improved some of the flaws with the first film (it's tone)
The film really makes you feel for Peter Parker;because Peter has become spider-man it has really effected his life as Peter Parker,His grades "are steadily declining" he can't keep a job,all his friendships are crumbling and he's exhausted
The journey of him deciding whether it's a good idea carrying on being spider-man, is incredible. He does stuff like,lose his powers the same way he learnt them (by climbing up a wall in an alleyway)
because he stopped being spider-man it made the final fight even more satisfying
the train fight is one of the best action scenes in all films;the battle has both spider-man and doctor octopus fully utilise their powers
The villain wasn't the best in my opinion. Their was just nothing menacing about him and I never felt like he was the good guy-so either way you look at it,he's not that great of a villain. Also him talking to his arms was just silly to me. Albeit he's not a bad villain,like iron monger was,however,he's not a great villain like Heath Ledger's joker was
There are some story flaws as well,such as:
spider-man's loss of powers not being explained
why would doc ock need money?
and the pacing was a little slow
overall-it improves where the first film succeeded,it fixed what the first film failed in;it's the perfect sequel
as a grade:A
January 3, 2018
With a fantastic villain, great character depth and amazing action, this is one of the best superhero films of all time with an incredible villain.
December 28, 2017
Good idea's executed poorly by Raimi. This movie didn't do much for me.
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