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November 11, 2018
Masterpiece, I don't know what to say, but this movie was just, a masterpiece of the superhero genre. I'm flattered by this movie's greatness.
November 11, 2018
Spider Man 2 is the best movie since I was born.
November 8, 2018
Best Marvel movie and the second best superhero movie after The Dark Knight
November 4, 2018
Great movie 100% certified fresh
October 25, 2018
A fantastic movie which shows the true heroisim of Spider-Man and also everything he sacrifices plus it is hilarious
October 25, 2018
In 2002, Sony finally released their long anticipated Spider-Man film. Spider-Man was a success with critics and audiences alike, critics said the film redefined the modern superhero genre; the film broke a big record at the box office because it was the first film to ever reach over 100 million in its first weekend and later went onto grossing over 800 million worldwide becoming the 7th highest grossing film of all time and also becoming the third highest grossing film of 2002, just behind Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. It has dropped down to the 20th highest grossing film in Canada and The United States and it became the highest grossing superhero movie when it was released. Because Spider-Man became an instant success, it was fairly obvious that Sony wouldn't hesitate to make a sequel. Sam Raimi brings his knowledge of Spider-Man back to the table once again in this impressive second film that yet again stars Tobey Maguire whom gives us a much more compelling performance as Peter Parker than he did in the original film, Kirsten Dunst returns as Mary Jane Watson, James Franco reappears here as Harry Osborn who's now only motivation is to avenge his father by killing the one he thinks is responsible, Spider-Man and indie actor Alfred Molina plays the villain, Doc Ock.

The story continues on from the first Spider-Man film and we now find Peter Parker struggling to balance his life as Spider-Man and Peter Parker. He lives in a cheap apartment from Landlord Mister Ditkovich and can never pay his rent because he only makes money by taking pictures of his alter ego Spider-Man for The Daily Bugle and has to spend his money on survival e.g.food. Not only that but because he is fighting crime as Spider-Man, he can never make it to Curt Connors' classes which threatens his college education. At Oscorp, Otto Octavius's experiment on electrical fusion goes crazy and leaves Otto with six octopus like arms which are attached to his body; because his wife was killed in the accident, Otto turns into Doc Ock and will do anything to finish his experiment. Now that Oscorp is shut down, Harry spends his time at home all day trying to plot an idea to kill Spider-Man now that he has lost his job as head of Oscorp Industries. But Peter is having troubles of his own as his spider powers are fading and his crush, Mary Jane, unexpectedly gets engaged to J. Jonah Jameson's (head of The Daily Bugle) son.

When I first viewed Spider-Man 2, I wasn't too impressed however, upon a few rewatches, I have come to love this film. Tobey Maguire brings us a better performance in this film and really hits the emotional mark of his performance. The supporting cast are great in their roles too, most of whom improve upon their latest performance, all the characters are extremely well developed and fleshed out. J.K Simmons is yet again hilarious as J. Jonah Jameson (however, the funniest scenes in the film can only be seen in the extended cut titled Spider-Man 2.1). My favourite scene in the film is when a pedestrian shouts "He stole that guy's pizza" because it is absolutely hilarious and is best line in the Spider-Man trilogy. Alfred Molina is really the man of the hour as Doctor Otto Octavius, Doc Ock. Unlike most people, I prefer Willem Dafoe villain, probably as his villain is more fleshed out, menacing and original. Nonetheless, Alfred Molina provides us with a splendid and satisfactory villain thanks to Sam Raimi's directing and writing. As far as the visuals go, Spider-Man 2 shows us probably the best visuals effects as of 2004 and Spider-Man's web swinging and fighting looked more fluid and real. The green screen is hardly noticeable in the film and the action sequences are top notch. Yes, Sam Raimi provides us with spectacular fight scenes which are the highpoint of Sam Raimi's trilogy. The train fight is probably the most noticeable here and is still one of Spider-Man's best fight scenes featured in a live action movie to date. The way the scene ends is perfect due to the people's reaction to Spider-Man's identity. "He is just a kid, no older than my son." However the hospital scene was fine but could of been accompanied by a creepy score to really set the mood.

The film biggest blemish is the story. The film is badly paced and relies on the audiences engagement on Peter's life due to the significant time gaps between action scenes. The film cannot decide whether it wants to be a fun action flick or a serious drama and it felt like the creators were not that devoted to the action. But thankfully, Tobey gives us a perfect performance that ultimately makes the film work. The stand out scene of the Peter Parker fragments is the burning building scene, yes the scene may feel like a rehash from the first but the scene is wickedly powerful because we get to see that Peter is still courageous even without the Spider-Man vizard on. However one of my favourite non action scenes is definitely the Raindrops Keep Falling part. The song works uncommonly well and showcases that Peter is supplementary without Spider-Man; the song ends up being stuck in your head forever though. Most of the other songs included work brilliantly well including "Hold On" by Jet.The whole plot-line of Peter losing his powers was smart but resulted in a lack of action scenes as this storyline is mainly about Peter not being able to be Spider-Man. However that subplot is clever nonetheless. I also liked that they used J. Jonah Jameson's son as Mary Jane's fiance. But the best thing is that Spider-Man 2 contains is the message of sacrifice. Spider-Man 1 failed to express the quality of sacrifice, sacrifice is always a big thing towards the character of Spider-Man and Peter normally has to sacrifice everything to stop his enemies. Spider-Man 2 beautifully illustrates this message due to the amazing train fight where Peter has to sacrifice keeping his identity a secret if he wants to save the innocent citizens on the train.

Now onto the biggest setback any film could face, plot holes. All films have them so let's talk about them. Firstly why did Doc Ock throw a taki at Peter and Mary Jane just because he wanted their attention. Harry told Otto not to hurt Peter but then Otto goes onto almost murdering the poor lad just because he wants to talk to Peter. If you killed him you wouldn't of got the information. If Peter wasn't Spider-Man he would of died. Doc Ock doesn't even know that Peter is in fact the well known web slinger yet then why throw a car at him. Secondly, throughout the runtime, Doc Ock is shot at and punched at multiple times but he is not superhuman so why does he always come out unscarred. He isn't invincible, he is just a normal scientist without any powers but he does have mechanical arms attached to him but that won't make him powerful. Thirdly, when the fusion reactor is going off, it attracts necklaces but not ear rings and walls but not metal floors or ventilators and piping.Wouldn't the arms get attracted by the fusion reactor as well? Finally, instead of being shown in a secure lab, the first public fusion reactor experiment is executed in a skyscraper in New York. But no one is bothered about starting a nuclear reactor demonstration, that has never been achieved before, on the tenth floor of a skyscraper.

In the end, Spider-Man 2 is a well developed and fleshed out film featuring solid performances and spectacular action sequences; all the plot points are shown to their full capability and are cleverly written and engaging and the message of sacrifice is groundbreaking. However, the story lets the film done though, being badly structured and poorly paced, it ultimately cannot decide whether to be an action flick or a drama. Furthermore, I would urge you to watch the extended cut over the original cut as the extended cut provides more depth to the story and some humour filled sequences as well as some well deserved extended action segents. But anyway, I am gonna give Spider-Man 2 a B+.
½ October 24, 2018
This movie is unbelievable and gets everything right about Spider-Man his Character his motives but if this Movie had today's CGI it will be a true Masterpiece.
October 21, 2018
Spider-Man 2 is a FANTASTIC MASTERPIECE. Best film of 2004. Still the greatest Spider-Man movie. Still the second best Marvel movie right behind Logan. Still the third greatest superhero/comic book movie right behind Logan. Way better than that overrated Homecoming. This should have MUCH higher than 81% on the RT audience score. This should at least have a 94% or 95% RT audience score. Why does that overrated Return of the Jedi have a higher audience score than this??? The RT audience is fucking stupid and retarded. Spider-Man 2 should have a higher RT audience score than Iron Man, The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, Ant-Man and the Wasp, X-Men, X2: X-Men United, X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Deadpool, Deadpool 2, and Venom. Spider-Man 2 is better than all of those movies. Tobey Maguire is brilliant and great in this movie. Alfred Molina is brilliant and perfect as Dr. Otto Octavias/Doc Ock. Doc Ock is still the best and most memorable Spider-Man movie villain. Doc Ock's motivation is amazing. He is a sympathetic super villain in this movie. Spider-Man 2 is one of those rare sequels that are better than their predecessor. The action in Spider-Man 2 is much better than the action in Spider-Man. The action sequences are spectacular! The acting is great and even better than the acting in its predecessor. The directing is fabulous and is even much better directed than its predecessor. The editing in Spider-Man 2 is SO MUCH better than the editing in the previous Spider-Man film. The writing is great. The pacing is great. The plot is amazing. The characters are great. The cast is amazing. The dialogue is great. The soundtrack is fantastic. Sam Raimi really did an outstanding job on directing this sequel.

Rating: 10/10
October 19, 2018
For Spider-Man 2, the writers took the first Spider-Man and made it ten times better. This is one of those cases where the sequel is better than the original. With Peter Parker trying to be in college, have a job, and keep Spider-Man a secret. He also is losing the relationships of his closest friends. So he quits being Spider-Man. But there's still the evil Dr. Octopus roaming around the city after a science experiment gone bad. All in all, Spider-Man 2 improves on its original in almost every way. A+
October 16, 2018
Effortlessly balancing great character drama and excellent action sequences, Spider-Man 2 still proves to be one of the best films in the superhero genre.
½ October 15, 2018
With confident direction and a bold story, Spider-Man 2 could be considered the definitive web-slinger feature, made all the more compelling thanks to Alfred Molina's Doctor Octopus.
October 13, 2018
Surprisingly, I didn't like it that much, until towards the end, then alittle more.
October 12, 2018
A classic sequel that is better than the first installment.
October 6, 2018
Spider-Man 2 is the second film in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy which was critically acclaimed by critics who called it "the best comic book movie of all time." Spider-Man 2 stars Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson, J. K Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson, Rosemary Harris as Aunt May, James Franco as Harry Osborn with Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus and Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man/Peter Parker; the film is directed by Sam Raimi.

The plot is fictional and is based on the Spider-Man comics written by Stan Lee. The plot centers Peter Parker who is trying to juggle his life as Peter Parker and Spider-Man, he is a student of Curt Connors and is currently renting an apartment from tenant Mr Ditkovich. But when an experiment at Oscorp goes horribly wrong, Doctor Octavius turns into Doctor Octopus and he'll stop at nothing to finish to his experiment. Now, Harry Osborn is out of a job now that Oscorp has fallen so he is now pursuing his quest to avenge his father by killing the one he thinks is responsible, Spider-Man, however Harry doesn't know that his bestie is his greatest enemy. Not only that but Peter is slowly losing his Spider-Man powers and is also in shock when he finds out M.J, his crush, is getting married; Peter is still trying hard to hide his identity.

The real reason Spider-Man 2 works so well because it brings out the humanity of Spider-Man. "I believe there's a hero in all of us...". Not only that but the film is supported by a strong male lead. Even though he was nearly thirty years of age when the film was released, Tobey Maguire is still able to be a convincing Peter Parker due to his 'baby' face.

The second thing to talk about is the story, the film feels very short and it toke over half an hour until the villain was introduced and that thirty minutes whizzed by. The story of having Jameson's son be M.J's fiance was clearly written and the train sequence was the stand out scene. The action was great and the visuals looked stunning and this film picked up a Oscar for visuals, however the action was in short supply but the action was brilliant whenever there was violence, including the brilliant train scene, the final fight and the hospital scene, however the hospital scene needed a score behind it to create a creepy atmosphere.

This film didn't improve upon the first but the film was much funnier and Spider-Man was more quippy. My favorite line of Spider-Man 2 is when Peter runs into an alleyway and comes out swinging as Spider-Man because there is this one guy that shouts "he stole that guy's pizza." This line is still one of the best comic book movie lines ever and the person who came up with that line is a genius. Plus Tobey Maguire gave a better performance then he did in Spider-Man 1 because of his character development and arc.

The best thing about Spider-Man 2 is the fact that Peter's powers are fading and that he is unmasked by multiple people. The arc of Spider-Man's powers fading felt realistic and it was great to see the reactions when citizens found out Spider-Man's secret identity. "He's..just a kid. No older than my son."

Alfred Molina, wow! His performance was one of the other stand out things of Spider-Man 2. He wasn't really a villain. His goals were easy to follow and he was a mistaken character making us feel sympathetic towards him. The audience were able to follow his arc into villainy as it was interesting because of the sympathy surrounding Alfred's character. The villain in general didn't quite match up to The Green Goblin in the first Spider-Man film due to his lack of originality.

Overall Spider-Man 2 will please Spider-Man fans due to its depth and stand out action sequences even if it's not as fun as the first Spider-Man film.

Grade B+ - The Humanity of Spider-Man
½ October 6, 2018
I enjoyed this movie
October 1, 2018
This is my favorite movie of all time!!!
September 29, 2018
This very confused movie! for 1, there are 2 plots: 1 plot is about the "spider" man who fight crime and save city from evil D.r Octavious. And then there other plot about Peter Parker who is pizza man, photo grapher, student and just normal guy. I think "is he ever going to meet the spider man?" But no! Peter never meet "Spider" man, even though they sound like, look like, even sound like each other. They could be cousins, may be brothers. I think "is Peter dead like that movie 5 th sense?" (spoil alert(. But no again! This movie try to be 2 movies at same time!

A nother problem: this movie call "Spider-Man 2" but there only 1 spider man! Where is other "Spider" Man? ?? Was it .Dr Ozavious? Was it Peter the pizza man? Who know! May be the other Spider Man was dead whole time, like 5 sense. He did say his "spidey senses" tingling!

Any way, this good movie over the all, just need to think about it more BEFORE they make it. May be I should write the Spider Man 2 Sequel!
September 27, 2018
Better than the first in so many ways, to some it might be boring but i thought it was one of the greatest sequels of all time and so far the best Spider man movie, Homecoming almost changed my mind.
September 25, 2018
September 22, 2018
Spider-Man 2 is without a doubt, one of the best superhero movies ever made. It's a superhero film that doesn't feel like a superhero film. It's a great drama movie, with a great cast, stunning action, amazing story and spectacular direction and editing. It focuses on the theme of Sacrifice and till this day, it's the only comic book film that portrays that theme in a beautiful way.
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