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Street Kings contains formulaic violence but no shred of intelligence.



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In the wake of the L.A. riots, an LAPD vice detective who always went above and beyond the call of duty to keep the streets safe receives a startling wake-up call that leaves him convinced he can no longer employ the tactics that made him so effective in his work. LAPD veteran Tom Ludlow (Keanu Reeves) has borne personal witness to the worst that the streets have to offer, and when his partner, Detective Terrance Washington (Terry Crews), is killed the violence strikes a bit too close to home. Now Ludlow is on a mission to bring his partner's killer to justice, though Captain Walker (Forest Whitaker) is concerned that the hotheaded detective is taking the case too personally. Now, as Captain Walker attempts to convince Ludlow to work within the confines of the law, Internal Affairs Captain Biggs (Hugh Laurie) begins following the vengeful lawman's every move. In order to accomplish his mission, Ludlow recruits fresh-faced Robbery Homicide Detective Diskant (Chris Evans) to trace Washington's killers through the winding streets of Los Angeles. Later, when Ludlow and Diskant come face to face with the remorseless cop killers, they must chose between upholding the law and seeking bitter vengeance.


Keanu Reeves
as Detective Tom Ludlow
Forest Whitaker
as Captain Jack Wander
Hugh Laurie
as Captain James Biggs
Chris Evans
as Detective Paul Diskant
Jay Mohr
as Sergeant Mike Clady
Terry Crews
as Detective Terrence Washington
Naomie Harris
as Linda Washington
as Coates
The Game
as Grill
Martha Higareda
as Grace Garcia
John Corbett
as Detective Dante Demille
Amaury Nolasco
as Detective Cosmo Santos
Michael Monks
as Pathologist
Daryl Gates
as The Chief
Clifton Powell
as Sergeant Green
Angela Sun
as Julie Fukashima
Kenneth Choi
as Boss Kim
Walter Wong
as Thug Kim
Garet T. Sato
as Toilet Man
Kerry Ph Wong
as Union Market Clerk
Aaron Earl McPherson
as Union Market Cop #1
Paul Anthony Barreras
as Union Market Cop #2
Dorian Logan
as Beating Victim
Yonda Davis
as Prostitute #1
Siobhan Parisi
as Prostitute #2
Michael D. Roberts
as Older Black Man
Kami Jones
as Black Woman
Jernard Burks
as Money Shirt
Kevin Benton
as Lt. Van Buren
Amy Dudgeon
as Assistant D.A.
Genesis Codina
as Little Mexican Girl
Michaela Pereira
as News Anchor
Vance S. Bjorklund
as Honor Guard Sergeant
Jaime Fitzsimmons
as Senior Captain
Kenyon Gilbert
as Gang Banger
Joanne Chew
as Park Twin #1
Kel-Ann Hsieh
as Park Twin #2
Patrick Gallagher
as LAPD Captain
Kirstin Pierce
as Clady's Wife
Kate Clarke
as Demille's Girlfriend
Carlos Amezcua
as Co-Anchor
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  • Jan 17, 2016
    An average cop drama film that had the formula to be great but it gets lost in the story and with all the twists and turns that keep happening it was hard to keep up with who was good and bad and that really killed the film for me, Keanu Reeves was good but quite bland in scenes, Some quite good and brutal shootouts, Forest Whitaker was as he usually is great and steals the show but even he can't save this film from becoming just another forgetful cop drama.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer
  • Sep 14, 2011
    While "Street Kings" might not be the smartest Crime Thriller ever made it certainly is an entertaining, if somewhat down and gritty, look into corrupt cops in the LAPD. While most critics may view this negative slant on the police as a bad or inappropriate thing to do, I for one am sure it happens and don't mind the portrayal. The film is brutal and the violence plenty but if you can stomach it, the film entertains and gets it's message across in a rather literal sense. Keanu Reeves finally is looking more like an adult, now in his mid-forties, and really carries the film quite well with his nuanced performance of a street detective finally opening his eyes to the corrupt men around him.
    Chris B Super Reviewer
  • Jul 15, 2010
    In regards to crime-thrillers, there comes to mind a noirish caper so inarguably amazing that it has quickly ascended to the top of this reviewer's list of all-time favorite films. James Ellroy's serpentine story of police corruption unfolds with breathless precision while the photography brilliantly captures the tinhorn beauty and, at the same time, discomforting darkness of the City of Angels. And the pitch-perfect cast, directed with such precise and uncompromised vision, expertly fills this storied canvas. The film in question is called LA Confidential but this reviewer is here to talk about the over-wrought dummy bullet Street Kings, a movie whose plot is so tired that it could be termed 'narcoleptic.' In the R-rated Street Kings, a disgraced LAPD officer (Reeves) uncovers corruption in the police department and sets out on a mission to redeem his honor. Screenwriter/director David Ayers has revisited the theme of LA police corruption time (director, Harsh Times) and time (producer, Training Day) and time again (screenwriter, Dark Blue). As his career has progressed, his scripts have shown less and less novelty while, as director, his choice of shots and casting leaves much to be desired. With Ellroy (LA Confidential, Black Dahlia) having co-written the story, however, there came a smidgen of promise. What results, however, is just another bullet-ridden testosterone tale of redemption with twists and turns as exciting as an unpaid parking ticket. Worse, he takes down some game players along with him. Though always electric, Whitaker is terribly miscast as the duplicitous police chief and Reeves barely generates a simmer of intensity. Bottom Line: Kicked to the curb.
    Jeff B Super Reviewer
  • Jun 09, 2010
    Took me long enough to watch this that's for sure. Well absolutely no words. I missed Keanu Reeves's attitude, the kind of attitude you expect from an actor of his scale, and all the others present with him, i mean WoW, what a cast, seriously. The "air" feels kinda like the one in Harsh Times with Christian Bale and Freddy Rodriguez, the plot very different though, with some mystery and a twist. It has a fast pace, keeping you interested. Still can't believe i missed this for so long. It's fucking worth every penny. Enjoy
    Ovi G Super Reviewer

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