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Striking Distance

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Weighed down by a rote story and passionless performances, Striking Distance represents one of the lesser '90s genre outings from action hero Bruce Willis.



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A maverick Pittsburgh policeman loses his job after he shares his suspicion that one of his colleagues is a serial killer. This thriller centers on his hunt to prove his point, a search that becomes more desperate when the killer begins killing the cop's female associates.


Bruce Willis
as Det. Tom Hardy
Tom Sizemore
as Det. Danny Detillo
Brion James
as Det. Eddie Eiler
Dennis Farina
as Capt. Nick Detillo
Robert Pastorelli
as Det. Jimmy Detillo
Timothy Busfield
as Tony Sacco
John Mahoney
as Lt. Vince Hardy
Andre Braugher
as Dist. Atty. Frank Morris
Tom Atkins
as Sgt. Fred Hardy
Mike Hodge
as Capt. Penderman
Jodi Long
as Officer Kim Lee
Robert Gould
as Douglas Kesser
Gareth Williams
as Chick Chicanis
Ed Hooks
as Attorney Gunther
Julianna McCarthy
as Judge Helen Kramer
Sally Wiggin
as Newscaster #1
Andrea Martin
as Newscaster
Suzanne Vafiadis
as Newscaster #3
Michael Canavan
as Officer Gary Hardy
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Critic Reviews for Striking Distance

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Audience Reviews for Striking Distance

  • Aug 24, 2012
    Bruce Willis may have been hot stuff when he hit the scene with Die Hard but films like this showcase all the poor choices he made along the way. The filmmaker is quite weak, no real tension on the screen or chemistry by the actors. Willis is one of the key reasons why this film fails, he has zero of that charm he normally has, he essentially sleepwalks through every scene. The background history of this film is interesting and you can see why this film failed to ignite the box office. This could have been a good film if Willis was not involved, why he would sign up for this is the true question. This could have been a good thriller had they not decided to ramp up the action to a relentless level. The plot has numerious holes and a scene where they blow up a car with the person driving it escaping, Willis is riduculed for being reckless but where was the driver and who owned the car? Dumb logic and clear reshoots ruin a poor film and this is just a poor film on the Willis resume. 13/10/2018.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Feb 16, 2011
    Just found out about this random Bruce Willis movie from 1993. I don't even know if anyone remembers this, because I haven't even heard about it until recently, and I consider myself a fan of Bruce Willis. Anyway, it's another pretty cool cop film; Bruce Willis does a good job as usual, and the supporting cast, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Dennis Farina, and Tom Sizemore, is surprisingly good. There's nothing new here, but it's still a cool film. Very predictable at times...I figured out the "twist" ending right away, but the film is a fun ride even knowing what's going to happen way before it actually does.
    Stephen S Super Reviewer
  • Dec 18, 2009
    "Who's the best cop now?" When a film's director is named Rowdy Herrington, a name that reminds me of a bad SNL character, the film's gotta be... something something. Herrington has faded from the biz and Willis had his disappointments of his career at the time of this movie. Why Herrington didn't continue making movies is probably because of 'Striking Distance' and his earlier attempt of becoming the next Spielberg... 'Road House'. I'm not gonna go into details about the movie, because there really isn't anything good mentioning about it. Willis is Willis and there's a lot of known faces but to be honest... they all suck. Their acting sucks and the script, which sucks, can be thanked for that. It just doesn't give any good material to work on. In the end, 'Striking Distance' will not be remembered at all. Instantly forgotten and a shameful piece of work in Willis' CV. Skip it away now!
    Jani H Super Reviewer
  • Dec 13, 2009
    A film from a low period in Willis' career, this really is a load of old tosh. The story is nothing special and the actors (Willis included) are only going through the motions. Sarah Jessica Parker is absolutely awful and the killer is bloody obvious. One to watch (in a double bill with Colour of Night) with a few beers and a few mates so that you can have a few laughs at how awful it all is.
    David S Super Reviewer

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