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Former NBC-TV scriptwriter Larry Cohen directed this surreal, violent horror spoof that features a sweet-tasting white confection that looks like ice cream oozing up from the ground. A hamburger-chain operator, Colonel Spears (Paul Sorvino), teams up with an ice-cream maker, Chocolate Chip Charlie (Garrett Morris), to tap into the sticky blob's commercial potential by turning it into a best-selling confection. The trouble is, the stuff turns people who consume it into addicts and then into zombies, as it eats away at them from the inside. Messy and grotesque scenes dominate the satire, which stars Michael Moriarty as the investigator trying to discover the secret behind the violence. Moriarty and Sorvino would go on years later to team up on television's Law and Order. Cohen livens up this film with cameo appearances by several television commercial personalities, including Clara Peller, the "Where's the beef?" lady.


Michael Moriarty
as David 'Mo' Rutherford
Garrett Morris
as 'Chocolate Chip' Charlie W. Hobbs
Paul Sorvino
as Colonel Malcolm Grommett Spears
Danny Aiello
as Vickers
James Dixon
as Postman
Russell Nype
as Richards
Gene O'Neill
as Scientist
Cathy Schultz
as Waitress
James Dukas
as Gas Station Attendant
Peter Hock
as State Trooper
Colette Blonigan
as Jason's Mother
Robert Frank Telfer
as Jason's Father
Brian Bloom
as Jason's Brother
Marilyn Staley
as Stuff Girl
Beth Teagarden
as Investigator
Ann Dane
as Hostess
Harry Bellaver
as Old Miner
Rutanya Alda
as Psychologist
Edward Power
as Executive
Abe Vigoda
as Old Couple in Stuff Commercial
Clara Peller
as Old Couple in Stuff Commercial
Brooke Adams
as Girl in Stuff Commercial
Nick Taylor
as Ex-FBI Man
Patrick O'Neal
as Stuff Executive
Heidi Miller
as Girl in Franchise
Tammy Grimes
as Herself
Adrianne Sachs
as Studio Aide
Bobbi Burns
as Secretary
Laurene Landon
as Guest Star in "Stuff Commercials"
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  • Nov 18, 2015
    Looks like a silly horror film, however it's actually a very clever and subversive comment on our attitudes towards fast food.
    Marcus W Super Reviewer
  • Nov 20, 2014
    It is so appallingly awful that it doesn't even work as a commentary about the kind of crap people ingest without knowing what it is, and so it is only trashy, nonsensical, with a ridiculous sense of humor and terribly directed by someone who clearly has no idea what mise-en-scène is.
    Carlos M Super Reviewer
  • Jun 27, 2014
    You know what surprised me most about this film? Hell, it's not even the silliness around the film's plot, which is purposely goofy. It's Michael Moriarty's surprising comic timing. It's not even the best comedic role in the film, but he does have his moments. Perhaps I'm most surprised because I was used to seeing him in Law and Order, thanks to my mom who is a big fan of the show and I always caught her watching the reruns, and that show is always super serious. It always seemed to me that he probably wouldn't have done well in comedy. Granted it helps that this movie is obviously tongue-in-cheek and purposely absurd. But Michael Moriarty was actually pretty funny in this film. With that said, the most memorable part of the film is definitely Paul Sorvino, the right-wing, nut job soldier. He's incredibly entertaining in his small role. While the film is certainly entertaining enough for what it's aiming to be, I just felt that something was lacking. In some parts it almost seems like the film is trying too hard to be silly and goofy. That definitely works against it in some parts. But there's also some very, surprisingly, social commentary on drugs in this film. It shouldn't be any surprise to you if you end up thinking about drugs like cocaine and the incredibly addictive nature of some of these really hardcore drugs. In that regard the movie is pretty intelligent all things considered. It's just not a movie, that in spite of its relatively short running time, isn't consistently entertaining. I still enjoyed watching this, it's just not what I would consider a good movie. It's certainly no Night of the Creeps. Still, this is fun if you want some B-movie silliness.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • Nov 11, 2012
    "The Stuff" isn't so much a B movie as it is just a plain bad movie. It almost seems as though it was made with the worst of intentions; as though Larry Cohen was hell bent on dragging an awesome premise through the lowest levels of mediocrity. It's incoherent, unevenly paced, clumsily edited and the acting is horrid, although I relished the performance of Michael Moriarty. "The Stuff" is just a bad, bad film -- so bad that it's just boring. But then again, B movies have never my thing, so I guess I'm the wrong person to be watching them.
    Stephen E Super Reviewer

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