Paul Sorvino

Paul Sorvino

Highest Rated: 100% The Devil's Carnival: Alleluia! (2015)

Lowest Rated: 0% How Sweet It Is (2013)

Birthday: Apr 13, 1939

Birthplace: Not Available

It took 18 years of voice lessons for Paul Sorvino to console himself to the fact that an operatic career was beyond his reach. Having done some acting while attending the American Music and Dramatic Academy, Sorvino decided to pursue the theatre full-time, continuing his studies at New York's American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He made his Broadway debut as a constable in the 1964 musical Bajour, and six years later appeared in his first film, Where's Poppa. His stardom was secured when he received an avalanche of critical praise for his performance as Phil Romano in the 1972 Broadway play That Championship Season, a role he repeated in the 1981 film version. A convincing heavy in such films as Goodfellas and Dick Tracy, Sorvino has been even more effective in comedy, notably as the Reverend Willie Williams, a flamboyant Jimmy Swaggart takeoff in Carl Reiner's Oh, God (1978). And in the 1976 Elliott Gould-Diane Keaton vehicle I Will, I Will...For Now, Sorvino served up a near-autobiographical vignette in which he tearfully mimed to a recording of I Pagliacci. Squeezing as many TV appearances into his schedule as possible, Sorvino has starred in the weekly series We'll Get By (1975, as George Platt), Bert D'Angelo/Superstar (1976, in the title role) and The Oldest Rookie (1987, as Detective Ike Porter). In 1991, he took over from George Dzundza on the popular series Law and Order, and in 1993 he subbed for the late Raymond Burr in a Perry Mason TV movie. Additional scattered TV credits have included sporadic appearances as Bruce Willis' dad in Moonlighting, and the "Lamont" counterpart in the never-aired original pilot for Sanford and Son. Possessed of seemingly inexhaustible versatility, Sorvino played Henry Kissinger in Oliver Stone's Nixon (1995). Despite his many on-camera commitments, Sorvino has remained active in the theatre as both an actor and director. Paul Sorvino is the father of Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino. In the years to come, Sorvino would remain active on screen, appearing in films like The Cooler and Mr. 3000. In 2014, he guest-starred on the comedy The Goldbergs, playing Jeff Garlin's semi-estranged father.


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No Score Yet Mr. Fix It Wally 2006
No Score Yet Last Hour Steinfeld 2006
No Score Yet Bullets over Hollywood Narrator 2005
No Score Yet Goodnight, Joseph Parker Charlie 2004
55% Mr. 3000 Gus Panas $21.8M 2004
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77% The Cooler Buddy Stafford $8.2M 2003
32% Mambo Italiano Gino Barberini $6.3M 2003
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29% Hey Arnold! The Movie Scheck $13.6M 2002
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75% The Firm Joey Morolto (uncredited) 1993
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No Score Yet Nightmare Lt. Willman 1991
96% GoodFellas Paul Cicero 1990
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72% Oh, God! Rev. Willie Williams 1977
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44% The Day of the Dolphin Curtis Mahoney 1973
83% A Touch of Class Walter Menkes 1973
No Score Yet Cry Uncle Coughing Cop 1971
85% The Panic in Needle Park Samuels 1971
No Score Yet Made for Each Other Gig's Father 1971
No Score Yet Fury on Wheels Actor 1971
90% Where's Poppa? Owner of Gus & Grace's Home 1970


91% Godfather of Harlem
Frank Costello 2019
80% Bad Blood
25% Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders
Dr. Dominic Scarpa 2017
No Score Yet Celebrity Family Feud
Appearing 2016
No Score Yet The Goldbergs
Pop-Pop 2014
No Score Yet Still Standing
Al Miller Al 2006
No Score Yet Law & Order
Det. Phil Cerreta 2006
88% Jack & Bobby
President Lorio 2004
83% That's Life
Frank DeLucca 2002
89% Star Trek: The Next Generation
Dr. Nikolai Rozhenko 1994
No Score Yet Murder, She Wrote
Al Sidell 1989
97% Moonlighting
David Addison Sr. 1986
No Score Yet The Streets of San Francisco
Bert D'Angelo 1976


Henry Kissinger says: There are times when even the president can go too far.

Neville Sinclair says: C'mon, Eddie. I'm paying you well. Does it really matter where the money comes from? [siding with the G-men to fight the Nazis]

Eddie Valentine says: It matters to me. I may not make an honest buck, but I'm 100% American. I don't work for no two-bit Nazi. Let the girl go! [Neville laughs, then calls out - in German - a group of hidden armed Sturmabteilung German soldiers who promptly hold everyone at gunpoint]

Eddie Valentine says: It matters to me. I may not make an honest buck, but I'm 100% American. I don't work for no two-bit Nazi. Let the girl go!

Big Boy Caprice says: You're dirty, Lips. You need a bath.

Lips Manlis says: No, not the bath, Big Boy! Not the Bath!

Lips Manlis says: That was beautiful as always.

Breathless Mahoney says: I'm so happy you liked it. You mind if I leave?

Lips Manlis says: Why?

Breathless Mahoney says: I get sick when you eat.

Lips Manlis says: You didn't used to.

Breathless Mahoney says: You didn't used to be a zeppelin.

Paul Cicero says: Just stay away from that garbage.

Paul Cicero says: You wasted 8 aprons on that guy.

Paul Cicero says: You wasted eight fuckin' aprons on that guy.

Col. Spears says: Pay the drivers, issue a ten-percent tip, get a cash receipt.

State Trooper says: Yes, sir!

Col. Spears says: Proceed to the main lobby; we will reassemble! HUP!

Col. Spears says: Proceed to the main lobby, we will reassemble! HUP!

Col. Spears says: I will permit this colored man to speak. But speak one word of the Commie party, or one word in code, and I will blow his head off.

Col. Spears says: The yellow sons of bitches, they took their own lives! Commie bastards, you cheated me!

Col. Spears says: I kind of like the sight of blood...but this is disgusting!

Col. Spears says: I kind of like the sight of blood, but this is disgusting!

Col. Spears says: We're Americans - we've never lost a war!

Col. Spears says: We're Americans, we've never lost a war!

Jason says: What about 'Nam, sir?

Col. Spears says: 'Nam? We lost that war at home, sonny.