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For its time, The Sun Also Rises was a reasonably frank and faithful adaptation of the 1926 Ernest Hemingway novel. Its main concession to Hollywood formula was the casting of star players who were all too old to convincingly portray Hemingway's "Lost Generation" protagonists. Tyrone Power heads the cast as American news correspondent Jake Barnes, who, after incurring a injury in WW I that has rendered him impotent, relocates to Paris to escape his troubles. Barnes links up with several other lost souls, including the nymphomaniacal Lady Brett Ashley (Ava Gardner), irresponsible drunkard Mike Campbell (Errol Flynn) and perennial hangers-on Robert Cohn (Mel Ferrer) and Bill Gorton (Eddie Albert). In their never-ending search for new thrills, Barnes and his cohorts trundle off to Spain, where they participate in the annual Pamplona bull run and act as unofficial "sponsors" of handsome young matador Pedro Romero (played by future film executive Robert Evans). Additionally, Lady Brett pursues a romance with Jake, despite her engagement to the dissolute Campbell. Filmed on location in Pamplona, Paris, Biarritz and Mexico, The Sun Also Rises was budgeted at $5 million; like many "big" pictures of the era, it tended to be hollow and draggy at times. The film's best performance is delivered by Errol Flynn, though it can be argued that, in taking on the role of the hedonistic, hard-drinking, burned-out Mike Campbell, he was merely playing himself. A vastly inferior version of The Sun Also Rises was produced for television in 1984.


Tyrone Power
as Jake Barnes
Ava Gardner
as Lady Brett Ashley
Errol Flynn
as Mike Campbell
Mel Ferrer
as Robert Cohn
Eddie Albert
as Bill Gorton
Gregory Ratoff
as Count Mippipopolous
Juliette Greco
as Georgette
Robert Evans
as Pedro Romero
Rebeca Iturbide
as Frances Cohn
Eduardo Noriega
as Mr. Braddock
Jacqueline Evans
as Mrs. Braddock
Pedro Romero
as Robert Evans
Carlos David Ortigos
as Manager of Romero
Lilia Guízar
as English Girl
Lee Morgan
as American at Bullfight
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Critic Reviews for The Sun Also Rises

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Audience Reviews for The Sun Also Rises

  • Apr 11, 2012
    A great cast cannot hide that most are 20 - 30 years older than Hemingway's reflection on damaged humanity pretending wholeness calls for. As well many of Hemingway's subtleties are neutered or cast away altogether. Still interesting ... especially Flynn's turn as basically himself - after the party's over.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Aug 23, 2009
    It's not dreadful but everybody is too old and it drags.
    jay n Super Reviewer
  • Nov 05, 2007
    the 1957 screen adaption of ernest hemingway's "the sun also rises" is disastrously blasphemous to a great book of its time and spirit. the basic storyline remains but other essential elelments get neglected and altered to fit into the patriachic social norm. and it even betrays the book's aloof nihilism by having its characters praying for a god, puritanically sanitized. further, it mars one of the earliest quitessential feministic characters in the field of american literature, brett ashley, by degrading her as a man-worshiper instead of its original portrait as the phallic woman with a defiant attitude of sexual liberation. hemingway's central core is based on an aimless existentialistic quest after the first world war, loss of belief in conventions for genders, church and social norm. and the scriptor seems retarded enough to eliminate every crucial line in the novel then create a tear-jerking mediocre romance. the original story in the novel would be: a postwar veteran journalist jake barnes who suffers from his love for a promiscuious woman named brett ashley. due to his wound from the war, he cannot have her due to physical impotency so he bitterly witnesses everyone around him carnally involved with her. then this woman sleeps with a jew named robert cohn whom he secretly comtempts, so this impotent loser schemes to revenge the jew by introducing this floozie to a bullfighter she has an immediate crush on, who is young enough to be her son. then the jew gets pissed so he smacks everyone to make a scene and be dismissed by brett. the other characters include jake's fishing pal bill who provides him solace of healthy companionship and the alcoholic fiancee of brett's,mike, who is a bankrupt hedonist with a sardonic sense of humor. eventually brett needs jake's money to leave the young bullfighter, so he rushes chivalrically to rescue her out of jam, and the story ends with brett uttering affectionate words like "we could have had a nice time together" while the man replies "isn't it pretty to think so?" both drenched in imaginary dreaminess as if the war didn't take jake's potency. the movie chooses to beautify jake so it could be a star vehicle for tyrone power, and ava gardner's brett craves for jake but jake refuses to accept her due to his "inferior complex"..and jake doesn't descend as a pimp in the movie...and cohn is not a jew in the movie. (anti-semiticism is not a wholesome idea to sell.)it totally betrays the original spirit of gender reversal since brett should be the aggressive one who just wanna sex then depart; jake would be the submissive one who is always awaiting her return...the movie finishes with her begging him to take her together and some dialogues added: "is there some way out of it?" "there must be an answer to it!" so suddenly hemingway's lost bohemians now yearn for a god to solve things??? the best acting surprisingly belongs to errol flynn whose humorous tone and drunk demeanors are adequate to the novel's depictions. so one star for flynn, one star for ava gardner's wardrobe and one star for its vivid cinematography. the rest stinks! hemingway's viewpoint would be the real hero is the bullfighter who rises up repeatedly after being beaten up by a jew(in the movie, the bullfighter just gets knocked down without rising back.), managing to continue his sacred career of bullfighter while he still carries the wound. but the director chooses a fresh-faced lad named robert evens to play this character, and it aggravates hemingway so deeply that he forms league with tyrone power, ava gardner and eddie albert together to protest to the studio, somehow evens still stays since the director says "the kid stays in the picture"...after his clumsy performance, evens realizes he has no "it" as an actor so he decides to become a producer then reaches glorious success of a series of masterpieces like "chinatown", "rosemary's baby", "godfather"....etc. and it's all recorded in the documentary "the kid stays in the picture"...i suggest audience either chooses to read the book of "the sun also rises" or watch robert evens' life story.
    Veronique K Super Reviewer

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