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A collection of hit-or-miss gags tied together by a thin plot.



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Former South Park writer and Win Ben Stein's Money sidekick Nancy Pimental makes her feature screenwriting debut with this relationship comedy. Cameron Diaz stars as Christina Walters, a jaded, club-hopping single woman in Boston who has given up trying to find the perfect mate to focus on "Mr. Right Now." Her equally cynical friend, Courtney (Christina Applegate), a divorce attorney, shares much the same attitude. Christina's life changes forever one evening at a nightclub where she meets Peter Donahue (Thomas Jane), a man she finds adorable and just about perfect. Unfortunately, Peter disappears and all she knows about him is that his brother, Roger (Jason Bateman), is getting married soon and having a bachelor party nearby. When crashing the party doesn't pan out, Courtney suggests they road trip to the wedding and Christina agrees, leading to encounters with a series of obstacles, including some funky leftovers and an insane bank security guard. The Sweetest Thing co-stars Parker Posey and Selma Blair.

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Cameron Diaz
as Christina Walters
Selma Blair
as Jane Burns
Thomas Jane
as Peter Donahue
Jason Bateman
as Roger Donahue
Parker Posey
as Judy Webb
Lillian Adams
as Aunt Frida
Bryan Anthony
as Geeky Guy
Vahe Bejan
as Taxi Driver
Eddie J. Low
as Chinese Butcher
Judith Chapman
as Judy's Mother
Charlie Dell
as Wedding Priest
Linda Asuma
as Brawling Bridesmaid
Joe Bellan
as Mr. Martin
Alexander S. Chance
as Wedding Guest No. 1
Timothy J. Dodge
as Bar Counter Guy
Rick Evans
as San Francisco Policeman No. 2
Melanie H. Gassaway
as Spinner No. 1
Jennifer Gimenez
as Mariangela
Marc Goldsmith
as Paramedic No. 1
Tria Katz
as Lynne
John Lehr
as Ralph
Loren Lester
as Mr. Mooney
George Maguire (II)
as Father Flynn
Mary Mahagian
as Park Ranger
James Mangold
as Dr. Greg
Shannon Murphy
as Spinner No. 3
Philip Pavel
as Room Service Waiter
John Bennett Perry
as Judy's Father
Nancy Priddy
as Mrs. Franklin
Manny Rodriguez
as San Francisco Policeman No. 1
Hellena Schmied
as Spinner No. 2
Linda Stein
as Wedding Guest No. 4
Erik Stolhanske
as Paramedic No. 2
Damon Williams
as Wedding Guest No. 2
Don Winston
as Eric the Bartender
Herbert Ankrom
as Wedding Guest No. 3
Cyia Batten
as Go-Go Dancer in Club
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  • Jan 12, 2015
    The raunchy sex comedy The Sweetest Thing is an atrociously awful piece of garbage. After connecting with a guy at a bachelor party Christina takes her friend on a road trip in order to crash the wedding in hopes of seeing him again. The comedy is cartoonishly stupid and really goes out of its way to be vulgar (like it's trying to prove a point). And, it's painful to watch Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate debase themselves with this insipid filth. Yet at times the film flirts with the "it's so bad it's good" territory. Trashy and tasteless, The Sweetest Thing is anything but.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 25, 2013
    Please, somebody could say to Cameron Diaz to stop make any movies, they're just horrible and that the only good comedy which she made a big role is There's Something About Mary and The Mask, thank you. The Sweetest Thing is a mix of a gross out and romcom that is really silly, so silly that makes me want to puke. It's one of this movies that is look like an awful music that you doesn't like, but stay in your mind and tortures you. Dispite the scene being in your mind, it have the able to make you embarrassed, from the first until the ridiculous ending credits.
    Lucas M Super Reviewer
  • May 02, 2012
    A fun and enjoyable rom-com that has a few tricks up it's sleeve to make it stand out above the average. Overall this film does deliver laughs but sometimes feels forced and unnatural, this hinders the enjoyment a bit. The story for this film is quite good and you connect with the characters involved bar Selma Blair who comes across a bit to open minded about her personality. This film is everything you expect with a few surprises that really make this much fun to watch but it is things like the forced jokes and the unnecessary songs that come in a couple of times that put you off. But if you like the genre or cast list then I am sure it will satisfy you with some factors that very slightly raise the bar.
    Luke C Super Reviewer
  • Sep 26, 2011
    The idea forwarded here seems to be that cows can be just as stupid and lewd and backward as bulls (!!!). The result amazingly reaches the same conclusion: boring, and embarrassingly so. The cast, however brave, fails to lift the material. The groaning you will hear, that'd be you.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer

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