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This is an unusual entry in the knights-in-armor genre. Set in medieval England, the film follows the exploits of a young swordsman, Talon (Lee Horsley). Working as a mercenary knight, Talon possesses a unique three-bladed sword which fires its two extra blades when he touches a button. By chance, Talon learns that he is a prince who has forgotten his royal heritage. Using his sword and his wiles, he attempts to regain control of his kingdom, which has been taken over by a sadistic tyrannical knight and an evil sorcerer. In doing so, he can save a princess who has been taken hostage by the usurpers. Comedy is interspersed with gory and licentious drama throughout the film, which was directed and written by Albert Pyun.


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  • Jul 16, 2012
    In an ancient land, a pillaging tyrant awakens an ancient sorcerer/demon and uses his powers to take over a kingdom. He manages to kill all but one of the royal family. The son, Talon escapes, using his father's triple-bladed sword to defeat his would-be captors. Years later, Talon is leading a band of mercenaries across the land when he's caught up in a rebellion against his family's murderer. It's a standard enough plot for one of these "sword and sorcerery" type films from the eighties (ie. "Conan the Barbarian", "The Beastmaster", etc), but it's goofily effective. The main character Talon (as portrayed by Lee Horsley) is kind of a goofy charmer, and the whole thing feels like a spirited throwback to the Douglas Fairbanks/Errol Flynn swashbucklers of old. Granted, the special effects are of the low budget variety, as are some of the actor's performances, but it's one of those films from my childhood that still holds some enjoyment and fun.
    Devon B Super Reviewer
  • Aug 06, 2011
    8os fantasy epic, which while id did take me back to days when there was sets and make up, and a 80/70s feel in every sence it also was very bad on every level so not a example of a good one.
    scott g Super Reviewer
  • Jul 15, 2011
    Mr Pyun's first film and after seeing it probably his best film with possibly the biggest budget and release success over all his productions. On top of that the film was actually reasonably well received and got a small toy line too!. On the visual side this film is really nice showing a lot of detail with some lovely sets and location work, the costumes on display really add to the mix too with lots of medieval armour, period type dresses/garments along with your more common barbarian/warrior approach. Of course if you think along the lines of 'Conan' 'Red Sonja' 'Krull' and even old swashbucklers with the likes of Errol Flynn you will get a good idea of what this film is like. Everything you relate to your average Dungeons & Dragons fantasy is in here, a hero who's parents are killed by an evil tyrant comes of age and comes back to kill the tyrant with his band of mercenaries armed with a powerful three bladed sword. Add a demon who also seeks revenge against the evil tyrant, a damsel in distress and the charm of 80's light and sound effects alongside over the top killing. The whole film is very cliched and predictable with a lot of hammy acting but its suppose to be that way really, it doesn't hide that fact and nor is it suppose to be a serious drama, in terms of action its a bit placid with lame fighting and silly blood but in terms of design and looks it beats Arnie's 'Conan' hands down!. The sequences with the evil undead demon sorcerer are really decent makeup wise and reminded me of 'Darkness' from 'legend', when the demon sorcerer perishes the effects are really really good too, quite a surprise. Its a slow burner in places and kinda rollercoasters with the excitement but it does have quite a classic feel about it, almost historical or Shakespearean in places with names like 'Cromwell' and the elegant attire. A few minor silly spots do remind you its a silly fantasy, one being the three bladed sword that looks too cumbersome and heavy to wield properly and then you discover it actually fires the blades individually as projectiles! very 'Krull'. Surprise winner if you enjoyed all the other similar fantasy films of the 80's, if you didn't then best avoid.
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Feb 12, 2010
    This is the epic culmination of Conan type cheese...and I love it. It has everything you'll ever want: swords, sorcery, battles, demons, regicide, evil wizards, epic battles (ok, I made that up), and the coolest 3 bladed sword in history. Actually the only 3 bladed sword ever, must be heavy as hell. But this is no ordinary 3 bladed sword! No, no, this sword has been rigged by Q to fire two of the blades through the air like an arrow using no propulsion whatsover! Cool as hell but not very practical...still, I want one of my very there a site to order old props like this? I want to be Lee Horsley for Halloween! Anyhow, King gets killed, prince excapes barely with 3 bladed sword. Grows up a Smart Ass Mercenary. Years later, due to a hot chick, (imagine that) decides to try and get back the throne and save the chick. Complicated plot but most should be able to handle it. When is this coming to blue ray??? This even has Bull from Night Court as a bad guy!
    Chad R Super Reviewer

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