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½ August 1, 2017
Only Jude Law is memorable and quite good in The Talented Mr. Ripley whereas Gwyneth Paltrow was entirely wasted on such a poor character and Matt Damon gave one of his worst performances. The film felt like two entirely different movies put together and neither one is good. The second half is your typical thriller whereas the first half made no sense whatsoever in its ridiculous story and character actions and a stupid relationship. It's such a foolish movie.
July 23, 2017
It's stylistic. Too stylistic, actually. But the Academy really missed the boat when they forgot to give a nomination to The Talented Mr. Damon.
June 11, 2017
A methodical film about one mans' descent into madness through lies, unrequited love and self-deception, The Talented Mr. Ripley is not the exciting thriller the trailers may have promised, hence my use of the word 'methodical.' Rather, it's a study of an individual driven by obsession to do despicable things completely out of character, because he literally IS out of character. Matt Damon is an enjoyable, if slightly bland, lead, and has his moment of genuine fright, but he's overshadowed by the performances of Jude Law and the late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman. Law is as charismatic as he is enigmatic, and it's easy to determine what Damon sees in him: A free-spirited capriciousness, an almost boyish carelessness and a beautiful, charming fiancée. He is so compelling and was rightly Oscar nominated, and the parts with him are easily the most entertaining. Hoffman is at his sleazy best, like an oily worm who slithers his way into and out of every scene, keeping our suspicions high whenever he's on screen. It's well written and directed, structuring the film so that tensions build and stakes get constantly higher, but the pacing, especially in the latter half, and the fact that it could easily be trimmed down, make it a bit of a chore to finish. But for those willing to sit back and witness a person losing his mind, possibly without even knowing it, and to see an acting showcase for some incredible talents, The Talented Mr. Ripley delivers.
June 9, 2017
A great thriller with a great cast !
May 10, 2017
With a stunning cast this psychological thriller is elevated above averageness thanks to their utterly convincing performances set among some beautiful European scenary. It also has great production, looks brilliant, love the score and the plot is enthralling with some rather abrupt and chilling violence mixed in. My only big issue is that the script is full of conveniences that just doesn't come across as believable.
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½ April 27, 2017
An oddball thriller that turns up the heat pretty quickly with a game changing plot twist an hour in. Matt Damon plays a perfectly creepy young man, Tom Ripley, who wants nothing more than to have a life full of friends. He quickly forms an obsession over Dickie Greenleaf (played by Jude Law) whom he was sent to Italy to bring back to the U.S., but things go awry when Tom takes things too far. The tone of the film changes from fun and playful to grim and violent very quickly. It's a mildly interesting crime driven character study taking place in a beautiful location: Italy. See it for the performances and visuals.
April 3, 2017
Interesting psychological study of a man caught up in one lie after another until he realizes there is no way out. Good, understated performance by Matt Damon. Also very good - Jude Law, as Dickie.
March 24, 2017
This movie moves FAST. Much less interesting for me after the big twist in the first act.
Beautifully shot and directed. PSH and Cate Blanchett were underutilized. I wish they were in every goddamn scene of this film, even if it made no sense.
½ March 6, 2017
I came to this character via this film, then discovered the novels later, and then finally the other filmed adaptations, so this will always have a special place in my heart since I discovered it first. I remain impressed with the way Damon is able to make the charismatic and opportunistic Ripley such a sympathetic character, as you find yourself rooting for him even when he's involved in the most brutal of murders. Hell, I even end the film feeling sorry for him with how things turn out, which is definitely a tribute to how well Damon plays the character.

Highly recommended.
February 2, 2017
It's good movie to watch
January 18, 2017
The talented Mr. Ripley turns in The talented Matt Damon that with his performances can prove his versatility, with a lot of twist and turns, clever and dark story, interesting narrative, strong script, this movie can be considered a psychological thriller's masterpiece.
January 11, 2017
What a poop fest. No plot whatsoever.
January 8, 2017
A thoroughly entertaining drama set in beautiful Italy. Stellar performances from all and the plot doesn't disappoint. One of my all time favorite movies. Have seen it at least twenty times.
December 9, 2016
It followed the original very closely, then they pull the rug from under you with the end. Had it stuck with the original's ending it would've been 5/5. Great cast, great acting, and cinematography was excellent. Some of the lighting and effects threw me off at the beginning, it seemed like they were trying hard to be edgy but I warmed up to it by the end. I love that they included bits of homosexuality by Ripley, something that was not nearly as acceptable in the early 1960s when the original was released. Great movie, would recommend
½ October 20, 2016
Interesting, nobody who wants to be a somebody; homo erotic. Murders and gets away with it.
½ October 13, 2016
Hitchcock probably would have loved the hell out of this movie.

Does a film need a better recommendation than that?
September 23, 2016
An intriguing, engaging story and performances make The Talented Mr. Ripley, an unconventional and fascinating thriller.
September 16, 2016
The longer this movie went on, the harder and harder it was to make myself keep watching. Matt Damon starts off okay but is utterly unlikeable by the middle of the movie. Literally everyone else in the movie was a better person than he, but I had the feeling that I was meant to empathize with him. I just couldn't. I was so relieved when the painfully predictable - and repellent - ending finally came and I could turn it off. Ugh.
September 5, 2016
Cinematically speaking it is fantastic, so very enjoyable to look at. Unfortunately I found the story itself (so eloquently told with the camera by this impressively competent star-studded cast) to be both stressful and depressing.
½ August 5, 2016
It's impossible to find The Talent Mr. Ripely anything less that captivating. Matt Damon played his character perfectly, supporting the brilliant cinematography and score into achieving the wonderful thriller this film turned out to be.
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