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      The Beaver Reviews

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      Sep 1, 2022

      This is not a mindless film. It is kind of deep and a little dark, but entertaining at the same time.

      Apr 9, 2022

      Mel Gibson is so ****ing funny, original, and sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

      Jul 11, 2021

      Mel: "Nice beaver." Jodie: "Thank you, I just had it stuffed."

      Aug 13, 2020

      A very interesting movie, if you want something different then check this one out, Mel Gibson is phenomenal, it has a very interesting perspective on mental health and depression, keep and open mind!

      Jul 5, 2020

      This was a very interesting and sad tale of a family come undone by mental illness, definitely a unique perspective. I think the acting is just okay along with Jodie Foster's direction, it just did not connect with me. I may have to watch The Beaver again someday, I can say I could have done without seeing it.

      Apr 27, 2020

      Channeling post-Gibson Hollywood meltdown sabbatical.

      Apr 23, 2020

      This movie was horrible even though it had two great A list actors in it. Bad script, and twisted plotline.

      Jun 30, 2019

      Nice surprise. Good watch, but third act is a bit weak. Gibson showing he can act.

      Nov 23, 2018

      Funny, sad, weird, strange, poignant. This movie is so many things. Excellent performances from Mel Gibson and actor/director Jodie Foster. A family, a company, and then the American public are introduced to Walter Black, a deeply depressed and disturbed man who gets through life by speaking through a hand puppet. Walter Black, his wife Meredith, and their oldest son go through much turmoil, but they all end up in a better place by the movie's end. This is not a happily ever after story, but more a story of coming out the other side after a tremendous struggle.

      Sep 4, 2018

      This drama might have been better, but at least, is almost successful.

      Jul 23, 2018

      Sad but strange little movie. The puppet sounded like Don Logan from Sexy Beast. All great the acting in this movie. Worth seeing

      May 15, 2018

      Mel Gibson's Best work.

      Aug 8, 2017

      great movie about depression makes u think

      Jul 31, 2017

      (5.0 out of 6) When all that we see we don't like seeing that we keep deep inside not letting out when it's not what others wish to see. When what others wish to see, it's hidden deep inside of us when what the world we see is not what we wish to see so we let something out to see for us. When we see some places are better left kept away and others we jump right in when we put our wrong face out and about and right face in and out away. When we see others seem to relate and enjoy when we let out when they have more to offer then we others we keep in. When what we see what is in, is trying something new and different that tries to make somethings workout. When we see what is out we can't see living our whole life with, when we like seeing the person inside more. When all what others see on the inside and outside of us we don't see it doesn't always match what we see in and out of others. When we wish others could always see us in this way forever but we can't always seem to get what others see in and out of us. When we do see some people enjoy seeing us in while others want us out to only see the bright side of life and see what time would bring. When we see strange doesn't always seem to be in with others but when it's always known to be out. When we see some people enjoy what comes out to bask all what life has to give and live in the moment without thinking whether we are in or out whether we should let somethings in or leave out and just live life like an open book that needs no editing, not be others words, but just everything we experience we lay out in front us. When we see we lived our life always making puppets in what we could see in them but they never could see in us that we are always kept out, while everyone was kept in. When we see we could make others into puppets in whom font want nothing to do with us in their life but out that we saw ourselves with no purpose. When we see we spent our whole life trying make ourselves at home in other people's home rather then our own we were shut out. When we see we need to take control of the puppets we create, and shut them out so we can put ourselves right back into life again. When we finally see what life is like from the inside and outside to see where we belong anywhere as long as we are with the people we care about and not puppets.

      Jun 7, 2017

      Disturbing in parts. All star cast with Gibson and Foster - so impressive acting. The flick invokes well sympathy for people suffering from depression and mental illness. Script could be better. (How? If the puppet character were hilariously funny and not ultimately evil.)

      Apr 25, 2017

      "A powerful force of a film that takes you behind the eyes of mel gibsons psychosis on and off the screen"

      Mar 8, 2017

      Feb 8, 2017

      It's good movie to watch

      Feb 2, 2017

      The Beaver is directed by Jodie Foster, and it stars Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Anton Yelchin, and Jennifer Lawrence in a drama about a depressed man that was about to commit suicide, until a Beaver puppet that he founded save him from doing so, and was telling him to pull his life back together, and the beaver will be with him to do all the talking. I actually remember about this film a few years ago, and I remember about Mel Gibson talking in an accent with his hand puppet beaver, the fact that they fought each other, and that this movie was during the same year as Mel Gibson's personal problems that spread wide news that hurt his career. I come across this recently on Netflix, and of course I wanted to watch it, which when I finished it, The Beaver was more depressing than I thought, but I still enjoyed it a lot. Mel Gibson did a terrific job with being depressed, while also taking himself serious with the puppet on his hand. The plot is original that I didn't quite know where it's going, especially of how weird it is that works from the writing by Kyle Killen. You know enough about the characterization of them that you understand both perspectives of the situation with the beaver puppet in Mel Gibson's hand. There's also another story about Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence's characters, and that was actually pretty interesting to watch and was quite loving at some aspects. The only problem that I have with the film, is that it can be too depressing for some viewers to handle with the touchy subject matter. Other then that, I really enjoyed The Beaver more that I should've, and can't wait to see Money Monster when I got the time to see it.

      Jan 28, 2017

      so well done you may need to have a mental illness to be able to connect with this movie like it deserves.

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