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December 24, 2018
I just love this movie
½ December 6, 2018
It milks a lot of humor from some very specific social satire. Insofar as it works it's because of the broad and entertaining characters. Corey Feldman (of all people) is particularly funny as the neighbor kid who views the whole thing as a glorious piece of theater. Where it doesn't work is the buildup and mystery. It's an anarchic series of things happening rather than a building sense of horror. And the ending chickens out and tries to have it both ways.
December 2, 2018
Solid horror/comedy/thriller fun.
November 4, 2018
Not sure what's up with the low ranking, but this is Tom Hanks in his prime as a comedic genius, right up there with BIG and Volunteers.
October 19, 2018
Hilarious movie, love it, all time fave list!
October 15, 2018
probably the best movie of all time imo. at least a top 5 best of all time. Laura dern's (jurassic park) dad bruce does a fantastic job as the over-the-top army veteran. tom hanks is as believable as always. and the bruce DUCOMMUN (rip) is perfect for his role. I have watched and rewatched this movie dozens of times over the years. It's clean, it's funny. and it doesn't get too dark or serious.
½ September 21, 2018
Total worthless garbage.
August 14, 2018
It was very funny and had everyone laughing and entertained. I do have one big problem that's bugging me: in the kitchen we see cereal endorsing the Gremlins movie, starring Corey Feldman. This movie also stars Corey Feldman. Now I have no idea how this universe works regarding Corey Feldman.
August 14, 2018
The greatest movie of about nothing of all time!
July 30, 2018
Late 80's movie, early Hanks comedy is good fun and sanitary enough to ween my preteens kids on before slapping them with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween and A Clockwork Orange a few years later. Only the classics are good enough for my family. ??
July 25, 2018
Great movie from the 80's! Tom Hanks at his comical best imo
½ July 25, 2018
Classic family movie. Corny in many places but delightful viewing. Hanks' acting in this one, once again, is excellent. Relatively suitable for all viewers this one. You will enjoy this.
July 15, 2018
ACTUALLY, The 'Burbs is kind of amazing. It paints a weird (very weird), satirical portrait of modern life in the suburbs mixed with pessimistic existentialism, 80's humor, and a crap ton of fun. Tom Hanks is pretty much perfect as Ray Peterson, a troubled man in his mid-life crisis, and the rest of the cast suits their roles very well. It's another impressive feature from Dante, who never fails to deliver with the weird, wild, and wonderful, while still managing to make everything a little relatable and awesome. It's terribly underrated and deserves more praise than it gets, certainly.
June 25, 2018
This is one of my favorite late 80's comedies. It has a a classic cast from that time period. It's worth a rental! "Do most home furnaces go up to 4,000 degrees?"!!!
June 17, 2018
If you love Tom Hanks this is a must-see. Great cast. Bruce Dern did a fantastic job. It's one of my family's favorites. Pretty much watch it once a year and it never gets old. Great for laughs.
June 3, 2018
A fun loving movie that reminds me of the wonderful 80s
May 6, 2018
Love this movie!! So funny!!
½ March 19, 2018
I found this movie on my on demand and turned it on immediately . Yes I've seen it more then a few times but it's been at least 10 years since I've seen it. I'm not a huge Tom Hanks fan but this is a good movie in every way. The plot is great simply because this type of snooping on the neighbors happens every where around the world. The acting was really good as well everyone did a good job. The laughs are non stop and still hold up to this day. If you've never seen this movie you should watch it I know I'll be watching it again sooner or later
March 11, 2018
The 'Burbs, directed by Joe Dante, was awesome. Typically, I don't watch a lot of films in the horror/ suspense genre, however, this one was distinctly wonderful. I especially enjoyed the comedic approach that Joe Dante utilized with the film. It made me feel intrigued, as we have become accustomed to films of that nature being more of a slow build versus having a slow build combined with the appropriately timed comedic relief throughout. The editing to me was fascinating. There were specific moments where we stayed on the characters and their reactions, rather than have those moments be intercut with other things that might be going on. This is evidenced when Ray and Art think that their neighbors skull is found in the yard, there was a choice to stay on the men and their drawn out scream reaction to the skull, rather than to stay on the skull or intercut between the two. To me, these decisions continuously bring the film back into a comedic place when it might otherwise stray farther into the suspense/ horror genre. Despite the film developing the supporting cast and their stories, it still was always redirected back into the point of the film and the perspective of the film - being that of Ray. An example of this would be when Ray's wife Carol, played by Carrie Fisher, seemed like he was being taken off the case to investigate the neighbors. Carol's concern for her husband's sanity seemed to potentially threaten the mission of Ray, Art, and Mark when she tries to get him to stay home and rest rather than figure out what has happened to their neighbor. This detour, however, ends up being a minor setback when Ray, Art, and Mark are back on their mission - this time with Carol in tow.
February 15, 2018
Hilarious, and super under-rated, see it
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