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½ April 2, 2017
The creativeness is ????
March 2, 2017
There are some gruesome sequences here, but it's largely more of the same. If you enjoyed the first, there's no reason you shouldn't like this. If you didn't like the first or don't have the stomach for graphic gore, stay far, far away.
½ January 23, 2017
Blood is not everything
½ August 22, 2016
If you can look past its tired "torture porn" murder scenes. This film is surprisingly good. It builds tension with the cat and mouse game that is played out between the protagonist and the films titular villain. A fun movie!
August 13, 2016
I liked the first. This one was ok. Good violence tho.
April 24, 2016
I didn't realize while I was watching this film that it happens to be a sequel. I walked into this one knowing absolutely nothing about the previous film 'The Collector' (2009), so my view of this movie wasn't very knowledgeable of the overall plot between the two films. I watched it as a one off, and not sure how the first film affected the plot of this movie.

The Collection is a gruesome series of trap-based murders, akin to the 'Saw' franchise. There is no denying it's influence on this film, as several people find themselves trapped in a warehouse of a serial killer known as "The Collector." An escaped victim of a mass slaughter, an former convict who had a run in with the killer in the past (watch the previous film to find out about that), and a band of soldiers/mercenaries looking for the main character. They find themselves being knocked off one by one, through various disgusting and nasty traps. As the victims fall to the killer's somewhat ridiculous traps, they get closer and closer to discovering who the killer really is.

It's not a bad Horror/Thriller film. It has one of the worst beginnings of any horror I've ever seen however. The Collector is obviously some sort of wizard like engineer, being able to transform entire buildings into one giant death trap. I know you don't watch something like this for the plot, but this film is pretty absurd throughout its short run time. The lead actor and actress aren't awful, they stand above the rest of the cast, but I never felt scared throughout the movie. There was a bit of action elements in the middle, which was actually the best part of the film. There were some very decent knife fighting sequences in this movie. However, a horror should put you on the edge of your seat, and I kind of thought this movie was not successful for its genre. I realize that the author of this film has a reputation for 'funny' gore flicks, but this one wasn't funny or scary. It was just okay for me.

Obviously if you are a fan of this genre you may simply enjoy the blood, traps, and gore, but I thought the whole thing was one big 'Saw' copy, that has the occasional moment or two.

½ February 28, 2016
A disappointed predecessor from the dark and warped nature of The Collector. This gave me more of a Saw crossed with Hostel vibe but without cringing torturous horror and more with staged, foreseen killings. The ending was the only part worth talking about...wish the movie began from that vantage point.
February 17, 2016
Not the best horror but good slasher Saw style. It kept me going in the gym on a cross trainer ...
½ February 6, 2016
While it is still derivative in many parts, The collection comes off surprisingly improving upon its predecessor, it's much more violent, inspired and definitely more exciting for genre fans, though norms won't find much else in store.
December 29, 2015
Beyond ridiculous. This was like a high school version of Saw but with less of a budget and failing drama students as actors. I couldn't even continue to watch it, after the absolutely laughable night club scene with the combine, I had this wtf look on my face. I soon realized thst I was no longer interested in seeing where this story would go as the main character was irritating and I wasn't cheering for her to get out alive. So watching the rest would have been pointless anyways
November 20, 2015
A pointless savage blood bath.
October 23, 2015
Gore, thrills, chills and weird arse funny - cringe factor - fun (massive gore) film to watch with teenagers.
October 2, 2015
Average sequel which unravels fast.
September 22, 2015
Lovely horror-movie , great idea's for killing people ....this kind of movies i would like to be on the set for a live making-off !
August 18, 2015
like Saw but not as clever
August 15, 2015
While it isn't quite as original as the first, it has one of the best "mass killing" scenes of all time. Quality follow up to the underrated first film.

Grade = 6/10
August 15, 2015
I've seen better movies with more bloody violence than scares. But hey, it's not too bad.
½ July 23, 2015
Fun for fans of the original, but it doesn't really offer anything new. [C]
May 21, 2015
I wasn't too sure if this was the original (which I haven't seen) or the sequel, but to be honest I really don't think it matters in the slightest; though why didn't they just call it "The collector 2" is beyond me. What we have here is a rehash of 80's slasher gore mayhem, only the killer here wants to kill everyone he possibly can get his claws on, not just a select few teens. Most of the film takes place in a dark, grim building in or at least near a town/city that appears to be a magnet for many, many disco kids. Only when the collector strikes not one of them appears to make a swift escape. Plus the fact there's always one person outside every night spot throwing up into the street, so couldn't they raise some kind of an alarm after hearing their friends getting chopped up from inside? You can tell this is from some of the minds of the later Saw movies, not because it is shocking or scary, but because it's just so stupid. At certain parts you wonder how nasty is it going to get, well the answer is not really all that much. Sure there's some blood and gore, but this is too low rent Hollywood to get upset about. Even thought this isn't very good, I'd still kind of like to see the original, which is at least something positive to say.
April 6, 2015
Weak sequel, that goes a roundabout way of recreating a similar scenario to the first. However the traps aren't as good, neither are the characters, of which there are too many of and it's not as interesting or as tense as the initial movie.
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