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December 17, 2017
Great film, dark and interesting, kept me hooked and on edge the entire time. Great acting and ending.
November 1, 2017
Awesome intimidating action film that serves no mercy.
½ September 25, 2017
Got to the part where they walked away from shelter, fuel for fire, insulation, a worst case scenario food source, and an Emergency Locator Transmitter broadcasting their location. Couldn't take it anymore.
September 12, 2017
Very disappointed. Thought with Liam Neeson, I was in for a great film...but I was wrong!
August 12, 2017
Misadvertised. It is an existentialist drama, not "Liam Neeson Kicks Ass in the Snow", which is not a bad thing, but might not be what you expect.
July 29, 2017
Good movie but I kept waiting for more action, drama and suspense. Felt a little let down. The computer generated wolves didn't help. Totally disappointed with the ending but I do get it. All round good to watch, but now I've seen it I wouldn't go back for a 2nd watch. Oh and great tip for plane crash! Make sure to get a row all to yourself.
½ May 17, 2017
It's an entertaining and intense survival movie, even though it gets pretty repetitive pretty fast. I enjoyed seeing another movie with Liam Neeson as a hardened action star. I think this movie musters up a good amount of emotion and you really care by the end of it. I don't see why the ending of this movie is so open ended, I really felt there could have been some closure. I also think the movie gets pretty slow in its middle sections, but I felt a constant atmosphere of real tension and dread. It's enjoyable and intense but I don't think it is particularly a game changer for this genre or anything.
May 13, 2017
Very average, predictable movie which you will regret watching at the end. If you want to see loads of snow, oversized wolfs and men die through various accidents, go for it.
April 21, 2017
Terrifying, depressing.. The title fits the movie perfectly.
½ April 4, 2017
Warning: This Review May Contain Spoilers

If you look at my profile then you'll see that all of my reviews are one paragraph. I was just going to write another paragraph for this review but I think it's necessary to go into detail a bit.

The audience is divided over this one. On one side, people are calling it unrealistic. And on the other side, people are praising it for its philosophical agenda. I'm going to cover both sides of the argument.

Firstly, I'll address some of the hate. I admit that this movie is unrealistic. The way the wolves behave aren't correct. However, I think that point is invalid. Keep in mind that this is just a work of fiction. It's not a documentary from the discovery channel. As long as it's not pretending to be 100% accurate, I see no problem with it.

Also, I also feel that the argument has a bit of hypocrisy to it. Let me explain. Take the movie Jaws. In real life, sharks don't kill as many people as possible. But, when I look at reviews of Jaws, I don't see people complaining about the accuracy. Both of these movies have flaws about a type of animal yet only this movie receives hate. I don't get that. You can't call out this movie for being unrealistic and ignore it when Jaws does it. If you look at my profile then you would see that I gave Jaws a 10/10 so obviously suspension of disbelief didn't affect my review of that movie. I'm also going to ignore the errors for this review because it really didn't bother me that much.

If you want to hate this movie for having these errors then I'm fine with that as long as you say the same things about Jaws and other movies that have the same errors.

Another big point people are bringing up for why they hate the film is the ending. After Liam is the last survivor, he comes face to face with the alpha wolf and just as they're about to fight, the movie ends. Some people dislike this because they wanted to see the outcome of the fight. But what many don't know is the scene that plays after the credits. After the credits, we do get to see the outcome of the fight. We see Liam and the wolf both laying on the ground. So the movie's ending is ambiguous.

Some people still may not like that which is understandable. But again, I see some hypocrisy in that as well. Take the ending of the 2010 movie "Inception". In the end, it appears that Dom is going to be reunited with his kids but the last shot shows the spinning top and it doesn't show us whether he woke up or is still dreaming. The movie cut out but no one complained that the movie didn't show us the ending. Everyone seemed to be okay with it. My point is that you can't complain about this movie's ending and ignore it when "Inception" and other movies have ambiguous endings. I like endings with ambiguity so I enjoyed this movie's ending. If you didn't then fine. Just don't let other movies get free passes.

Now it's time for the positive parts. I strongly agree with the philosophical points. This movie is pretty philosophical. We kept on seeing glimpses of a woman and Liam in bed. The woman kept saying "Don't be afraid". He also said in the beginning that he can't be with her because she left him. So I assumed they divorced. But at the end, it shows that she was in a hospital bed and she died. I think that's a great scene because it lets us relate with him.

Now there's that poster line that read "Live and die on this day". This has a lot of meaning to it and it sums up the movie. It means that every single one of us no matter who or where we are will have only one day, that upon which we will both live and die. It's up to us what we choose to do while we live on that day, but death will find us regardless.

Liam Neeson does an excellent job of conveying so much. Everything about this moment, where he carried the emotional weight and legacy of all those men (symbolized in their wallets) and he was willing to fight vicariously for them, against this literal and metaphorical beast before him, embodies the traits of a man. The willingness to face adversity; the will to press on with life, despite its numerous vicissitudes, is life's ultimate purpose. There is no goal at the end of this. It's the struggle that imbues life with meaning and significance. I really love that scene.

Also, "Into the Fray" is a really fitting song for that scene.

I cared a lot about Liam Neeson because of that. Unfortunately, I can't say the same with all the other men. At the end, we saw their wallets and we found out that they had families and that was supposed to make us care for them. However, the scene happens in the final few minutes and the movie didn't give me enough time to make any real connections with them in those few minutes.

Also, this movie has a ton of swearing. It's rare for this to be a flaw in a movie. However, I felt like the movie was forcing a lot of the curse words in it and much of them felt very unnecessary.

In conclusion, I think all of the people giving it low scores need to stop and think about the message the movie's trying to convey. The movie did play second fiddle with the other survivors and the action sequences were a bit tiresome for me but it's still a great movie.
March 22, 2017
Neeson on top of his game in a survival epic.
½ March 22, 2017
Pretty good movie, but the ending sucked.
½ March 5, 2017
Reading a description of The Greyâ(TM)s movie plot, one might dismiss it as yet another rugged survival movie with little character development and an almost nonexistent plot. A plane leaving from an oil rig in Alaska crashes in the snowy wilderness. Only seven men survive and must find a way back to civilization, or face certain death at the hands of Alaskan wolves.

There is plenty of gory animal violence, but also a look into the motivation of the charactersâ(TM) survival, with bits of humor sprinkled in. We learn about their home lives and families back home and, most importantly, what keeps them from losing all hope. Liam Neeson is perfect as the gruff, complicated leader of the survivors and the voice of reason when members of the group fight and argue about what to do.

As the film progresses, we begin to see each characterâ(TM)s desperation as more and more of them fall victim to the wolves. The last scene is a touching yet desperate display of savagery and defense against a losing battle. The Grey is one of the few honest movies in a sea of half-hearted sequels and unnecessary sci-fi knock-offs (upcoming examples: Battleship, more Transformers movies, etc.). It delves deep into the human psyche and tells the tale of these seven survivors with brutal honesty. The environments are nothing short of breathtakingly beautiful, vast, and poetic. But it never strays too far from the harsh reality that even the most tranquil and peaceful of places can be home to merciless, savage creatures.

Grade: A+
March 5, 2017
saw in theater 2012. Interesting.
February 24, 2017
Neeson leads a dark thriller of survival. A truly chilling and bleak film. This one explores hard spiritual questions within the classic "man vs nature" narrative.
February 5, 2017
Suspenseful & heart pounding.
January 31, 2017
It's good movie to watch
January 26, 2017
The Grey es una historia de sobreviencia, protagonizada por liam Neeson (John Ottway), un cazador que junto a sus compañeros obreros se estrella al bordo de un avión en el inhóspito territorio de Alaska. Pocos serán los sobrevivientes y Ottway liderará al grupo en contra de las más duras adeversidades como son la dureza y las bajas temperaturas imperantes en el terreno y una manada de lobos hambrientos que acechan al sentirse invadidos en su territorio // The Grey is a story of survival, starring Liam Neeson ( John Ottway) a hunter who leads a group of coworkers who survive after their plane crashed into the wild Alaskan territory With no food, and bearing really low temperatures, the group has to move fast as they discover they are being stalked by a pack of wolves as the men had landed violently and unexpectedly in their territory. Ottway will try to lead the mean to safe
January 21, 2017
Really enjoyed this. Very entertaining
½ January 18, 2017
I am from Alaska and there is nothing remotely realistic about this movie. For starters there is no alcohol allowed in the oilfield work camps. They don't hire sharpshooter to kill wolves either. There are literally no documented cases of wolf attacks on humans. The computer animation wolves are laughable at best. From shotgun spears to a rope bridge made of t-shirts there is nothing remotely believable here. Too bad because the acting showed real promises.
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