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October 17, 2017
Mostly ... you look at Penn, flexing his overly-gym trained torso in numerous shirtless scenes, and think, what led him to this point of desperation? Can he really be that jealous of Liam Neeson?
March 27, 2015
Rarely, though, have two Academy Award-winning actors been so stunningly off the mark in the same movie.
March 23, 2015
I object to The Gunman because it's unconvincing and incoherent.
March 20, 2015
A dull, generic retread, made far worse by Penn's self-seriousness as an actor, by the banal political pieties he's grafted on as producer and co-writer, and by the presence of a pitifully retrograde female lead role.
March 20, 2015
I doubt The Gunman will do much to advance Penn's foray into action-hero bankability, and that's probably a good thing. He's too fine an actor to be mired in nonstop shootouts while flashing his pecs and looking scowly.
March 20, 2015
The Gunman degenerates into dreary setups for guns and gore. Penn merits more. So do we.
May 14, 2019
The Gunman is a plastic thriller void of suspense or charm, missing its mark entirely.
March 14, 2019
Though every step of the way the movie feels telegraphed and unsurprising, the good thing is Morel knows how to shoot and stage action scenes very, very well. The fights feel weighty and un-rushed, and some sequences are pretty inventive
February 20, 2019
The Gunman has plenty of big problems, but one of the biggest is the simple fact that its narrative doesn't really make any sense.
January 23, 2019
Despite the presence of those usually reliable actors, this is a film that is sunk by a leaky premise -- with Don MacPherson's adaptation of Jean-Patrick Manchette's novel a muddled mess of eye-rolling moments.
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